Who Needs a Social Outing Soon?

Updated on November 03, 2008
A.M. asks from Signal Hill, CA
6 answers

I need to go out on a social outing with some women who live in my area even if it is for coffee, lunch, or whatever. I have friends but they seem so consumed by their own stuff and some don't have kids or are still dating. Do I sound that desperate? I would love to make new friends and since I live in a house of boys , I need to have a break and that estrogen fix every once in a while so I don't turn into one (boy). lol

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answers from Los Angeles on

i live in bellflower which is close to signal hill.
and yes!!!!!!!! i would love to get together with you anytime you want.
i don't work outside the home so i am free during the day and with a little advance notice i can be free at night as well.

my husbands in Iraq right now . he has been there for 18 months.
so i spend my time mostly by myself during the day, and i spend my afternoons/evenings and weekends with my 7 year old son and my 13 year old son.

although i do have 2 older children who are 20 and 21 they are busy with school and their girlfriends/boyfriends and all the other things kids their age do.

so the majority of the time.... its mostly just my 2 youngest sons and me.
now please don't get me wrong ... i love spending time with them and enjoy doing things with them. they are awesome kids.

its just sometimes i feel it would be nice to be able to just talk with another adult.
just like you most my friends are too busy or they kid less so we do not see each other as much as we use too.
which means i also do not have much chance for adult conversations.
ok ill stop whining ...anyway... if you want to get together for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks or even to go see a movie or anything else just let me know...

p.s. any other moms looking to get together please feel free to contact me as well..



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.,
I live in Garden Grove, which is not to far from Signal Hill. I work for an Insurance Company in Marketing dept. and I am out in the field in your area sometimes if you want to have coffee. My boyfriend is in construction too, we have been together for about 8 years. My daughter is 11 yrs. old.

Let me know,
D. G.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.,

lol! For a minute I thought I was reading my own request! I am 31, live in Garden Grove & have 3 kidlets - 12, 3, & 6 months. I stay at home with my kids all day & My husband & I have our own business, so I do our books from home. I feel desperate to make & go out with new friends as well. I also seem to not be able to meet up with my friends. They are just too busy with their lives to take a 30 minute break & chat or have lunch. I have been craving a lunch buddy for years! It looks like we have boys close to the same ages as well, my son is 3. They could have a play date while we are doing whatever!! My daughter is 12 and into BMX biking & dirtbike riding as well, a bit of a tomboy!!

If you wanna chat & get to know each other - please get back to me. As I am anxious (desperate) to make new friends! I am new to the Mama Source thing, but I think you can send me a message??!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Ladies

Well I dont have too many female friends out here in california so I have been looking for some women friends to get together with from time to time... other than family ;)

I live in Torrance



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.:

I'm 34-years old, live in the South Bay & would love to join you for a social outing. My Husband & I have been married almost 8 years but have been together a total of 15years. Im in the medical field & he works at DirecTV. We have 3 kids total (He has 2 from previous marriage & I have 1)the only baby we have together is our Dog-Max..LOL. Our 2 teenage boys live with us so I'm too surrounded by all boys in my house, it would be nice to meet new friends.
Keep me posted once you have a date & location.


A. M (email: ____@____.com)



answers from Los Angeles on

Where do you live? I live in Fountain Valley. Would love to have coffee and conversation along with anyone else that would like to join us. I usually get together with my best friend on Wednesday evenings...we have so much fun wherever we go whatever we do. We are getting together this Wednesday night Nov 5th, we can meet at a restaurant, coffee house, or my home community has a great club house we can hang out in!
We go to dinners, have movie night, do crafts, network our businesses, fellowship, and more! She even surprised me and took me karaoking one night (crazy and scary for someone who can't sing! but the most amazing fun! I want to do it again! haha)...
One of my dear friends is putting together a center for women that has activities and events for women JUST LIKE YOU! Who need a place they can go at anytime...stop in...relax, attend fun events/parties, get grounded, take classes, connect, hang out, and more...it's so Amazing!
I would love to share it with you all.
Please email or call me for details!
###-###-#### Cell

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