Snowsuit for 1 Year Old

Updated on October 06, 2010
C.F. asks from North Reading, MA
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I am looking for some advice on what snowsuit I should get for my 1 year old. two pieces vs 1 piece? polyester or down insulation?
This is my first baby.

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So What Happened?

She'd been walking for a month now and she loves to play outside, so I am sure she will love to play in the snow, that is why I am trying to find the best snow suit for her...

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answers from Boston on

Last winter I I bought my daughter a 1 piece snowsuit and also received a 2 piece bib style suit for a gift. I used the 1 piece suit only once! She was such a puff ball in it and was too warm to put it on then drive somewhere even a few minutes away. I opted for the 2 piece bibs all season because you could get the bibs on w/ a fleece or sweater and she'd be fine for a short car ride, then when you get where you're going just throw on the jacket and you're ready. Once in the 1 piece we went sledding, then I had to take off her boots to get the suit off just to get her in the car to go 6 minutes down the road....hassle. Go for the 2 piece, you'll get more use from it.



answers from Providence on

I found with my kids that the 2 pieces worked out better. I could use the jacket when we were going out and they wouldn't be in the cold too long like grocery shopping or going to grandma's. Then put them in both pieces when we did out door stuff. Also if it is a 1 piece you will still need a coat b/c if you do an out door activity and the bottoms are wet the whole suit need to dry but if it is 2 pieces you can still use the jacket. I didn't concern myself with the insulations just bought what I liked and thought was the warmest but easiest to move in. Didn't want the Christmas Story Kid!

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answers from Burlington on

We went for the one piece for his first two winters and would recommend it.



answers from Las Vegas on

If she were potty trained I would say 2 piece, but since she is probably still in a diaper a 1 piece should be warmer. Where I live it can get warm while there is snow on the ground, so it is nice to be able to take the jacket off and wear a tshirt, while still being protected should she fall in the snow.



answers from Washington DC on

If its just to help against the cold, 2 pieces. If its for playing in the snow, then bibbed overalls are better so snow doesn't end up in the diaper!


answers from Santa Fe on

If you are outside for long periods of time the one pieces are warmer. But if you will just be out a little bit then two piece is fine. We like Lands End, LL Bean, Columbia, and REI brand outerwear bc it is warm and waterproof and high quality! I look for them at consignment stores! Good luck.



answers from Denver on

I alway used a one piece. I'd stuff lots of fleece on them, then put them in the snowsuit. To me, it was easier to lay them down into the suit, put arms and legs in, then zip rather than standing them up for bibs and stuffing their legs into the leg holes. JMHO.

And get the warmest you can find...Obermeyer makes nice ones and you can usually find some on craigslist for a good price.


answers from Detroit on

2 piece is easier on you for changing diaper purposes. Polyester is good for possible allergies. And I got hand me downs... She'll grow out of it before winter is over in New England.


answers from Hartford on

We used a one piece Lands End (they no longer make it) snowsuit until our son was 4 and we have been using a two piece for the last two seasons. It is easy to get the two piece jacket off, but when the pants are covered in snow and tucked into boots, they are difficult. I always liked the one-piece because it zips all the way down the leg so he could basically walk in and walk out. Let's face it, whether you are changing diapers or not, you will have to take off the entire snow ensemble - so, I don't think that really affects it. Also, now that we use a two piece, snow does get in and I think the one pice kept in more of his body temperature. Anyway, it is hard to find the one piece, so, if you go that route, you may want to try ebay or a consignment shop. Enjoy the snow (but, hopefully there won't be too much).


answers from New York on

I always went with 1 piece (easier to put on just one thing) and polyester (because babies are messy and they were always getting popped in the washer/dryer). I always picked up snowsuits at the consignment shop because they were always in good quality and inexpensive.



answers from Boston on


We bought LL Bean snowsuits for both our kids at that age (girl and boy - now 2 and 3 yrs). I liked the two piece, easier to get on and off, and can use the coat separately. We take them xcountry skiing, sledding, hiking in winter, etc.. the suits have been great.



answers from Kansas City on

Well, I think the real question is how much is your child going to be in the snow? I thought my 1 year old was going to LOVE the snow...she hated it. She hated it again last year...this year she says she's going to love it, but we'll see! ;)

If you're a very outdoorsy family and you think you'll be doing a lot of things in either the cold weather or snow then make it easy on yourself and get a two piece. BUT if you're just getting it to have and b/c you want to romp in the snow, etc. I say get a 1 piece. I think it keeps them warmer and lets less snow inside. You probably won't be out there long enough that you'll have to attend to a diaper change immediately!

I found that Target has snowsuits for like $15 and I thought that was pretty good. I also got one at Osh Kosh outlet and it was a snow suit and winter jacket for $18...maybe $22 I can't remember exactly. Looking in second hand stores is also a good idea!



answers from Boston on

Last year I got my one year old a two piece with the bibbed overalls. The bibbed overalls keep the snow out when she was outside playing. Plus we were able to use just the jacket when we didn't need a full snowsuit.



answers from Boston on

Once piece. Keeps them warmer. Since about the age of 2 with my kids I have been able to purchase a snow suit (they do 2 piece now) a size bigger then they currently wear and have had them get two years out of it we always buy columbia and I prefer down. I did buy cheap snow pants once and they didn't even last my oldest the winter so I won't buy cheap ones ever again. The columbia I have been able to pass down and they still look new.


answers from Seattle on

Is your baby walking? This makes a lot of difference. 2 pieces are easier for changing diapers but I think they leave room for the cold air to get in. I like the 1 piece suits better and we go with down.

I agree that you should look at the second hand baby where I am they have some called "Other Mothers" and "Once upon a child"...they outgrow them so fast and will only use them for 1 season, it is better to just try to find a less expensive gently used one, then to pay @$50 for something they are only gonna wear a few times...



answers from Boston on

Big snowsuits are useless until your child can walk, if they're outside it's usually between the house and the car seat. We got the Columbia Grandma Grabber, which is a fleece with a hood and covered hands as mittens when you need them. In the car, we just put a blanket on her legs. My daycare lady even said that's the best little kids coat she's ever seen since it dealt with the mittens.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Bibs and coat with hood. Gum around the wrists and ankles is nice. Boots.

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