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Updated on May 24, 2011
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I've searched on here and read through quite a few wart questions. So I'm sorry if this sounds redundant. My daughter who is 3 has had a wart on her finger for quite some time. I never really thought anything of it until yesterday, when I noticed she now has one on her wrist, opposite arm. (I thought it would go away on its own) The first one has little brown specs in it. This made me start to question it and look into help online....and boy did not I not realize warts were contagious. So now this has me concerned.

Also my husband has had one on his pinky for I don't know how long. He's had it removed from the dermatologist numerous times for it to only come back. He's also tried a few times to remove it himself with over the counter meds. But nothing has seemed to help, so he's given up. He's said he's been dealing with this many years before he met me. And now we are going on at least 8-10 years that he's had it around me and has not had anything done to it. So I'm taking a huge guess that maybe this is where my little one caught it. Last night I explained my little bit of research to my husband and he had no idea they were contagious either.

My biggest fear is my youngest passing it on to my other daughter and/or spreading it to her face. So, from lots of reading on here, I've read a lot about duck tape and then apple cider vinegar. I think I might go this route, just wondering out of all the readers out here, do you think this is the best route? I'm not opposed to take her to the dermatologist, in fact I'm researching a good one to take her to also at the same time. But it seems getting it taken off there, could be time consuming with lots of visits, painful and hasn't seemed to help too many.

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So What Happened?

Thought I should update I tried the apple cider vinegar & duct tape and it worked great. Both warts are gone and haven't returned.

Now my husband is using the remedy on his wart and it looks like its working for him too.

Thanks again everyone!

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Dermatologists and even pediatricians should be able to help. I think it's a viral thing. They do spread so they need to be dealt with.

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I just went thru this with my daughter. She had a large one on her finger for about 2 years. We tried all kinds of home remedies and over the counter stuff. NOTHING worked. She ended up getting a couple more so we finally caved and took her to the dermatologist. There are different types of medicines they can use to treat it. I don't think all are contagious. I have a doctor in the family and she said that my daughters were not contagious. After 2 years, none of us got warts. Anyway, after about 3 months of some liquid treatment (I wish I knew the name) and freezing one on the face, they are all gone! You just have to make sure you go every 3 weeks as the doctor recommends. I just hope they do not come back because warts are a virus in your system.

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Our 4 year old had two warts on his toes. We tried doing just duct tape with no medicine, but that was not successful. At his yearly checkup we mentioned it to the doctor, who suggested to use an OTC wart remover with the acid (gosh, can't remember the name right offhand). Each night we would put the med on his warts, cover it with duct tape and then remove in the morning. After several weeks the warts were gone. Once it starts to dry out, use a nail file to file away the dead skin, enabling the medicine to get to the root of the wart easier too. We chose to treat him in this way rather than taking him to a dermatologist, as I had some warts "frozen" off my feet several years back and it was extremely painful to walk for the first couple days after each treatment. Wanted to spare him the pain - and he said his warts never hurt.

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My son has one on his hand that goes away and comes back for over a yr. He is 14 so its super hard on him and we have been trying and trying! The best thing we have done is apple cider vinegar but we cover it with medical tape. The duct tape severly irritated his skin. We put a little acv on a cottonball at night and cover with the tape. The wart will get black and look awful but its supposed to. It will dry up and scab off. That's the only thing that's worked for him!

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It could be their diet or some sort of allergy.

My husband used to chew tobacco and got terrible warts on his fingers. We had no idea where they came from but he stopped chewing 15 yrs ago and hasn't had warts since.

Obviously I'm not saying your kid needs to stop chewing tobacco! (I hope she isn't) i'm just suggesting it could be something she is allergic to.

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Being that the general consensus is warts are a virus, there's not a whole lot to do but try to get rid of the ones you have and then keep your immune system in check to keep any others at bay. My granddaughter has had some warts and the duct tape thing really does work. My daughter even bought pink, purple, yellow, white...you name it...duct tape. It takes some time but gets rid of the wart without going to the doctor, painful burning off. It didn't scar either.

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My kids have both had them and my oldest had at least 14 when we had them frozen off by a dermatologist. Unfortunatly it took several tims of going back to get most of them gone and the big ones did not go away we had to have them burnt off. They are contagous but only when they are open. My youngest when he had a huge one on his hand picked at it and made it bleed that's when they are contagous. They are a virous. Most people don't know that. I didn't till I took my oldest in. We tried the other stuff for his but he'd had them too long. But my youngest we put the duct take on him. It worked to a point. The only issue we had was it has to be left on there for about a week is what my dr said. And he liked to play with the tape. If you are able to do over the counter stuff and home remidys I highly sugest it! Freezing is very painful!!!!!!!!!!!! And at her age she would problaby not like that too much.

Good luck and God Bless!

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There are a couple things you can try. At nighttime, put a little onion on it and cover with a band aid. The next night, use minced garlic. Switch back and forth till it's gone. I tried this with my son's warts and it works.
My other son had plantar wart. And freezing it off didn't work either. I used a colloidal silver salve on it that I got from Homecure.com and it worked. And to my knowledge, neither one of them have been plagued with warts since.

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My son has had warts on and off, some went away by themselves, others I treated. It seems odd that it's supposed to be contagious - I did ask my doctor about it and he said no. No one else in our family has had any. I did when I was a child but they stopped coming after the age of 10, that's why I'm not particularly concerned with my son. I bought the "freeze off" stuff at our drugstore (over the counter) and I think it must have hurt, so it's probably not a good choice for a 3 year old (it did work, though). If you buy the liquid (I forget the name) that you have to apply 2 times per day and just follow the instructions (soak wart in warm soapy water and peel layers off), it should work, too, just slower.

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I have 2 boys with warts or I did. I used the apple cider vinegar and gave them an anti oxidant called OPC3. I tried everything to get rid of them in the beginning and found that they always came back. In fact if I got rid of one, four grew back. It wasn't until I started the OPC3 that they stayed away. Anti oxidants fight free radicals, which is the first thing your immune system does. If you take a powerful anti oxidant it frees your immune system up to fight sickness and disease. Warts are a virus so I beleive that the OPC3 founght off the virus.
Here's what I use. It's about .77 cents a day.
Message me if you have any questions.
Good luck