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Easing Child Out of Parents' Bed

Oct 22, 2009 ... Our ped. advised putting the baby in the crib to sleep while they are still ... I have an 11 month old that I just moved out of our bed. ...

Advice on Infant and Toddler Sharing a Room &/Or Bed

as far as transitioning the baby to her sisters room, here is an idea.... have the 2 1/2 year old "help" daddy or mommy move the baby's bed into big sisters ...

Bed Rails for "Big Girl Bed"

I bought my daughter double bed rails in pink and white that I think are by ... It's one of those baby brands - Cosco, First Step....sorry I don't remember. ...

"Portable" Bed Rail?

Or really any portable bed rails? I have found several places that sell ... Check their Baby Depot section of the store- they usually have them on display. ...

Amby Baby Hammock

Chances are, you'll be buying a new baby bed inside of six months, because the baby will be able to move around enough to pose a falling hazard. ...

Baby Shower Etiquette for High Risk Pregnancy

My friend's SIL is 6 months pregnant and has been put on bed rest. She is high risk and the doctors say they may have to take the baby early via c-section. ...

Toddler Bed

Read all 4 responses: "We are looking for a toddler bed for my son. He is 14 months now and we are expecting a baby girl April 30. For the first few months, ...

Storing Baby Clothes

I've stored some of my old clothes in under-bed bins, but they reeked of plastic , even after washing. I'd ultimately like to store the baby/maternity ...

Anyone Tried Arms Reach Co-sleeper Sleigh Bed

I think with baby #2 I would like to try a co-sleeper type bassinet. The first slept in bed with us for the first 4 months and then in his crib in our room ...

Ideas for Friend on Bed Rest in the Hospital

Anyway, I have a girlfriend who is 30 weeks pregnant and now on bed rest AT ... As for the baby shower....maybe you want to wait and have a "meet the baby ...
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  • used an arms reach co sleeper in 2 answers "We used an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper with both of our children and we loved it."
  • sleigh bed version in 2 answers "I haven't heard of the sleigh bed version, but we used our co-sleeper with all three ..."
  • make sure there is a blanket in 2 answers "when you pick him up, make sure there is a blanket between you and him."
  • rubbermaid buckets in 2 answers "I've had really good luck with the Rubbermaid buckets."
  • space bags in 8 answers "I use Space Bags to store clothing, they are amazing for travel too since they come ..."