Duct Tape to Remove Plantar Warts?

Updated on September 13, 2010
V.B. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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Has anyone ever actually tried this? I had a couple of plantar warts removed from the bottom of my foot last October because the one on my heel had become painful to walk on. The surgery went fine, but the healing time was horrible and very painful and I was on crutches for awhile with a 16 month old and a 3 year old...fun!! Anyway, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and just finished my chemo (even more fun!) and because my immunity was so low from the chemo, the warts came back because my body couldn't fight off the virus. I don't want to go through the surgery again and I heard about this method of keeping them covered with duct tape until they go away. I just have my doubts that it will actually work on these plantar warts since the one on my heel is so deep in my foot. I just wondered if anyone had been successful with this treatment before. I REALLY don't want to have yet another surgery. I've been through enough! But, I also can't live like this either because walking has become difficult again. Thoughts?


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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's responses! I have decided to give it a shot. What do I have to lose? If it doesn't make a difference at all within a couple of weeks, then I will go back to the Podiatrist. I'm just really trying to avoid surgery since I've had several of them related to my cancer over the past 8 months and have 2 more this Fall. I would love to avoid it if at all possible! Anyway, thanks for the advice. Here's hoping it works!

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answers from Houston on

Put a piece of cut galic clove on first then the duct tape. Leave the garlic on overnight and then just the duct tape changed daily after that.



answers from Austin on

I had plantar warts (about 5 on one foot, probaby 8-12 on the other...) for years when I was younger. I tried duct tape, freezing, OTC medications, you name it. Then one year I was on a garlic dip kick (Family recipe, VERY strong garlic) and they went away after 3 weeks. They haven't come back since! I looked it up, and apparently garlic is a pretty decent antitoxin... So I recommend taking some garlic pills. It's good for you anyway. lol.

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answers from College Station on

My husband swears by the duct tape method. My sister uses it too. There isn't a reason to fear starting an infection because you don't put the duct tape on any cut or scrape or other open skin. The duct tape needs to be big enough to cover the wart completely. I believe this is a way to keep air away from the wart. Change it once a day or as needed because washing will loosen it. There is even a web site describing how to use duct tape to get rid of plantar warts: http://www.howtodothings.com/health-and-fitness/a4574-how...

I like the garlic idea.

BTW, I have had my pediatrician tell me that my son's wart could go away by the power of suggestion. For instance, if I told my son that "Grandma's kisses" (prayers, hugs) have the power to make the wart go away, then a kiss on the cheek or forehead from Grandma is all that is needed. If my mother told my son that that wart will be gone by next week (or "soon"), he would believe her and, basically, forget all about the wart.

I would love to hear from someone that has tried the power of suggestion and actually monitored the wart (without bringing attention to it). I wonder if it works like the doctor said. LOL!



answers from Washington DC on

I don't know anything about planter warts, but I would be worried something like duct tape could breed infection?



answers from Denver on

My daughter had one and the duct tape worked! Be patient, it may take more than a couple of weeks. Stick with it (pun intended) every night--religiously. We used tea tree oil first and then put the duct tape over that. Viola! It took about a month or more, but it certainly beats the knife.



answers from Boise on

I have heard of it for regular warts, but not for plantar warts.



answers from Portland on

I have not used it, but my son-in-law learned of the simple solution in chiropractic school, where they take a more holistic approach to everything. He tried it and it took several weeks, but yes it worked and they have not returned after several years. His too were deep and well implanted.

Good luck. I hope that you start to feel strong and healthy now that you are finished with chemo too!

Do come back and let us know when both issues have resolved won't you:-)

Best of luck!


answers from Los Angeles on

I had to take my room mate in for that sugery. I actually got to assist, which was awesome, but really freaky to see how they cut those things out of your foot (a slight yucko moment). Her surgery was a result of the duct tape not working. But She tried it before having them removed, maybe it's different if you have had them removed once before. Is there anyway you can consult your podiatrist and ask for alternatives before surgey?
Good luck! =)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I am SO glad you asked this question! Please include the particulars on exactly how to do it....my 7 yo has O. on the bottom of his foot, just noticed recently. Thanks!



answers from Austin on

My husband tried this, but his were deep as well and it didn't work. He didn't have surgery though, he went through a multi-phase process where he went once a week for 6 or 7 weeks where they would freeze, scrape, then give him some medicine and cover the warts with a band-aid. He was to leave it covered for a certain time, and reapply the medicine at home. It was painful, but not as painful as prolonged walking with the wart.



answers from Dallas on

I think I've seen a planter wart fix in the drug store where they have regular wart treatments.

If not, know that you should go to a podiatrist at the first sign before it digs deeper in.

Ask your oncologist or doc for a referral to a good podiatrist. Before you make the appointment, ask the office manager or nurse to tell you how he treats them.

Umpteen years ago, my podiatrist put a liquid on it which deadened the top few layers. At each appointment, he would painlessly scrape away the dead skin and put more lilquid on it -- until it was all gone. It was tender but I don't think I even limped. I expect they have far better cures today.

If you are susceptible to this virus because of your low immune system, do what the oncologist or nutritionist says to boost it. No doubt, green tea 3x/day, no dairy, little to no beef, fish once a week, beans, veggies, fruits. They had me not eating fresh fruit or veggies at any restaurant but if I had it at home, I had to spray vinegar water on it first, let it set a minute, then rinse and whipe dry.


answers from Dallas on

My daughter had one on her foot and the dermatologist froze it off. No pain or anything. It worked with 1 treatment.



answers from Sacramento on

i'm in the process of doing it now and it seems to be working. there is also a product you can buy over the counter (or at least you used to be able to!) that is some sort of acilic acid (sp?). you cut out a small circle of it, peel off the backing, and stick it on your wart. you leave it on for a certain amount of time then take it off and scrape or peel off the dead part of the wart. repeat until gone. i used to use that, but it was hard to keep on the bottom of my foot. i never used it long enough to actually get rid of the whole wart, but it was working. i'm trying the duct tape now as we have some on hand and it sticks to my foot better! good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

Duct tape was recommended by my doctor for treating my planters wart. The trick is to leave it on for several weeks and cut off all oxygen flow to the virus. Before recommending the duct tape (I'm pregnant so I can't use any of the OTC stuff right now), the doctor took a razor or cut off all of the callus that had built up, making it painful to walk. That process didn't hurt at all and the recovery time was probably a couple of hours. It also exposed the wart, making it easier to treat with the duct tape method. I recommend you give it a try (and go to a regular family-practice doctor to have the callus cut off, if your dermatologist wants to do something more drastic). Good luck.



answers from Houston on

My dermatologist actually recommended using duck tape as well as apple cider vinegar. Put apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and actually duct tape it onto the wart while you sleep. Then during the day just use the duct tape alone. The apple cider vinegar actually speeds the healing. Only word of precaution is that the apple cider vinegar is somewhat irritating so be watchful of it irritating the surrounding skin. If it gets too irritated either use less apple cider vinegar or cut back on the length of time you use it. This method works great for planters warts. Can take up to 3 weeks to completely dissolve the wart. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Our pediatrician actually recommended this after he had frozen it once. It did work. Took a while and she had a hard time keeping the tape on her foot. For one of me other kids we used Duct on her hand and it worked, no freezing or anything needed.



answers from Longview on

I had one one the bottom of my foot for years and I tried freezing it but it was also too deep. I ended up trying the Compound W otc treatment specifically for plantar warts. It has a medicated disk surrounded by a sticky pad so it stays on your foot and also cushions the area. It was tender but not by any means unbearable. It took several months but it did finally go away and hasn't returned for over 2 years now.

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