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Updated on September 19, 2011
S.P. asks from Conroe, TX
6 answers

Several of my close friends have been telling me to start a family blog to share and document our family going-on's and stories. I kept putting it off....well, after 2 years I finally did it! While doing it, my girlfriends sent me several fun blogs to visit! I have enjoyed the recipes, crafts and stories! Further I have found some really amazing things to try with my husband and son. Just for fun, what are some of your favorites and why???

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answers from Pocatello on

Well I have a family blog myself and then I am doing an Army blog to document my time while my hubby is away in Iraq. I also love one blog called The vintage farm. She does all kinds of vintage decor. I love it.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Come check out my blog and give feedback! It's Loving Logan at

This is my first blog ever - become a follower, give constructive criticism, add your comments!

Thanks a bunch!



answers from San Francisco on

This is a really great one--she has been on talk shows this year:

Also there is a book called Blogging For Bliss or something like that, that tells you how to create your perfect blog, with great detail/easy steps, which also profiles some great blogs--so this would be a great book for you to check out, both for how to and for references to blogs to look at.



answers from Longview on

I have 2 favorite blog/websites. I am always looking for new recipes and love these two.

1. - I can find almost any recipe I want here and it has the option to have an online recipe box with it. It also has reviews you can read on the recipies to see what others thought of them.

2. - This blog is a newer one, but posts recipes that have been tried out on her family and they liked. It also shows pictures of the dishes to help decide if you like them or not.



answers from San Francisco on

You know...there are a LOT of great blogs out there! I have too many favorites but one in particular that stands out to me is the skinny scoop blog...this site does a lot of women/mother polling and seeing percentages along with interesting/funny/helpful questions and suggestions just makes taking advice a little easier [for me at least]...check it out!



answers from Laredo on

You won't find any recipes or helpful hints on this one, but check out as a cure for what ails your funnybone. Just don't be eating or drinking anything while you do, unless you feel like cleaning out your keyboard. ;-)

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