Where to Have a Birthday Party

Updated on November 15, 2006
Y.D. asks from Lewisville, TX
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My sons birthday is coming up on the 7th of December and I have a delemna. We live in a small apartment (900 sq. feet) and nobody in my family has a house that is suitable for guests. We have very limited funds so we cant rent out a place and it will be too cold for a park party. This has been stressing me out for some time and I really hope someone can give me an idea. I had thought of having it in a restaurant but when the idea was brought up there was concern about ability to pay for some of the family members.

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Hi Y.,

I too am planning my daughter first birthday party, and know just how stressful things can be. Does your apartment community have a club house that you can use? Most of the time if they do...there is a small charge if any. Do you belong to a church...maybe they have a facility they would let you use? Just some ideas.

Best of Luck to You!




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I know the park located at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Oak Lawn will allow you to use their park for private parties at no charge. On the park premisis there is an indoor room for indoor parties, don't know how many kids it fits though. You should call them and ask because you have to reserve way in advance.



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Hi Y.,
Since you live in an apartment, do they have clubhouse they rent for a party? Usually they charge a small fee plus a deposit you get back. If yours doesn't maybe a friends apt complex? Also check with your church to see if they rent spaces. The YMCA might have area's they rent. Try not to stress too much. Your son won't remember the party, but you can get some great pictures of him opening his gifts. Our son just turned two on Friday. With all of our friends doing bounce houses, pony rides, big pizza parties we will feeling a bit of pressure to keep up. But we realize that we may as well enjoy the ability to have simple low cost parties now while they are young. We ended up taking him to the Wiggly Play center in Frisco with his 3 y/o brother and 1 friend. We had cake earlier at the house. That was it. Fun! Good luck



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Clubhouse apartment, or maybe the local YMCA would be affordable? We rented Denia park rec center (contact Denton Parks & Recreation department) for my daughter's 3rd B-day. It comes complete with jump house and a decorated table (plates, cups, forks). You just bring a cake, drinks and your friends. It's $75 for 2 hours. If you're not in Denton your own city or community rec center might be available.



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I can almost guarantee as parents we stress way too much over our childrens Birthday parties.
Remember people are coming to see your son, what's wrong with doing a cake and juice party at your apartment, it's about your child not how big of a place you live in.
As long as he has a cake for pictures, I bet he'll be thrilled.
And as long as your happy, he'll be happy!
If your stressing and upset, he's going to feed off that and be cranky and irritable.
I do remember you asking about a restaurant, and I agree if someone invited me to a restaurant for a party, I'd assume they were paying.
But when in doubt there is always Chuck E. Cheese.
Best of Luck

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