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Face Cream and Face Sun Screen

J.G. asks from Chicago

With the summer sun coming, I'm thinking of changing face creams. I currently use Clinique, some H2O on my eyes, and then Olay night cream. A friend just recommended ...



M.D. asks from San Francisco

Red haired, freckled mama here. I KNOW I should wear sunscreen but I hate it. It makes my skin feel like it can't breathe. So does anyone have suggestions for suns...



J.C. asks from San Francisco

Taking our 11 month old to the beach and want to know if anyone has sunscreen tips and recommendations. Do you put it on their face even though they might rub it in t...


Seeking Suggestions for Sunscreen and Also Self-Tanning Lotion

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

Ok Mamas...we are almost out of our Hawaiin Tropic SPF 50 and I need to know what kind of sunscreen your kids/family uses? Also, what is a good self-tanning lotion? ...


Organic Sunscreen and Other Products

K.P. asks from Decatur

I am looking for organic sunscreen, and more importantly, something that won't burn my son's eyes if the screen gets in them. Any suggestions?


Great Facial Sunblocks

W.C. asks from San Antonio

I am looking for a great and inexspencive sun block that won't clog my pores. I have horrible acne that I can manage if I don't use sunblock, but I also don't want to...


Skincare for a PE Teacher

A.M. asks from San Diego

Hi ladies! I'm a 28 year PE teacher, and obviously I spend a lot of time outside in the beautiful San Diego weather. I am ethnically dark skinned (Mexican, Filippino...


Ginger Problems

M.C. asks from Chattanooga

I'm a redhead. I have a redhead complexion. Due to a very strong history of skin cancers in the maternal AND paternal family, I am very leery of tanning/too m...


Taking Care of My Face!

J.T. asks from Chicago

I have decided to commit to start taking care of my face. I have sun damage and really bad frown lines--I always look mad or frustrated! I eat healthily, take vitam...


Approaching 30....need Good Skincare Advice!!

R.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I am almost 30, and I think my skin is starting to show it a little! Crows feet and other wrinkles and sort of splotchier. I don't think I look bad...I'm just wanti...