Seeking Indoor Games or Arts and Crafts Idea for Kids at a 4 Yr Birthday Party

Updated on February 10, 2009
S.C. asks from Omaha, NE
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Hi Moms,

I am planning my son's birthday party and the theme is Spiderman. I am turing to all the wonderful moms for advice and ideas. I would like to do some sort of fun activities with the kids but am clueless. I grew up with sisters and know a lot of fun things to do with girls but when it comes to's another story. So anything creative and simple would be great. Can anyone recommend some fun websites for ideas or projects? Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

First of all...I wanted to Thank all the wonderful moms who responded to my request. The party was a blast. All the kids had fun. Thanks again for everything:0)

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answers from Sioux Falls on

There is a really neat website called family fun. I believe it is by Kraft. I just put the theme of my son's 4 year party in there and it had ideas to make a cake all kinds of fun games and even pages to print for coloring etc. I seem to use it all the time. Good Luck

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hot potato is always a good one: just use a stuffed animal or ball and play music, when you turn off the music, whoever is holding the ball is out. Also, they could have a snowball fight with cottonballs. Or set up a bucket, or a line of buckets (one farther than the next) and have kids throw soft balls and try to make them in the bucket. These are easy and inexpensive games, and fun! K., mother of 4 boys



answers from Madison on

Check out this website:

You should be able to get a lot of great ideas there. Good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

You can do the simple classic games like pin the tail on the donkey. If you have room- maybe a basement- you could do a pinata. You could also try science experiments. They could make their own playdough (tons of recipes on web). You can use goop too play with. It's equal parts of cornstarch and water. It seems hard but when lifted up it's soft and runny. Use your imagination. Think of stuff your son likes and build on it.



answers from Omaha on

Hi S C,

This doesn't really have anything specifically to do with Spiderman but this is a great thing to do at birthday parties. We have made "search and find" bottles. You could use "spiderman" themed stuff inside.

*Water bottles
*Bird seed or sand
*Any little trinket that you can fit through the top of a waterbottle
*Glue for the lid for when you are finished
*Laminated card with everything in the bottle written on it. You could even put on there "Thanks for coming to my party! Your child's name.) Punch a hole through it and use a ribbon to tie it onto the neck of the bottle.

Have the kids put one of each of your trinkets (birthday candle, dime, plastic spider, toothpick, safety pin, marble, nail/screw, ect) inside the bottle. Fill half way with birdseed/sand. Glue lid on.

The fun (especially in the car) is trying to find all the things inside the bottle by shaking it.




answers from Waterloo on

You could use paper plates and string and let them amke and decorate a Spiderman mask.



answers from Minneapolis on

how about buying a bunch of fake spiders and then having them lean over a chair and try to get them in a jar (normally can use clothes pins to do this)...we did this at my 3yr olds party and they loved it. could you freeze small spiders in ice for their drinks??



answers from Minneapolis on

I have two boys and have yet to find a truly successful boys and friends have never really been consistently into them. However, we found one fun game that we will do again and again! It's the "sock race game" and you basically have a huge pile of single socks that you put in the middle of a circle of kids. You time them for one minute and see how many socks they can get on one foot (it's best to have smaller socks on the top of the pile and bigger ones on the bottom). Who ever gets the most socks on their foot wins a prize. (you can prolong the game by having the kids count one at a time as they disrobe the socks off that foot). It sounds ridiculous but we had a ball doing it. The only down side is that you have many socks to wash afterward! Good luck! J.



answers from Minneapolis on

tap the web on spiderman, xerox a bunch of webs, one for each child. Write there names on the back and have them tape them on a poster of spderman.

coloring page of spiderman.

"hot potatoe" with a stuffed spderman.

pull string Pinata



answers from Minneapolis on

Try They have party ideas on line. Have fun! My 9 year old son says "Pin the web on Spiderman" (you can modify pin the tail on the donkey).



answers from Omaha on

first thing that came to my mind was silly string (web) wars

find them things to climb on - jump off of etc.

you could make your own pin tail on donkey and have them pin spider on web.

dont know if weather would be good enough but i know there are spiderman jump houses.

good luck

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