Why Is My Face So Oily?!!

Updated on March 01, 2011
M.H. asks from Madison, WI
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I used to have dry skin in my 20s - early 30s.
As I move toward my 40s, my face is getting so oily, especially in the T zone area.

My current morning routine is to use a facial cleanser which has some beads for exfolliating. Then I use Estee Lauder moisturizer w/spf. I use Bare Minerals Matte powder. After doing this routine, I will do the rest of my makeup and then I still notice a significant amount of oil coming out of the pores that are on my nose. Kinda gross. I also have Bare Minerals veil powder which I use to help reduce the oil/shine, but sometimes that isn't enough. Especially as I go through the day, I notice the shine coming back.

Is there an underlying issue - maybe my hormones - that is causing this excessive oil on my face?
Any advice on how to reduce the oil in my T zone area?
It seems to be getting worse and worse.


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answers from Johnstown on

Could be hormones, could be what you're eating, could be the skincare you're using isn't forumlated specifically for combo-oily skin, could be the makeup you're using isn't geared toward oily skin and is allowing it to seep through the makeup and the powder isn't absorbing it, could be a combo of all of the above.

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answers from Kansas City on

The more oily the skin, the less wrinles. Your oily skin isn't neccessarily a bad thing!


The more oily the skin, the less wrinles. Your oily skin isn't neccessarily a bad thing!


The more oily the skin, the less wrinles. Your oily skin isn't neccessarily a bad thing!

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answers from Cumberland on

Wash with Cetaphil-you may be over-stimulating the oil production with a scrub.

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you have 'beads' on your nose after makeup applications it is likely prespiration (even if your not hot/sweaty, rushing etc.) You may need a more gentle daily cleanser and different moisturizer. You might also want to try a face primer, Mary Kay just came out with one and I absolutely love it! I used Bare Minerals for a bit also and always felt like I was left with a sheen, I now use MK Mineral Powder Foundation, same application but the powder doesnt have that shimmery sheen to it.



answers from Minneapolis on

90% of our physical ailments (including skin conditions) are related to diet. Your diet reflects your hair, skin and nails.

Make sure you're eating a balanced diet of protein, fat, and carbs. Sometimes we cut out all the fat from our diets and our bodies react by retaining every bit of fat we have! Hence, oily skin.

The Nutritional Weight and Wellness program (broadcasting Saturday mornings on fm 107.1, 8-9 am give excellent advice to understand how to eat. Most of the stuff we hear on TV is flat out wrong--it's marketing.

I'm over 40 and my skin care regimen consists of a good diet, and I wash my face with very diluted solution of Dr. Bonner's Miracle soap and water twice a day. Very very cheap and not advertised. Ask for it at an Trader Joe's. I've bought one bottle almost 2 years ago and still have quite a lot left.



answers from Cleveland on

I have read that you don't need to wash your face in the morning. Before bedtime, remove any make up and wash your face and moisturize. In the morning just take a warm wash cloth and hold on your face. Repeat a couple times. Apply moisturizer.

Since I stopped washing my face in the morning and just use the warm wash cloth, I don't have an oil slick on my face in the afternoon.


answers from Cleveland on

Have you tried using a mud mask? I used to sell cosmetics in a department store, and have probably tried almost everything made prior to 2003. Borghese makes an amazing one called Fango Mud. It's a little pricey, around $35, but occasionally there are gift sets which have their spa products bundled together which makes the price more reasonable. When you put on Fango, if you have a blemish, you can actually see it suck the gunk out and it winds up on the outside of the mud. Gross, but you know its working when you see that! There is a gentle version if you are sensitive. If you add this to your routine regularly, after exfoliating (to maximize how much is cleared from your pores), you will see a difference.

The next best one is super cheap and almost as good. Its Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, usually available at Sallys, CVS, Target, etc. It has the classic green mask look and smells nice and minty. Really sucks the oil out.

There are oil absorbing sheets for sale with the acne stuff in drug stores. These work better than powder as powder can cake up when used too much, especially in humid weather.

Some people tan to dry out their skin, but don't do this. Tanning actually thickens the skin, then in response it produces even more oil. If you get a lot of UV exposure this may be contributing.


answers from Washington DC on


It's called age - this happens - some women's skin dries out - yours is getting oily....which CAN be a good thing!! You might not get as many wrinkles!!!

Now, I would only exfolliate once or twice a week - you could be over-drying your skin in the stuff you are using so your body is producing more oils to help with that.

Check out your diet. Look back to see if you've changed anything recently as well. if you don't have any changes, go to your PCP and ask them to run a blood test with hormone levels to see if you have more estrogen or testosterone in your system!!

good luck!! don't stress over this - stress will also help produce oils in your skin!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Our skin changes as we age. I always expected dry skin as part of aging, but mine has goten oilier. I use Cliniques skin care products and makeup. I've had to change from the "normal" to the "oily" version of their 3-step skin care - cleanser, astringent, and moisturizer.



answers from Seattle on

I'd lay money on changing hormones.

But as for the rest...

From someone who has ALWAYS had oily skin:

- Only exfoliate once a week or so... or your skin will get even oiler (and it will be VERY oily on the day that you exfoliate)

- 2nding Cetaphil for daily washing in the morning & night

- Use an astringent after washing (I like Arcona Triad Pads, but witch hazel works, just doesn't smell great. Check out this "holiday" special still on sale http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/arcona-cranberry-kit-70-value... )

- Try switching moisturizers. I use estee lauder at night, and arcona magic white ice in the daytime. ((There are many moisturizers specifically for oily skin, however, those are just the ones I use. Magic White Ice does an odd "seal" type thing... you'd have to try it to understand, I can't quite explain it. it doesn't have SPF, though... so you either need to just depend on the SPF in your makeup (bare minerals is SPF 15-30), or use an spf before your moisturizer))

I use BareMinerals as well... 2 tricks:

1) Don't buy the mineral veil any more (save the old jar though). Instead, just buy cornstarch. Fill the jar with corn starch, add about 1/8th to 1/2 teaspoon of your foundation powder and stir. Voila. ((Mineral veil is just cornstarch + foundation for pigment... you can read it on the ingredients. CS costs about $2 for a box of it. Saves you tons, since it makes about 10 jars of mineral veil from 1 box))

2) Instead of adding more makeup... use a pad to wipe off the oil from your nose or T / retone it, and reapply to that area. Only adds about an extra 20 seconds and you're starting off "fresh" / don't need to rewash your whole face or redo everything.

((I'm going to try the Fango Mud... it's been on my list for awhile, but haven't. Eeeeew. I've had to not wash my face from time to time... I can literally wipe "sludge" off of it -can draw on windows, don't ask- / feel awful until I get my face washed... with handsoap if necessary. OTW, by that afternoon my pores are completely clogged and I'm broken out by nighttime. Icky. But washing with cetaphil twice a day - morning and night, keeps my skin clear and soft even without moisturizer. But with moisturizer my skin just *glows*))



answers from Waterloo on

Hi M. H. I just read your post about having oily skin. Have you heard of Norwex? I'm an independent consultant and just wanted to recommend the enviro cloth which is a high quality microfiber blend of polyester and polymide and has an antibac agent silver which will not wash out. Norwex is all about eliminating chemicals in beauty care and cleaning and from personal experience the enviro cloth is worth every penny. It is your cleanser and exfoliant all in one. When taken care of properly the cloth will last up to 7 years. I also have Norwex night cream which is good for people who experience oily skin because it's a light cream and not heavy like the day cream. I think your problem may be the SPF moisturizer you are using. SPF tends to leave skin feeling greasy and looking oily. If Norwex sounds like something you would like to try please email me at [email protected]____.com think of it this way, you will be saving LOTS of money. Hope this helps.



answers from Madison on

Like Laura D., I too believe in doing the very, very minimum when it comes to my health, body, etc. I don't believe half or even three-fourths of what I see in magazines or on TV is good for the body--as Laura D. said, it's advertising/marketing. Those products--shudder--have so many things in them that are just plain BAD for you.

My skincare routine? Using Dr. Thayer's Witch Hazel cleaner in the morning and again at night, before I go to bed. If I believe I have to wash my face, I use either pure, clean water or Dr. Bronner's soap. I wear no makeup, and haven't for years. I am 43, and figured out for myself (even the doctors couldn't agree) that I am already going through perimenopause (my mom and aunts all went through extremely early; I've been going through it since I was 40).

The very best thing you can ever do for yourself--and this includes your skin--is to eat a very good, healthy diet. Eat organic. If you drink tap water, buy a filter or a reverse-osmosis system and filter the chlorine and flouride out (as well as all the other ickys in there that they don't tell us about). Quit using flouride toothpaste. Quit eating anything with excitotoxins, quit the pop, quit the processed/convenient foods, quit the fast foods, eat more veges and fruit. Once you start questioning, reading, and noticing what the food industry is doing to your food (most of it's dead), you'll know why you're always so sick. The body can't live and prosper if it's fed dead food every day.

Oh, I was having lots of issues with breakouts on my face and upper back. Once I discovered I was having hormonal imblances and started taking Maca Root (it's a food, not a herb, but you can buy it in capsules; it helps with adrenal and thyroid issues, fatigue, diabetes imbalance, as well as hormonal imbalance) as well as Hyland's combo of homeopathic remedy for Vaginitis (for issues of yeast infection that weren't yeast infection) and PMS (for bad cramps, feelings of ickiness, all those period feelings that are amped about ten times when it comes to perimenopause), I must say, I'm starting to feel like a whole new woman. And homeopathy is actually fairly cheap to buy, when one considers what pharma drugs cost.

And make sure you're drinking lots and lots of good, filtered water. Most of us are horribly depleted in this very basic body need and don't consume anywhere near enough water during the day. Your skin loves water and will thank you for it.

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