Winter Birthday Party Ideas?

Updated on February 16, 2012
L.B. asks from Oakland, CA
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Hi Mamas!

My nephew's second birthday is right around the corner and we are trying to come up with a fun birthday idea. Being that the weather can be kind of unpredictable this time of year, do any of you have any great indoor (or winter-proof) birthday party ideas? There will be other older kids there as well (4 to 7 year-olds), so we'd like to find an activity or theme that can keep everyone entertained.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of your great ideas! I'm going to look into setting up a party at our local fire department. I think all of the kids will really love that.

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answers from Dover on

I'm not sure how much you're looking to spend, but my kids have been invited to several pool parties in the winter where the parents have paid a fee to a local hotel (AmericInn) to rent their indoor pool area as well as a conference room for cake/presents for several hours. IMHO, it's one of the very most fun things you can do in the dead of winter with little kids!

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answers from New York on

How about an indoor playground? I'm sure, given your location, there are lots nearby. For example, we have a chain called Camp Iliff, which is a five-story indoor playground.

I'd say the movies but your nephew is a little young, I think? (My DD is going to be two, also.)

Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

For my 3 year old's 1st birthday we did a Winter Wonderland theme, his birthday is in December. I had coloring pages, indoor games-pin the tail on the donkey, play-do, movies(just in case), etc. I did finger foods, meatballs, veggies, cheese and crackers, and pigs in a blanket. For drinks I had hot chocolate, water, and soda. There was more than enough to do and since they are so young, keep the party short and sweet-max 2 hours.


answers from Santa Fe on

When my son turned 2 we had his friends (and parents) meet us at a local fire station. They gave the toddlers all an awesome tour, let them sit in fire engines and pretend to drive, did a demonstration putting on their gear (to show that firemen in full gear are not scary bc at that age they do look scary), and they had their airport truck squirt a huge stream of water. All the kids got fireman hats and coloring books and then they came back to our house for cake and ice cream (with a firetruck theme of course!). It was all inside (except the squirting water) and it was a huge hit with the kids. I booked it in advance and gave a donation to the fire station. They said I didn't need to bc they have to do a certain amount of education anyways, but I thought I should.

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