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Updated on May 23, 2015
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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With the summer sun coming, I'm thinking of changing face creams. I currently use Clinique, some H2O on my eyes, and then Olay night cream. A friend just recommended BOOM to me, and then Cetaphil SPF15. I definitely want something with an SFP15 in it, and then something to use at night. I really like the H20 eye cream, and I'm thinking about buying more of their products, but I'm tempted by my friend's suggestion that I buy CHEAP Cetaphil and then use something else on top of it, and at night.

What is your favorite face cream(s)? how about sun screen?

ETA: I'm especially interested in what older women have to say. Up until last year, I was still getting carded. Now at 43, and especially without any hair colour, I'm looking older. I'd still pass for no older than 35, but for most of my life, I looked a lot younger than I was. Even two years ago someone swore I wasn't a day over 29, and I was 41. But in the last year, my skin, hair, etc. everything is changing. I've never really worn make-up, just washed my face, put on a mild cream and went. But I know I need to do more now. My eyes are puffing! My skin isn't as radiant.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

There was this question a few weeks ago with some similar info.


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answers from Columbia on

CeraVe. They have a day and night moisturizer. Their day cream has SPF 30 in it. I LOVE it. Check out the reviews on Amazon...it's inexpensive and works great.

ETA: Oops, forgot the obligatory age and whatnot. I'm 35. I wear makeup sometimes...usually just a touch of mineral makeup for color, as I am Scots-Irish and pale, pale, pale. I get a lot of compliments on my complexion, and people are often surprised that I'm old enough to have a 14 year old. Most people guess my age to be mid-twenties.

Along with a good moisturizer, I do suggest a good scrubby cleansing cloth and cleanser. I use Clean and Clear for sensitive skin (the one with no frangrance) and a loofah cloth from Walmart (washcloth on one side, woven loofah on the other). I gently rub the cleanser into my skin, scrub lightly with the loofah side, and then rinse. Pat dry, and use the moisturizer while my skin is still a little damp.

ETA2: There are a couple of black ladies at my church who are well into their 60's and don't look a day over 40. I mentioned this to my husband and he introduced me to the phrase "black don't crack," meaning that many ethnic ladies age very beautifully. When I asked one of them what she puts on her skin? Shea Moisture products. Hm. I wonder if they'd work on my "white as ice" skin? :-P

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answers from Denver on

Why do you want to switch from Clinique? I've been using it since high school and am in my 30's now, I think my skin looks good. I've switched to less expensive brands like Olay and Aveeno but always come back to Clinique. I really like the dramatically different lotion (yellow) but it doesn't have an SPF. My favorite Clinique lotions are the superdefense daily moisturizer spf 20 & super rescue antioxidant night moisturizer. I also like their tinted moisturizers. I recently bought the CC cream (it's like a BB cream) and it's really nice.

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answers from Washington DC on

i recently discovered andalou naturals 1000 roses facial moisturizer and sun screen. very rich yet doesn't feel heavy at all, and makes my aging skin feel dewy and pliable. my only objection to it is a faint and very pleasant rose scent- i'd prefer completely unscented.
i also love DHC white underneath their 'beauty lift' moisturizer, but geez, DHC is so expensive. i have to intersperse buying their stuff with something more affordable.

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answers from Portland on

I'm an older woman ... and I've used Clinique for 30 years. Simple, easy to figure out what products are best, and no thought goes into it. Three step system. No brainer.

I use their yellow lotion. Love it. It works well for me.

I used their Tinted Moisturizer with SPF for years (instead of makeup in summer) until my dermatologist said that products like that are no where near as good as just regular old sunscreen. And it's not the SPF so much as how often you reapply that makes the difference. So now I just use Coppertone sunscreen designed for face (less oily), and coat it on.

It doesn't smell too much, and soaks in and moisturizes. Works for me :)

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answers from Chicago on

I second CeraVe. I use their day cream with SPF 30 and their night cream which has hylauronic acid, which is supposed to help with wrinkles. Pair the day cream/SPF with a good vitamin C serum(many affordable ones....amara vegan vitamin C and Skin obsession on amazon are good ones!). The vitamin C 'ups' the SPF and helps ward off aging, builds collagen, etc. I also slather on coconut oil at night (on top of night cream). Look into OTC retinols (ROC is good) or a prescription strength Retin A (costly!!)

If you want to go the extra mile, look at Skin Obsessions glycolic peels and get microdermabrasion crystals. All can be found on amazon. I use both and swear by them! Totally affordable too.

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answers from Las Vegas on

In terms of face cream... I LOVE Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream (not the light) it's expensive but it's very emollient but doesn't cause me to break out..
it's great, especially as a night cream.. for sunscreen, I do like Skinceuticals, again it doesn't make me break out, it's a thicker cream and therefore requires a little more rubbing in... I like it because it's not drying like some sunscreens can be..
also, now at 51, it was when I turned 42 that I really began to see changes in my skin and I believe it's because at that age (for me) I was beginning to have initial drops in Estrogen.... with that, it made for drier skin, thinner hair and definitely a difference in my skin's texture overall... you can't change your hormones, but that which I found beneficial, apart from learning about what was and what still is going on with body was the fact that although I was always a big water drinker, now.. I require even more.. also, think GREEN... during the weeks when I drink more green juice, my skin looks better.. at this age, beauty does have to begin on the inside.. and well, it definitely takes more work :( ....

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answers from Chicago on

I use Oil of Olay face cream with SPF-15, plus my foundation--if I wear it--has SPF15 in it as well. If I am outside busy, I skip the foundation and just use powder. The Oil of Olay container is small enough to keep in my bag or car to reapply. I have trouble using some sunscreens on my face so this works for my.
If we happen to be at the beach or somewhere with full sun, I do put actual sunscreen on my nose and ears so I don't burn.

Okay, I am 44. People usually think I look about mid 30s--until they find out I have been married over 20 yrs and add on a few and then a few more when they find out I have triplets. Really annoying. Anyway, I have used Oil of Olay since I was about 22 and could buy my own and I was totally out of the oily skin phase and breakouts. It works for me. I may have used other things at times but always went back to it.

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answers from Asheville on

For day, I use Olay Sensitive Day lotion with SPF 15. Then I use Almay Smart Shade with SPF 15. I'm photosensitive, so all of my face products have SPF. I like Olay because it's not heavy or greasy and great for my sensitive skin.
As for night, I use Metaderm. It's an organic moisturizing cream that I use all over, including my face. I don't think you can buy it in stores. I typically order from Amazon. Even a little bit of sun on my face can wreck havoc, so this is soothing and surprising not greasy feeling at all.
I'm 40, and can tell you that exfoliating does wonders. I have one of those Clinique Sonic Systems that I use on my in the shower every other day. My skin glows and feels smooth after using it.

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answers from Sacramento on

I'm very fair-skinned and wear sunscreen-enhanced moisturizer year-around. I like Roc's 5-in-1 multicorrection moisturizer with SPF 30. Helps out with dull, aging skin but offers decent sun protection (SPF 15 is ok as a base in winter but doesn't offer much in summer).

I wouldn't put something on top of moisturizer. Either commit to regular sunscreen in the morning if you know you'll be out or get a moisturizer with a good SPF of 30+ in it for everyday use.

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answers from Chicago on

I've actually used Mary Kay products most of all for thirty plus years and go back to it after I use something different for awhile. I have good health, very few wrinkles for my fifties and inherited my mom's good skin. I was feeling rather vain the other day when a student asked me to pick up something on the floor. I said "you are probably forty years younger than me, so you can pick up your pencil."
"You in your forties?" she asked.
"No..." I started. Beaming,thrilled that she was going to be shocked when she found out how old I am.
"Well you look like you're at least sixty!"
So much for lots of moisturizer and good skin. Never test your vanity on middle schoolers. By the way, I have changed moisturizers from time to time and I think skin likes the change once in awhile.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My skin has been changing at I get a little older all of a sudden.
I like Olay moisturizer w/SPF for use under my makeup every day. You could
use it at night too.....I just hadn't thought of that.
They say what we put into our bodies affects how it looks on the outside but
I've noticed that all of sudden my skin has lost it's elasticity no matter what I
eat or how I moisturize.

Edit: Also, my hair has become dry & a little brittle looking. Nothing seems to help. Also, doesn't grow as fast.

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answers from Springfield on

i don't wear make up, i wash my face in the shower with whatever body soap i decide on (usually by the smell of it)
i don't use creams or sunscreen. i use hats and shady trees to avoid sunburns.
i look like i am about 24-25 despite the fact that i am 32.
so i am not the best person to answer this question.BUT i suggest something a bit more natural like coconut oil that moisturizes, blocks the sun and is good for you.

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVE Essential Oils by Kaplan MD. I use them morning and night with my routine. A bottle is about $100 but last a long time because you basically use 2-4 drops a day. I had a facial out in CA last year and they used Kaplan products and I have used this ever since. I LOVE the products, especially the essential oils.

I also LOVE Trish McEvoy Eye serum and Eye cream with retinol. I use both morning and night. These 2 are pricey.. If I were to do only 1 of them, I would do the eye crème with retinol. It runs about $125. The serum is good and I also use it around my mouth. It is about $98.

During the day I use Kaplan MD face cream with sunscreen before I apply a light Clinique base with sunscreen. Crème is around $95

At night I use Trish McEvoy Vitamin C cream. $90.

I love all of the products I use and I can tell a difference. I am 53 and I have been carded within the last month and I am told I don't look at day over 35.

I am blessed with good genes, I do drink a LOT of water and I maintain physical fitness. I am of American Indian heritage so I have many of those features.

I know there are cheaper products on the market that work well. I have dabbled with Nutragena products when I am running low on my crèmes. Also, our dermatologist supports Clinique products, Cetaphil and Purpose.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have started putting sunscreen on my face, ears, neck, and chest everyday after I get out of the shower. My favorites for face are peter thomas roth http://www.sephora.com/max-sheer-all-day-moisture-defense...
Josie Maran http://www.sephora.com/argan-daily-moisturizer-spf-47-P38...
they are a bit pricey on their own but you can get good sample sizes along with several others in this:http://www.sephora.com/sun-safety-kit-P396622?keyword=sun...
I like to keep these in my purse and the whole kit lasts almost all year.
For my chest/neck/ears my fav is hawaiian tropic: http://www.hawaiiantropic.com/sun-care-products/hawaiian-...

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