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Updated on June 15, 2010
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi Moms - I'd like to start a blog. What blogs do you like to read and why? What would you like to see in a blog that you haven't seen? Thanks for your input!

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answers from Denver on

I like mainly because I like to see what other parents are doing to raise kids without fear in a society that seems to thrive on fear and what ifs.

If you're blogging for a business, it's a whole 'nother animal. When blogging for business and search engine optimization it's about keywords, linking back to your site and keeping the text down to less than 500 words.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I'm a blogger. I originally started to keep out of state friends and family updated on my kids. Now I just write whatever I feel like it. :D Do your blog for you. Have fun doing it. I've read so many Mommy bloggers that just get burnt out because they're always trying to make other people happy.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I started my blog 2 months ago. My take is that you just write what YOU want and forget what other people want. If you enjoy writing about the subject matter, and it's important to you, it'll be important to other people as well! Have fun! I find blogging very therapeutic!


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answers from Dallas on

Hi! I'm a blogger too. I've been doing it for 2 years now. I did it to create an online community of moms I could relate to when I had trouble getting out of the house and meeting people when we first moved.

I like so many things about different blogs: humor, honesty, introspection, photography, cooking, money-saving tips, etc. To tell the truth, I don't think there's a blog out there that doesn't have something I'm looking for. I like all the things I listed, but I find them on various blogs, and read them all. It's like my daily dose of coffee time with my friends.

If you want to meet other women, find other blogs, and get your own name out there, you should consider (The Secret Is In The Sauce). It's a blogging networking community and the people are so nice there. You should also consider linking your blog to Facebook. And, if you tweet, Twitter is a big part of social networking for your blog as well.

Think about what you want to do with your blog. Is it a creative outlet? Is it to keep family and friends up-tp-date with the goings-on of your family? Is it to wax poetic about your feelings and thoughts? Is it to make money? Is it to educate others on political issues or household tips? Decide on your focus and keep your focus there. How you run your blog will depend on your focus. If you're just keeping far-away family in touch with what's going on with you, all the networking stuff isn't necessary. But if you want to increase readership for your blog, it will take time and effort to build a base of readers. You'll need to visit other blogs a lot at first, and make comments, in order for folks to come back to your blog and read it. You'll need to participate in writing prompts and memes so that others will come read.

If you want to make money, that's a whole 'nother story. You'll need to get ads and solicit businesses for products to review. If that's what you want to do, it's possible, but it takes a while to build readership and most companies want bloggers who have a big reader base.

Sorry, this is a lot of information but if you have questions I could probably answer some of them, if I haven't already!

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answers from Dallas on

I like blogs that employ humor to look at life in a new way. I like short, well-edited entries that give you something to think about or are inspiring or funny. Have fun!

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answers from Washington DC on

I blog as well ( ) and have a hard time finding mom blogs that are different. I've been blogging for a litle over a year. So if you find anything interesting, please pass it on. I like humor and there just doesn't seem to be enough of it out there.

My advice is to be creative and honest. If you aren't authentic, people will know it. You should make a point to read blogs. You can learn a lot about what you want to do and don't want to do that way.

Good luck! Blogging is good for the soul!

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