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Updated on July 14, 2011
H.D. asks from Allen, TX
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Hi all,

I have a blog that I put everything from family photos to recipes to general rants. In the beginning all my family and friends loved this and some even started their own as they were inspired by reading mine. However, over the last year or so, not many of my family/friends are reading it anymore. I put a poll on my blog asking my readers if I should keep or ditch the blog as Facebook seems to be where most people do their "blogging". I think it was a dumb poll as everyone said, "keep it" but I am barely to maybe 3 regular readers. No one comments anymore and I feel like I'm just writing for myself to get things off my chest or to remember funny things my kids have said etc... So here's my question: Do you blog, do you have a lot of regular readers that leave comments or are you in the same boat with me and it seems everyone has moved on?

I enjoy keeping my blog current, I never go more than a week without an entry but blogging world is starting to feel a little lonely;(

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answers from Chicago on

I began a blog for cathartic means a year ago. Some life changing things happened to me & I just wanted to get it all out.

I have many followers, but many readers don't comment directly to the blog. Instead, they comment to the link I've posted on my Facebook page.

I'm with you, blogging is a little lonely these days.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I blog and get it printed into a book each year. I have 4 solid journals/scrapbooks of my life as a wife/mother now. It's the best! I rarely get comments, but I write EVERY word with the thought that my sweet babies will be reading it 10, 25, 50 years down the road. Can't beat an almost-daily record of your childhood! They will LOVE it!

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answers from Tampa on

I have blogs myself and not many readers. I blog about the things I do with my kids, recipes, fun places I've found in the area... Like you, I don't have a lot of readers. I considered ditching it, but I've found that I really enjoy looking back over things I've done with the kids... Not to mention that I've forgotten a lot of recipes and was happy that I had them recorded ;-) I'd keep it. What's the harm? And, you never know, you may have a lot more readers than you think you do!

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answers from Dallas on

I did once. I went to Blogspot and created an account thinking there are 40million people on here, and feeling pretty anonymous. I was trying to put my past in persepctive. It was a stream of consiousness essay about interacial dating. I mentioned all sorts of ups and downs. Some were my experiences with the various men I had dated, some were stories told to me by my friends. I was very vague about names, times, places. I just pondered some things out loud. Well...somehow it got linked to Myspace. Everyone from my mil to my baby nephew read it and assumed all the horror stories belonged to my current mate! arrrgggg. no no no. It was a compilation of all sorts of guys I had dated in the past 10 years, plus my friends jerky exes. There was no explaining this away. so, no, I will keep my thoughts just between us here. wait.....ya'll dont have Myspace do you? lol

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answers from Denver on

I blog and it's public but i only publish on FB - and I only have 120 FB friends - but I'm still surprised when people comment - especially people I don't really know well or went to hs with.

i'm doing it primarily for me - I'm trying to "flex my writing muscle' for something bigger - so this is really my warm up. It's also a chronicle of the past year with an emphasis on positive thinking in relation to kiddos, family, etc - at the end of a year i hope to have it printed out and made into a book for my family. Memories are so fleeting and i think it will be so cool to have something printed and bound that captures an entire year of our lives.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I blog and don't get many comments on it. I just do it for mostly myself. So if you like doing it, keep doing it even if no one is commenting. I'm sure many are reading but no one is commenting.

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answers from Austin on

I have a private blog (online diary) that I'm keeping for my LOs. It's only for family and friends to see what the girls/family is up to. I update it every couple of months and have been doing so since my first was born back in 2008. Whenever I make a post, it automatically emails it to ten designated people - close family/friends who have requested updates.

I'm hoping that when my girls are old enough, they will want to participate as well as the purpose is truly just to capture their incredible journey =)

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answers from Chicago on

I blog but just to give my out-of-town relatives a way to keep up on our daily activities - if they choose to read it. What's most annoying is starting to tell my sister a story and she says, "I know, I read it on your blog." Err. I don't think I've received any comments online.

I read the blog of one acquaintance. It's such a glowing view of her life that it's humorous to me. Her kids truly like each other (all the time, she claims), she has fantastic dinner parties, always going out, etc. I think she plans her calendar so she has exciting things to post on her blog.



answers from Dallas on

I blog...I don't have hundreds of followers. I blog as a hobby and do 3 or 4 posts a week. Blog for yourself first. If you are in to the numbers, you should do blog hops. Try following blogs that interest you and always comment on them. If you comment, they will write back and check out your blog and others who comment after you will also look at your blog. You have to be real and write whatever your thoughts are. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I stopped blogging when I started using facebook. I was using the blog for my family to see my kids and hear what they are doing. I can now do that faster and easier on facebook.


answers from Kansas City on

I do blog, but they are private. Don't feel bad if people aren't commenting. I read blogs that I really enjoy, I just never comment. :)



answers from Abilene on

I love to blog and read blogs. I think of it as kind of a scrapbook for my children. It is mostly about them. I think it is a wonderful way for family to catch up on our lives. I know that family members read my blog, but no one usually comments. (Actually not sure that they know how). Just think of it as your journal or way vent/express your feelings. If you enjoy it then keep it up.



answers from Seattle on

I blog, because it's a convenient way not to lose a journal... but I don't *blog* but it's private (not published/searchable)... or as private as anything can be on the web. If I want to sell an article, I specifically go about shopping it. If I want something up for free (like I'm eventually considering kicking up the history program I'm making up as I go along) then I can post it in several different ways.



answers from Tallahassee on

I don't blog but I do enjoy reading blogs and there are several that I subscribe to. I say you should keep up with it if for no other reason than to document the funny things your kids say and do.


answers from Houston on

I do blog. I have almost 800 followers and almost double that in subscribers. However, I often get zero comments as well. You can transport your blog straight to your facebook and many of my friends/family access it that way. Sometimes, a friend will mention something they read on my blog and I am shocked b/c I didn't realize they are readers of it.

Blog what you enjoy and do it for you. I blog my inspiration photos/projects/fashion, recipes I want to remember, some family stuff but I usually try and keep most of that private.. if you do it for fun than it shouldn't matter how many readers you have! If you are doing it to network or even create an ad revenue than you have to branch out and join up with other blogs or join linky parties, comment on other blogs and build relationships. But, that is a big time sucker! I honestly have kind of stopped trying to keep up with everyone who is just getting too big for their britches in the blogging community. It's tiring and many of them go to blogging conventions and network and promote each other like crazy. Well, I don't have that luxury so I try and remain content with my little corner of the internet.


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