Toddler with Sores in Mouth/tongue

Updated on January 02, 2008
C.H. asks from Randolph, NJ
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It seems like some type of viral infection, like coxsackie or some other similar thing. ANyone have experience with this? He is in a lot of pain, and now my 8 month old has a fever of 101 (which is how this all started w/ my toddler). I'm afraid she has it now, and it makes them so miserable. Anyone know how to make them more comfy??

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your help. Fortunately my son is better, but now my 8 month old daughter has it. I am trying the benadryl/maalox mix, but it's hard to get it in the right spot since she just wants to swallow it (which helps the sores in her throat, at least). I've stopped solids for now, and sticking to formula. And of course Motrin!

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You are right, hand foot and mouth is viral. You should bring them both to the ped. to be on the safe side. I found that tylenol and or motrin and lots of ice pops and ice cream really helped my daghter through it. She was 3 at the time. This virus is very common in the summer and fall but that depends on your climate also. I am in NY so summer and fall it is for me. It does last a bit though. I beleive she had the sores for about 1 week. But as long they are hydrated they should be alright. If they want to eat then great but don't force them. Also change the tooth brushes you use and make sure they wash thier hands very frequently. Some sort of allergy med is good too. it will make them drowsy though. I would ask the doc if/what they suggest is a good allergy med to give them. My older one I gave claritin or benedryl. Good luck! Keep your head up it will blow over soon.



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Have you talked to the pediatrician? While I may hesitate to take them in, I never hesitate to call and ask questions. I just wouldn't mess with it with either child.



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For fluids try cold liquids or popsicles - but nothing acidic like orange juice as that will hurt the sores. Coxsackie virus can be frustratingly annoying but it isn't life threatening but dehydration is life threatening. Fluids, fluids, fluids!

For the pain tylenol or ibuprofin. Check with your pediatrican about the proper dose - you'll need to know their weight.

Benadryl to help you and your children rest. Again check with dr. for proper dosing.

First thing in the morning call the doctor. There are prescriptions you may be able to get - probably not for the infant though.

It is very contagious so keep them away from others till it passes - about a week.

Good luck and stay strong! Happy New Year!



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It is a nasty virus that unfortunately is rather common (especially in day care) Both of my chidren got it. Motrin works for the pain. A mouthwash of Maloxx and Benedryl can help with the itching. There isn't a lot that can be one to help. Just momma's tender loving care! Careful as adults can get it and it is VERY contagious.



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Coxsackie with mouth ulcers? Hand foot and mouth disease. It is very contagious, so yes i assume the other child got it. I know someone who not only his kids, but he himself got it also. blistered his hands, mouth....OUCH.

Antibiotics generally don't work against it...but your doctor may prescribe an antiviral type to decrease the life span of the virus.

As long as you don't develop anything more serious, it generally goes away on its own. in 3-5 days.

Wash everything you touch... wash hands very very often.
Lots of tylenol and lots of fluids. Stay away from people for the few days. If you show any signs, stay home.



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Yes, I had this with my son a few months ago. In my case it was a viral infection and therefore no antibiotics could be given. Instead they prescribed a "magic wash" which was a mixture of over the counter benadryl and mylanta (ask your dr.). This was supposed to coat his mouth so he could eat and drink. Within hours he was eating again. Prior to this "medicine" we were feeding him ice pops, water (trying to) and YoBaby yogurt. These were the only things he could seem to tolerate. Call your doctor and see if this can work for you. We actually took my son to St. Peter's Hospital (which is where this was prescribed) b/c the sores got bad and painful over the weekend when the dr. office was closed. I think he was 14 months at the time.

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