What Is Your Beauty Regime?

Updated on June 20, 2013
K.H. asks from Tempe, AZ
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I'm 34 and reasonably young looking (not enough to get carded but most people say that they think I'm in my late 20s). However, I am starting to think that I should start paying more attention to my skin. I wash it most nights with a light cleanser (Cetaphil). I'm trying to remember to put a night moisturizer on, although I usually forget. Mornings I wash again with a light exfoliant and use a moisturizer with an SPF. That's about it. What else should I be doing? Are there particular brands that you would recommend? I don't smoke, drink lots of water, and try to stay out of the sun (although in Phoenix that's easier said than done).


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answers from Baton Rouge on

I'm 48 and look 30-something, and I don't do anything special or consistently.
I live in south Louisiana, spend a good bit of time outdoors, and I never wear sunscreen.
I smoke, eat like a truck driver, and never drink water unless it has been dripped through coffee grounds first.
Some days I wear full face makeup, some days I wear no makeup at all, some days somewhere in between.
I wash my face in the shower with the same soap I use on the rest of my body.
I often fall asleep with my makeup on. When that happens, I just wash my face with soap and hot water on a washcloth in the morning.

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answers from Seattle on

I am almost 36 and still get carded too. Because it's the LAW ladies! A few years ago our governor went to a bar, she's in her mid 50's early 60's, and she got carded. Everyone knew who she was, but it's the LAW that if you are in a bar or ordering alcohol you must have ID with you. If you don't and they serve you, the restaurant faces huge fines. (just thought I'd throw that out there)
I wash my face with Clinique and then use an astringent. My skin has changed as I have gotten older and it's pretty oily. I don't do moisturizers.
And, truth be told, I am not very religious about when I clean my face. Sometimes I go to bed with the whole day still on my face! LOL. Maybe that's why I'm oily. haha

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answers from Minneapolis on

I've used Clinique for years and it still seems to work for me. I use the 3-step at least once, usually twice per day. I have skin that has gotten oilier with age (I'm 52), so I don't moisturize or I would have (worse) breakouts. I don't use SPF unless I'm going to be in the sun for several hours because anything with SPF makes me breakout, and I have had some areas of discoloration develop over the years.

BTW, "carding" has little to do with how old you look and mostly to do with the policy of the specific bar/restaurant you are frequenting. Some establishments card everyone to avoid a mistake and because drivers' licenses of people who are prohibited to drink alcohol by a court order have a code on their license informing of this. I've been carded this year, at age 52.

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answers from Columbia on

I shower at night with a light cleanser, exfoliate with a scrubber cloth two or three times a week when my skin feels rough, and moisturize with Olay Regenerist every night before bed.

I don't wash again in the morning. I sometimes put some makeup on (Bare Minerals), and that's it.



answers from Chicago on

I'm 41. Up until very recently, I was getting carded. I don't do much. I wash my face in the morning and put clinic cream on it. I do the same at night.

So much of how your skin looks has to do with genes. My grandmother had gorgeous skin, she just rinsed with water everyday.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm with the camp that believes less is more. I have dry skin. I used to use a cleanser for dry skin, then moisturize like crazy. Then one day it occurred to me - why am I stripping my face's natural oils away, and then trying to replace them?

So now, I just rinse my face in the water in the shower every day. I use a little bit of moisturizer with SPF.

And the only makeup I wear is some eye makeup and lip gloss so I don't have to worry about washing something off at night.


answers from Dallas on

A lot of it is genetics, your habits, etc.

I started using Clinique when I was a teen and I have used the same routine ever since. My 18 yr old has done the same thing with her skin. We believe in starting early and not waiting until you see any signs of aging.

I am often carded and I am well over 40. I wash my face at night, use my Clinique and I also use a couple of drops of Argon oil by Jose Moran. Right now, I use the repairwear series of Clinique. My daughter uses the regular moisturizers, etc.

Per our dermatologist, Clinique is a recommended product and guaranteed as well. He also recommends Cetaphil and Purpose soap.

If you look at the big picture, Clinique is not that expensive because 1 container should last about 6 months.

Good luck!



answers from Austin on

You are definitely on the right track. A mother of one of my exes suggested this to me years ago and I'm grateful - be sure to moisturize your neck and you décolletage. Think about it - most older women have much smoother faces than compared to their neck and upper chest area. Also, I read somewhere a while back to take the time to moisturize your hands as well.

Also, stay hydrated and start taking multi-vitamins if you are not already.



answers from Phoenix on

Sounds like you're off to a great start...it really depends on your skin type, too. And yes, living in the Valley, it is dry and sunny year round. I have found keeping moisture balanced is important, whether you have dry, normal or oily skin. I also believe what we do from the inside out plays a role. So, drinking water and what we're eating. For basics, I use cleanser, an age-fighting serum, and moisturizer with SPF during the day and a night time moisturizer. An mask or mircrodermabrasion exfoliant a couple times a week is plenty. Some sort of powder, tinted moisturizer for summer is nice to protect your clean skin from the environment, too. Then, in the evening, you wash all the dirt, oil and other environmental elements off when you cleanse and it's not setting or settling in to your pores. I have used Mary Kay products for 25 years and have been a beauty consultant for 20 years. I can get some samples to you, if you'd like. Thanks! Hope this helps.



answers from Portland on

Mine is woefully simple: I use a soap-free facial cleanser by NutriBiotic when I take a shower, wash it with a washcloth. Sunny day? Sunblock. At night, I use water and a washcloth and pat dry, use witch H. on any problem spots.

Works well, and avoid greasy foods. Grilled cheese/lots of cheese=pimples. ugh.



answers from Kansas City on

I have pretty good skin. I think it's largely genetic.

Lately, alternate nights of Clarsonic or Simple Sensitive Skin wipes.

Aveeno moisturizer under Aveeno tinted moisturizer make up in the morning.
That's all folks!


answers from Chicago on

Stop exfoliating daily PERIOD.

I shower every 3 days unless it is summer and I get stinky. My hair and skin do better with oils vs. lotions to keep healthy.

I am a few years younger than you are and I find that am & pm moisturizers are just too much for my skin. I use a mixture of honey, EVOO and sugar in the raw to exfoliate and hydrate twice a week - this works head to toe - year round. If you exfoliate daily you are NEVER giving your skin a chance to regenerate properly and heal properly. You are actually going to cause dry and damaged skin. I make sure that my moisturizer has SPF in it and my foundation as well. Water is key no matter your age or what you are doing. As well an eye serum vs. crème is suggested once you reach your 20's.



answers from San Antonio on

I'm 39, turning 40 in December, and I still get carded at restaurants and when I buy alcohol. My beauty regime has been pretty standard. Once I find a product I like, I tend to be extremely loyal.
I started using Noxzema when I was 10 (my mom and grandma used it). I have tried a million other things, but it is the standard I go back to every time, perfect for my combo skin. I wash morning and night with it, sometimes during the day if I feel really grimy (after yardwork or something like that).
At night I use Nerium AD before bed. It had kept lines at bay, and has helped with some sun damage on my skin.
During the day I use Clinique moisturizer.
I do not normally wear powder or foundation, just some eyeliner and lip gloss. I think that has also helped to keep my skin youthful. When I do wear more make-up, I tend to break out.

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