Chore Charts for 5 to 8 Yr Olds

Updated on June 09, 2012
A.K. asks from Allen, TX
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I have been looking at getting a chore chart and was curious what chores everyone has on theres. Do you have a chatty on the wall or have daily sheets? Any suggestions of what to do or not do would also be helpful!

Thanks mommas!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.! One of the most important things for me is when a child is responsible for their things (room, clothes, toys, etc.). So, I might have picking up their things and helping with laundry. I don't expect children those ages to do their own wash (smile), but at least put things in the right hamper, and even show them how the washer works (you know, all do it together), fold the clothes, put them back, and so forth. If the problem includes getting toys, shoes, etc. that are in the living room and other parts of the house to their rooms, I might start there with having this on the chart. As we solve that one, change the goal to picking it up off their own floor, and into the drawer, closet, wherever. Don't be afraid to adjust the chart as needed as they start experiencing success with these items (with different items or how many points something is worth or even how many times they need to complete the task). Good luck!! S. K., MFT

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answers from Kansas City on



Make Bed

Put Clean Dishes Away
Load Dishwasher
Wipe Counters Down
Sweep Kitchen Floor
Scoop Cat Box
Water Animals
Practice Cheer (15 Min)
Take Trash Out
Put Away Own Laundry (When Asked)
Clean Bedroom
Dust Bedroom (Saturday Only)
Sweep Bedroom (3 Times a Week)


Make Bed

Brush Teeth
Brush Hair
Pick Up Toys
Put Laundry Into Dirty Clothes Basket
Put Clean Silverware Away
Wipe Table Down
Feed Animals
Empty Bathroom Trash into Kitchen Trash
Put Away Own Laundry (When Asked)
Sweep Bedroom (3 Times a Week)

I got these ideas from the link below. Maybe it will be helful to you to.

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answers from Los Angeles on

go online to & you can print all different charts. Ex. Reward charts, behavior, etc. An awesome site. Hope this helps.

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answers from Dallas on

we use the Melissa & Doug Magnetic one for our almost 6yr old daughter. It seems to work well. There's room for 7 chores - but we combine some -- like "Brush teeth & Hair" "Get backpack & clothes ready for school" Other chores are:
Clean back of car (she's the only one who sits in the 3rd row and leaves junk back there)
Clear table (she only does her dishes)
Set table at dinner
Clean room (as in put toys away - no dusting or vacuuming required)
Put shoes & socks away (b/c we are always finding them all over the house!)

I've seen it several places including Barnes & Noble but got ours at Lakeshore Learning.


answers from New York on

My daughter (almost 5 years old) has a JillyChart, which you customize before buying (with child's name, design and choice of chores/behaviors). It's dry erase/reusable. Her chores/behaviors include: cleaning up her toys, putting her dirty clothes in the hamper, hanging up her jackets/coats, putting her shoes/sneakers away, and helping in the kitchen (helping to set the table, helping to clean out the dishwasher), getting dressed/ready for preschool on time, brushing her teeth & washing up, playing nicely with friends, being helpful, and following directions. The JillyChart is magnetized and hangs on the refrigerator in the kitchen. My daughter likes to help circle the correct day & date on the chart, and she likes to draw stars on the chores/behaviors she completes. At the end of the day we add up her stars for the day together and compare each day's number of stars. Of course, some days have a lot of stars, and some days have fewer. :)



answers from Dallas on

We have the dry erase one from Target. It's also magnetic. So I write in the chores and it came with stars - enough for each kiddo- to mark each chore.
Some of the chores we have: Help empty dishwasher (with parental help)- my 2 year old's favorite chore! Feed the dogs, clean up toys, put dirty laundry in the hamper, set the table, empty trash on trash night, make bed - for the 6 year old).

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