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Updated on December 30, 2010
M.P. asks from Naperville, IL
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I recently started reading a lot of "mom blogs" and some of them can be pretty entertaining. Apparently they have the ability to be lucrative as well. Does anyone have a personal mom blog and if so, how did you get started, do you enjoy it and can you make money by doing it? I would appreciate any feedback - thanks!

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answers from Kansas City on

It takes LOTS of dedication to make money. I have tossed around the idea also, and have asked my favorite blogger(s) many questions. I have learned it is a labor of love. If you are doing it to earn money, you will be sorely disappointed, at least at first. One blogger that I have asked the most questions told me she has been blogging for almost two years (and has followers from other sites she used to moderate), and most of the time she barely makes minimum wage (if she's lucky!). She blogs 60+ hours a week to make that much. She blogs DAILY. That is key. In order to get a following, you MUST post daily.....the more times the better! She has had one (or maybe two?) vacation day(s) in the entire two years...and even then she had posts in the 'cue' ready to go so her readers still had something to read that day!

If you find a nitche, if you have something unique to say, if you have a new idea or point of view, if you could be the 'first' at something so other bloggers will want to follow, then you *might* make money. I don't want to be Debbie Downer here, just realistic. If you want to blog just because you have something to say, you want to share yourself, your opinion, your family with the WORLD, then go for it! If you want to make a living at it, all I can say is BRAINSTORM!!! Good luck.

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answers from Phoenix on

I do have one. I don't make any money doing it but I've heard of that. I don't feel like I'm very good at it and I wonder if anyone even reads it...LOL But I still plug away at it because I figure that I might get good at it and might even get people to read it and maybe, just maybe, I'll make some money eventually. I just went on and started one. You can check mine out at

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answers from Los Angeles on

First of all, sorry, I'm not from Los Angeles, it's just I couldn't use my British postcode on here, so had to use an American one. I live in the UK.

I have three blogs, one is a parenting one (see below). I am a copywriter so blogging has a business side to it but to be honest it's more about having fun writing what I want, not what I'm asked to. On my blogs I carry affiliate marketing links, which make more money than google ads but not a lot as I don't have time to promote the blogs. I'm in the UK so I am not sure what you have in US. I have managed to get things to review, so a few nice products came my way but I'm also a paid product tester so I suppose these companies are keen because they get a free professional review on the blog. The best thing you can do is to join a network of bloggers as commercial opportunities are discussed on them. In the UK we have British Mummy Bloggers but there are several US ones. I don't know what to recommend in the US but do a google and pick the best! You also need to decide if you want to be independent or do promoted posts, but beware of being too commercial as readers don't like that and always declare a sponsor. We have an integrity campaign for bloggers here and not declaring a commercial interest landed a blogging network in big trouble.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I do but I m so busy I am letting mine die out. I started it as a way to talk bout Autism and raising an autistic child, then I started writing product reviews. It became a lot to keep up with more work then I had hoped it would bring in enjoyment.

You can't really make money with blogs as everyone is trying everything out there.



answers from San Francisco on

I don't have a mom blog but I read a bunch as of my favorites is the Bloggess..I also am a very big fan of the SkinnyScoop and they have a blogger program where they highlight a lot of mom blogs, so I often check out new blogs from their. I believe the main way to make money with these blogs is through selling advertisement space but I'm sure there are other ways. To any mom bloggers out there here is the link for the SkinnyScoop blogger program - seems to be a great way to get your name out there:


answers from San Francisco on

Hi, Julie from M. here. I want to make sure everyone who loves reading or writing blogs knows about "Voices", our guest blogging feature. Just look up on the grey navigation bar and click on "City Voices" to see the latest posts. And if you're interested in sending us a post, get started by clicking on the link in the lower right on that page that reads "Want to become a contributor?" to sign up and get details. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!

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