Seeking Friends with Children in the Albany Area

Updated on June 09, 2007
N.N. asks from Guilderland, NY
6 answers

hey this N. im just wondering if there are any mothers out there who are looking for some kind of social something. im home all the time and i think im going to lose my marbles and my 4 year old needs friends. i would really be greatfull if i can get some responses if any one is where i am in this stage of life. im not desperate but lonely and need to talk or hang out you know to feel like a person who has some kind of life outside my walls.

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answers from Albany on

Have you tried There are a couple of local groups for stay at home moms on there that I have found very helpful.

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answers from Albany on

I recommend getting him/her involved in local sports or dance activities. I'm in Albany and my son plays tee ball and goes to school (fulltime). Feel free to email me!



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I feel the same way. My daughter is 5 and we have no kids around us that she can play with. Please e-mail me if you would like to get together.



answers from Albany on

I have a three year old and I have been trying to get a play group together or something for the moms to do. I work all week so I was looking for something maybe on a saturday, does not have to be every saturday or an early friday nite at the park or ice cream for the kids. let me know if you are interested.



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My name is A.. I have an 8 year old son. I am divorced from his father. His dad sees him only 1 day a week on Sunday's. I drive him to his dad's house and pick him up. So, I am basically raising him on my own.
My son and I am moving from Troy to Schnectady next month to live with my boyfriend. My boyfriend works full time M-F 9-5 and teaches karate classes M-S.
I work full time. would like to talk and meet with other moms. Please contact me.



answers from Albany on

I feel the same way. I work from home & so I hardly ever leave the house. I have an 18mo old son and a 2 year old bulldog who is every bit as much work! My husband goes to the gym after work so by the time he comes home I am putting my son to bed and then I start cooking dinner. He is also building a man room down in the basement so I hardly even see him. I have had a few meltdowns, not serious medicating kinds but still. I am not originally from here - my husband is. I did goto SUNY here but all those friends have long moved away. I don't have many friends with kids and the ones I do all have different schedules so its so hard to get together. Anyway I know our kids are a couple years apart but if you ever want to get together anyway, contact me

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