7 Weeks Pregnant - Breaking Out Bad. Cleanser/foundation?

Updated on November 22, 2010
S.G. asks from Houston, TX
9 answers

I have very OILY skin. I am 7 weeks pregnant... off late I have been breaking out like a high school girl. sigh. I used Cetaphil face cleanser, followed by Olay moisturizer and sunscreen. I seem to be breaking out even more using these now.

what face cleanser are you guys using during pregnancy?? and moisturizer?

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answers from Houston on

Cetaphil is good but may be overdrying your face. Oil of Olay according to my esthetician is not good for oily faces. Over dry skin will produce extra oil to compensate. So you may want to try some products for combination, oily or sensitive skin.

Aveeno has some great products as far as cleanser and moisturizer. I have super sensitive plus combination skin and these work for me. I agree with diet, but proteins shouldn't be the issue. More water and less dairy (and of course more fruits and veggies) should help, but as we know when pregnant it's not always easy to change your diet. I know I was so sick during my first and most of my second trimester that I could only eat certain things.

Dove also has some good products, and I believe Suave has a moisturizer for sensitive skin that I have used that works. Make sure to use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 too!

Hope you find a product that works for you!



answers from Allentown on

Zap-It cleanser, toner, & treatment, with Burts bees carrot moisturizer & carrot seed spray to thin it down



answers from Dayton on

I had to switch to Dove when I was pregnant and then the only moisturizer that didn't break me out was, and I'm not kidding, pure olive oil. Yes, like the kind you cook with. Don't know why, but that took away my breakouts the best.



answers from Houston on

I use Purpose Soap bar every morning and night since high school by my dermatologist. If you have your own dermatologist, call them and ask what are the best and safe for your face during pregnant. They wont give you the medicine till after birth. I had bad break out for the 1st 12 weeks pregnant with my two girls. I even had pregnant masks (dark spots).. Bet it'll be a girl for you. :)



answers from Austin on

I've used Mary Kay since I was in high school and love it. When I was HS and breaking out I used the Velocity set which has an acne treatment plus I used the acne cream for spot checking. I now use the Timewise Age Fighting set, no acne fighter in it but you may be drying out your skin. I've been a consultant for 9 yrs and the most common problem I see is that women with oily skin dry out there skin thinking it will fix it. If you dry out your skin it will produce roughly twice as much oily as it normally does to try and make up the difference. You need a skin care system specific for oily skin. By using a skin care system that is meant to moisturize at the same time as control oil it should help with not only the oilyness but also the breakouts. A lot of over-the-counter products aren't specific to skin type. Let me know if you have any questions. I can usually figure out what products you would need by asking a few questions and I do ship and take CC. Basic TW set (2 tubes) is $30, Velocity with acne spot treatment is $29 (3 tubes) no age fighting but has the acne fighter.



answers from Houston on

I use a little tea tree oil to target certain areas. As a regular astringent, I use a bit of tea tree mixed with witch hazel. (My husband also uses this when he shaves, and he loves it.) My cleanser is just regular Yardley soap. It's natural and cheap. Then, I use my astringent and let my face breathe, even if parts of it feel a little dry. (The soap is not drying to my face.) It evens out just fine.


answers from Los Angeles on

Instead of thinking facial cleanser,
consider changing your diet.
Drink a LOT of water.
No . . . even more than THAT.
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Drink more water.
Try a few days of no meat, no fats,
Grains OK, and fruits and vegetables.
Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

I had the same issue with my pregnancies and was told to avoid topical medications (like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide). During my last pregnancy I finally found a combination that worked for me. I used (and still use) Olay cleanser for oily/combination skin with witch hazel followed by Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen (at night I use Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for combination skin). It was the first time I used moisturizer and seemed to be the missing ingredient in my routine. I think you'll just have to keep trying until you find what works for you, but at least this will give you a few products to check out. Best of luck!


answers from Norfolk on

When I was pregnant, my face was initially very oily. It got better later on. But my skin was way more sensitive than it had been at any other time. Face products I'd used and preferred before/after being pregnant caused my face to burn and peel while pregnant. Be very gentle with your skin right now. Simple Ivory soap and water might be all it can take for a few months. You won't even need makeup for awhile - you've got that pregnancy glow going for you.

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