Allergic to Pillowtop Mattress?

Updated on May 02, 2011
J.G. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I've been having a problem recently with coughing at night. At first I attributed it to incessant colds, but it's been going on for awhile. Sometimes, I move out to the living room and the coughing goes away but then I had attributed that to the position on the sofa (slightly elevated).

Also, since my son (2) has been sick on and off since January, he's been co-sleeping with us. He has just been diagnosed with viral-induced asthma and is on a nebulizer. The thing is, that hes doesn't have a lot of other symptoms aside from coughing at night. I can't help but wonder if our pillowtop could be to blame.

I wash our bedsheets & bedspread in hot water once a week, and dust frequently. Our bedroom isn't a dust haven, so I don't know why nighttime becomes such a nightmare.

I could try putting my son in his bed and see if the coughing abates, and probably will do that this week but I won't know if it's the bed or the room or...?

Have you allergy sufferers had a problem with pillowtops? I am thinking it might be the pillowtop because I change pillows frequently and have anti-allergen pillows. It's just so expensive to replace a whole mattress!

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answers from Las Vegas on

could be Dustmites... my son is allergic to them, we have encased his mattress/box spring with plastic lining that you can buy. It's helped somewhat, but not completely. Additionally, when my son was little (he is now nine) he too had childhood Asthma, but it's since gone away but NOT his allergies, which when little, would make the Asthma worse..

Consider this.. you might be bringing in pollen from the outside.. pollen can get in your hair and clothes and IF it does, can be transferred to your pillows and other material things within in the house .. also, don't discount pets bringing in pollen into the house by way of their fur.. I too cough a lot , especially lately with hayfever and when I lie down, it's much worse... same goes for my son.. I take Zyrtec as does my son, which has helped somewhat.
I would change the pillowcases every night (to see IF this helps matters) additionally and IF possible , see about propping up yours and your child's pillow slightly. I don't mean to where you are sitting right up of course, but a slight slant, this way.... your sinuses won't drain into your throat as much.. sometimes, the coughing is caused by post-nasal drip.. again, the Zyrtec has helped ease some of the coughing .. but do check with your doctor first..

best of luck

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answers from Chicago on

Is it encased in a dust mite allergen-proof cover...if not, get one. It might help and would definitely be a cheaper option than replacing the mattress! I also sleep on 2 pillows to help the drainage at night and keep it from laying in my throat. Good luck!



answers from Bismarck on

We made the switch from our tried and true laundry detergent about five years ago - to all natural products. I washed the bedding twice before putting it on the bed ... and that night, seriously, I slept thru the night. My son also did. I absolutely believe the allergens, for us, included that heavy laundry scent - although we no longer noticed it or knew it was there. And we do lay on that for several hours at once, every single day ! I agree with the other post - that the mattress could be a source. We also added another piece of foam above the mattress (an expensive mattress topper) - for comfort - we also NEED a new bed, but that's $$ more $$. That also helped - since we can lift it & flip it to vacuum both sides.

Good luck! I think you have pegged a good place to make an impact !



answers from Green Bay on

I don't know if it would be an allergy as much as chemical sensitivity. Do some research to see if the mattress might be off-gasing some chemicals.
Good luck - I hope you can find out and then take some action!

If you are ever looking for natural (not pharma) solutions to allergies, shoot me a personal message




answers from Portland on

What's the pillowtop stuffed with? If down or feathers, they can cause allergic reactions. If polyester fiber, it is probably not the problem itself, but can become a haven for dust mites, another common allergen. If you launder your bedding with scented detergent, or use almost any commercial fabric softener/dryer sheet, you could be experiencing chemical reactions.

There are barrier-cloth encasements for mattresses that can be removed and washed occasionally. They're very effective at keeping dust mites and other allergens from getting through to you, so may be helpful. They won't keep toxic fumes from laundry products from passing through, but you can eliminate those yourself. Google "barrier cloth mattress covers" for a selection. Not cheap, but much less expensive than a new mattress.

Good luck finding relief!



answers from Appleton on

Try using a hand held vacumm on your mattress before then using a plastic mattress sheild. Don't zip the sheild, the moisture from the air can still get in and cause milew to form if you zip it.



answers from Minneapolis on


A couple years ago I went to the dr. for sinus issues and said my worst thing was no sleep because of coughing all night long. I did not cough during the day. She told me that it is from my sinus's draining onto something in the back of my throat that makes you continually cough. I bought Mucinex DM (or generic, Walgreens) and it works like a charm. After a couple days I no longer had the constant coughing. I now take the medicine, along with over the counter allergy pills, whenever I start coughing again and it works great. Give it a try and see if it helps.

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