Splinter in Bottom of Foot

Updated on May 17, 2010
T.G. asks from Ridgewood, NY
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Should I try to remove a splinter? My son walked around barefoot in the yard yesterday and now he's got a splinter on the bottom of his foot. it is sensitive to touch and a bit red around a pinhead sized dot. Should I try to remove it.?He whaled this morning, but if it must come out I'll calm him. I'm worried it will get infected.

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answers from Dallas on

When I have a splinter I put some Vick's Vapor Rub on it. After about a day or two it comes out enough to easily pull it out. Good luck.

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answers from Fresno on

Yes, remove it. When I was a kid, my mom would sanitize a needle and then use it to remove the splinter. My dad had this big pocket knife that he'd use - of course I'd always ask mom first! LOL If you leave it, it will just become more infected though.

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answers from Portland on

Small splinters seldom get an infection that spreads anywhere significant, though they will sometimes get a drop of pus as the body dissolves the splinter. Sometimes the pus allows whatever remains of the splinter to be squeezed out. Dab the site a couple of times a day with hydrogen peroxide.

If your son isn't limping because of the tenderness, and if the splinter is small, then digging the speck out may be harder on his foot than leaving it alone.

If you do want to try to remove it, though, I have found that a brand-new X-acto blade (from any craft department in a store) does a much more neat and precise job than a needle. You don't have to cut the skin, just use the very tip of the blade to scrape the splinter out, following the path that it entered, if you can tell. The sharp edge bites gently into the wood, making extraction easy and nearly painless.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, it needs to be removed or it could become infected. My daughter had one just the other day, from doing the exact same thing! Luckily for us it was a big splinter and came right out, but this one sounds like it might be a little tougher. With my daughter one of us distracted her while the other one got it out. Can you maybe get something to numb it up a little bit, ice or something so it wouldn't hurt as bad? Good luck!



answers from Lafayette on

I use a drawing salve called PRID that I got from www.drugstore.com. It draws it out overnight.



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It has to come out. You don't even know how bit it is? I don't know how old he is, but he'll have to understand eventually, even if it is afterwards. A little complaining now is better than an ER visit later.

Look up instructions if you need them; I can't give mine over the 'air' bc they are ones I use on _me_. It's a little different doing surgery on yourself ; )

Good luck,



answers from New York on

My kids love to run around in the summer without shoes. If the splinter is small it usually comes out on it's own. If I feel I need to remove it I wait until they are fast asleep. I've removed many splinters from the bottom of my son's feet while he is sleeping. It still tickles him a little but usually it is not a problem.



answers from New York on

try elmer glue on area when try pul off if not if you remove it with tweezer freeze area with ice first


elmers glue dry pull or freeze with ice then tweeze



answers from Detroit on

It might be a two person job! We have removed a splinter from the bottom of my son's foot and he was so freaked out about the whole thing that my husband had to hold him while I tried to get it out. I think if it is left in too long it can become infected and be even worse to get out because it will be sore.




answers from Chicago on

You need to remove it especially if it is interfering with his walking. My oldest had the grand-daddy of all splinters in her foot around the age of 4-5. She was impossible to hold down. After much drama, tears and frustration, my husband took her to the pediatrician's office for its removal. He held her down while the doc made a slight cut into her skin to remove it (billed as minor surgery if you can believe that!). Afterwards, she was easily calmed down with a wheelchair ride and a stop on the way home for milkshakes. Thankfully, the memory of that incident remains in her head. She is much more compliant with keeping her shoes on while outside.

Good luck!


answers from Detroit on

if it's wood DO NOT SOAK IT! when you soak a wood slinter it makes the wood splinter more because it's soft. and yes you should remove it>

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