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Updated on August 20, 2010
J.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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I have been thinking about doing a blog or twitter or some other social media to give out helpful hints about healthy living (green cleaning and nutrition) but I'm not sure where to start. Is any better than another?

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answers from Dallas on

For a place to start with blogs, check out a site called Mommy Bloggers and they categorize all the blogs out there written by moms on a variety of topics.
I took a gander to see which ones were successful (lots of followers) and which ones weren't. It was very eye opening. It takes some serious writing skills, but what a fun and creative outlet.

Have fun with it!

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answers from Indianapolis on

My current professional title is Social Media Specialist. Unfortunately, this is a profession in its infancy, and there are no real experts to follow.

I'd search first (Google) to see how many other sites are out there so you can assess what else is being said, do they believe in the same things as you.

Social media is ALL about listening, engaging in conversation with people, being transparent about your motives, and a soft sell if that's applicable. Twitter is great for business purposes. I personally don't really love it for my personal business. Facebook is my personal space. I don't like using it for business, and our industry (pharmaceuticals) prohibits a lot of what other people can do.

Social Media takes a LOT of time and commitment. You have to build relationships to drive people to your site, and you constantly have to refresh content.

If you can find a local seminar with some social media experts, I'd recommend it. Also, you need to develop a good social media strategy to incorporate into your overall marketing plan. Companies like Compendium have a software packages to help you build your business, and there are a TON of social media blogs with advice on how to get started, how to measure the return on investment, how not to fall in the trap of other people who don't really understand how to appropriately use it.

Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

Starting a blog would be best and you can keep a twitter going with little facts or posts saying to check out your blog for certain topics...twitter is probably easier to maintain once you have content from your blog and twitter will help get traffic to your blog...good luck!

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answers from Houston on

blogs can be easily cataloged and linked to specific posts later, and you find search and find posts and customize your layout. with facebook and twitter, there isn't really a way to do that.

but, you can start a blog, then have it automatically drafted into your facebook or twitter account. many blogs start that way, and have on their sidebars links to their other accounts so that people can follow them there.

also, blogs will show up in a search engine for a specific link before a twitter of facebook fan page will.

blogspot is free and super easy to use (I have several blogs there) wordpress isn't totally free and yet can yeild more earnings if you choose to go larger and have advertisers because many times it will show up as well.

be sure to use images, they will help pull you into google image searches.

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answers from Dallas on

Social media sites (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.) are normally supplements to your blog.

On your blog, that is where all of your content goes. You can (and should) write articles that will draw people in; and ultimately have something on there that will bring you some sort of income. (That can come later though.)

Then, you pick the social media sites you actually *like* and use those to market your blog.

If you have any other questions, let me know!



answers from Dallas on

Hi! I just want to put in my 2 cents:
Blogger is easy. Wordpress is also easy. Momma L is incorrect - wordpress can be free too, but if you go the "paid" route (paying $5-10 per month for your own domain name), you will get more readers (I'm not sure why but you will). On Blogger, it is free, but you can pay for your own domain name for just $10 a year, but you won't have as many page views.

And, one other thing, to get income online, it's like a normal job. Expect to work at it HOURS AND HOURS a day. If you want to just share knowledge and help people live healthier, then just focus on that and people will come to you. Be authentic, because if you try to be something you're not, readers will see right through that and go somewhere else for their online reading. Just think before hand why you want to start a blog and have realistic expectations about how much work you'll have to put in on it. I blog for enjoyment and love meeting people. Making money would be awesome, but for me, it's not worth the time I would have to give up with my family in order to make a few dollars.

I have been blogging for 2 years now and I'm JUST NOW starting to get some free products but still no income. Blogging isn't a secret way to make money, like some people may think. I'd say just do what you do best and enjoy your writing.

Wordpress is considered more "professional" and making the switch later can be complicated. If you think you might be blogging for the long run, I'd suggest starting on a free Wordpress blog, and later paying for it once you have a large readership.

Free Wordpress blogs:

Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

I would use a blog, if you twitter you can only use so many characters, it's for short things on what you are doing right now. if you blog you can catalog & give in depth advice, people can follow your blog & you can link it to other sites, you can tag your blogs individually so that they come up in google searches

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