What Do You Expect of Your 5 Year Old?

Updated on November 17, 2011
J.C. asks from Bronxville, NY
10 answers

In terms of chores and clean up, etc., what do you expect of your 5 year old Kindergartener?

I think I've been easy on my daughter and need to implement more chores and expectations. So I'd love to hear what you all do.


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answers from Detroit on

She keeps her room clean, makes her bed everyday, and cleans up after herself at mealtime. When she gets home from school, she puts things in its place, it doesnt lay where she drops it in the kitchen, or I get on her. Im not tripping over her stuff. :)

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answers from Houston on

She turned 6 in October, so that's kinda close. ;) She dresses herself. Cleans up after herself, dinner, playing etc (takes some prodding at times). Puts her dirty clothes up. I pick out her clothes for the day but she dresses herself. She showers herself. Being in Kindergarten, we honestly don't expect too much really. And she can make peanut butter sandwich by herself!

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answers from Philadelphia on

My son likes doing chores so he keeps his room clean, clothes in hamper, toys in basket, he dresses himself, brushes his teeth (although these aren't chores), showers himself except I wash his hair. He also loves to set the table, and he knows to put his dishes in the sink and will sometime help clear the table. He helps his Dad put out the trash and likes helping him with lawn work, although most of it is just watching but he will help. He also is to help clean up toys after playing and knows when he comes in from school where to put his shoes, coat and school bag. For now, it's easy b/c he wants to help us do everything...let's see what happens in a few years! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

my almost 5 year old, is to pick up and put dirty clothes in basket, put dishes in sink, pick up toys after playing, and put her shoes, coat and ect away. Thinks she LIKES to help with sweeping, moping, washing clothes, and putting trash on the curb.

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answers from Dover on

It largely depends on the 5 year old and where they are developmentaly. We expect our 5 yr. old to dress himself, pick up his toys, listen, and help when we ask.

That's how we incorporate chores here when they are young. Help mommy fold the clothes by doing these towels and washrags. Help daddy wash the car with this sponge. Help mommy clean up the living room by putting the shoes in the coat closet. We are getting them used to the idea of work and contribution, but still teaching them HOW to do it, so they do it with us.

Real assigned chores here start at 8 yo.

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answers from Dallas on

My son is the same age and in Kinder also. His weekly chores are; take out his bathroom trash, bring in dirty laundry, and put clean clothes away. Daily chores are; clean out back pack, do/finish homework before playing, put his dinner plate in the sink, put dirty clothes in hamper, and pick up after himself. I dont think we ask to much, he actually loves helping.

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answers from Chicago on

Just last week I moved my (almost) 5 yr old's toys into his room (to get them out of the family room, as our 7 month old is becoming mobile). He is responsible for picking up all of his toys before bedtime.

He also helps me sort the socks by playing "Perfect pair" to find all of the matches, and to put his clothes away.

He puts his clothes in the hamper.

He is also now sweeping the kitchen floor after dinner (he earns 10 cents a day for it.)

Sets the table & clears his own dishes & puts them in the dishwasher (when I've actually gotten it emptied in time)

He puts on my 2 yr old's slip-on shoes when we need to leave the house & helps him put on his coat

As soon as he comes in from school he puts his shoes in his shoe bin, his coat on a hook & his tote bag on the door handle (so we don't forget it the next day).

I give him small bags of garbage to bring out on garbage day, and on a daily basis he helps me bring out recycling items to our giant rolling cart.

He loves to wash dishes (I only put plastic or stainless steel ones in the sink, and NO knives)

He helps me transfer clothes from the washer into the dryer (I pull them out of the washer & dump them on the dryer door, and he tosses them in).

Haha, wow, I just noticed it must look like I make him do a lot of chores, but really, it is just to keep his hands busy while I am doing other things. Otherwise, he fights with his brother.

ETA: He also loves to rake leaves (although this year ours all blew away on a windy day) and to shovel snow (when it is light & fluffy-never the heavy stuff).


answers from Chicago on

My son must have his room clean, bed made (not perfectly but a strong attempt) and be dressed 90% by himself (buttons and snaps are still difficutl) before we leave for school - room clean by bed time as well. I also expect him to feed the dogs twice a week and help daddy take the trash out. He also helps clean but mostly small stuff here and there, I try to do most of it when he is at school. Oh! and he puts his own folded laundry away in his drawers, I fold!



answers from Dayton on

When I'm on my game, my kids have a morning routine of dressed, room, bed, teeth and job. The almost 5 gets one job, the six year old kindergartener gets 2. The jobs take maybe 10 mins each tops (well, they should). They clear the table after meals. They do things like spray and wipe up the bathroom sink, sort laundry, vaccum the kitchen, clean under their beds, or pick up their toys.



answers from Houston on

When my kid was 5, we already expected him to

get ready for the day (get dressed, wash face and hands, brush teeth),

get ready for school (check school bag for folder, papers, lunch, turn off lights in his room/bathroom),

help set the table, help clear the table,

put things away when he takes them out (toys, books, playdoh, arts and crafts stuff),

get ready for bed (shower, clothes in laundry basket, hang up towel, brush teeth, check for toys/books/supplies left out)

help me w/whatever chore I'm doing that day (yardwork - gardening, weeding, watering, helping w/burn pile, laundry - folding, pour in the soap, loading washing/dryer, making his bed, cleaning the floors - one of us moves furniture and the other runs the vaccum or vice versa, dusting - we have a few dusters and Swiffer handles).

He has always helped me cook by taking things out of the fridge, helping me slice, peel and chop things

I let him rinse the dishes on occassion if he wants to help w/the dishes

Besides my household work and cooking, everything probably takes 5 mins for him - the rest about 30 if I'm lucky to keep his attention that long. So don't worry, I'm not a slave driver - he gets PULENTEE of time to play.


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