Your Best Gift Ideas for 6- 8 Y/o Boys? Share Your Suggestions & Read Mine! :)

Updated on December 09, 2013
M.P. asks from Peoria, IL
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We are getting our 6 y/o and 8 y/0 boys Tablets for X-Mas from us but I need some other small ideas from Santa.
They love cars of any kind (problem is they have a ton and a bunch of tracks too), one son likes building stuff, (Legos is already on the list), books and any kind of "action" type games like guns with lasers, etc. Though, they are not into Star Wars. What are you buying for your boys? What do they absolutely love that they have gotten in the past??

Feedback on some toys/gifts that my 6 y/o and 8 y/o loved:
Lincoln Logs, Contraptions, Magnext, Bey Blades, Wii, Nintendo DS, Micro Chargers track with cars (they go really fast and even I like to watch them go!!!) Zing Zcurve Bow and Arrow set and only one of my boys likes Legos, Fly Guy book set, Wimpy Kid book set, Discovery Channel books, especially the ones with the 3D glasses, Dude Diary (they can write in them).

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answers from Los Angeles on

Matchbox cars & race tracks
Hexbugs w/tracks
Bat, mitt & small baseballs (made for kids)
Science kit
Flashlights (big & small....good for stocking stuffers)
Cozy fleece blankets in their favorite cartoon characters
Kid binoculars

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answers from Wichita on

We got a hexbug nano v2 for my 8 yr old nephew (he loves them!), and my 6 yr old son opened the box from Amazon while I was asleep with our newborn (in his defense, he helps me open the amazon boxes most of the time, and he was trying to help out --- unfortunately, in my sleep-deprived state, I wasn't thinking about there being a Christmas present in that box, or I would have been more quick to get it out and put away ahead of time!). Anyhow, my 6 year old came running in to show me....he was SO excited, because he thought it was something that I got for him (every once in a while, I will order him something special and let him open the Amazon box to find it....once again, brain cells not all firing right now). He had already opened it up and was showing me how cool it was. Sigh. After explaining that that was his cousin's Christmas present, and how we cannot open any boxes that come in the mail for a while, because there could be Christmas presents in them, we came to an agreement that he could use some of his saved up birthday money to pay for the hexbug nano v2 to KEEP for himself, and we would order another one for his cousin.

Check them out on Amazon. They have tunnel sets, 'bugs,' etc. They're actually pretty neat!

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answers from Honolulu on

A "MadPax" backpack.
Look on Amazon.
When my kids' Grandma got it, there were sales on it and free shipping.
It is very hip and fun and even adults collect and wear it.

My son is getting one and he is 7.
Grandma got him a "half pack" size backpack.
It can be used to carry all his tech gear or anything else.



answers from New London on

In the past legos have ALWAYS been the top toy played with. That or video games. This year we are going a different route. Toys have to be made in USA or with most parts made in USA (kinect). Or a "natural" toy. We are also limiting the amount of videos games so we aren't buying those at all and are slowly weeding them completely out. And we are buying Despicable Me 2



answers from Anchorage on

I found some really cool legos online I had not seen in stores, like their Minecraft series and their architect series. We got my boys Big Ben (they were born in England) and the white house, but there are many other historical buildings Lego makes.



answers from Washington DC on

Science experiment stuff -- binoculars, telescope, magnifying glass
camping stuff



answers from San Francisco on

How about Mario Kart K'Nex. Combine their love of cars with building.

My 6 year old is getting Snap Circuits and BeyBlades this xmas. He got Skylanders for the Wii for Hanukkah. I usually buy him a couple of board games, puzzles, and books too. His favorite board games now are Monopoly, Qwirkle and Yahtzee.



answers from Dallas on

If he likes Legos he'll probably like Snapcircuits. My son got them for Christmas when he was 9 and had a blast with them. Build doorbells, helicopter, working lights, etc



answers from Los Angeles on

mine has too many legos but getting him the ninja one.. he has beyblades hasn't played them in a while. he has the nintendo hand me down ds from his older brother might buy him a new game for that. he's getting the ipad mini tablet so no need for other gaming systems as that's why he's getting the tablet he can do almost everything and anything on it , less expensive than getting multiple gaming devices. he wanted a space suit so we went to the museum and got it.. books have gotten, monster truck remote. a few matchbox cars for stockings yes he has tons and loves them.. disney infinity for the family xbox360. baseball equipment new bat, etc..



answers from Houston on

We are getting our 8 yr old books. He wants the Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson series, as well as any Jake Maddox books. He can read those over and over again.

He's asking for new sports equipment...a new tennis racket, new roller blades, more baseballs and a mountain bike.

He also needs a new soccer goal net, so Santa is suprising him with that, along with a new hunting/fishing outdoor backpack that has a pup tent, binoculars, canteen set and solar powered radio and headlamp he can use on his camping trips with dad.

He isn't getting anything battery operated this Christmas. Last year we agreed if he wants an electronic toy or gadget, he can get one every 2 years. Our 8 yr old doesn't need new gadgets like that every year.



answers from Pittsburgh on

games for his 3DS
minecraft legos
sports equipment (new baseball glove, etc)
Henry Higgins books

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