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Updated on October 13, 2011
S.S. asks from Osgood, IN
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I am 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am relatively small (a size 6 or 8 on the bottom and small on top) but now I am able to were less and less of my pre-pregnancy clothes and more maternity clothes. My first child was born at the opposite time of year (august baby, this one is due in jan) so I can't really wear my clothes from the last time to much (plus I gained more weight the first alot) so I need more maternity clothes. Goodwill and other store never seem to have my size (they have the alot of xsmalls and xlarges) so I am trying to come up with creative ways to save money on maternity clothes (I refuse to spend $40 on a pair of pants!) A couple of months ago I was at my grandparents house and we were talking about how my husbands work now wants them to wear khaki pants. My uncle said he had a bunch of khakis that were to small on him he could give my husband. Well my husband is also small (he is about 145 pds and 5ft5) and the pants (which were 30inch inseam and 36 waist) are to baggy on him even with a belt. We were going to give them to goodwill intill I discovered that with an opened button and belly band they are the perfect maternity pants! his size medium shirts work great for tops for me and I can wear the couple of size larges he has to bed. He is now complaining I am taking all his clothes though (even though he has more clothes then any man I know lol) What are some creative ways you saved on maternity clothes.

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looks like alot of mamas shared clothes. I wish I could do this, but my friends are much bigger then me or don't have babies. My cousin (and best friend) is the same size as me but she is currently remodeling her house and has no clue where they are. I gained 120 pds with my first pregnancy and just wore empire waist dresses 3 sizes up. This time I am being more careful about my weight gain and have gained 24 pds so far. However since I did gain so much weight with the first I am able to wear some of the clothes I bought as I was loosing weight now in my second pregnancy.

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answers from Savannah on

My sister in law gave me 2 bags of clothes! She had twins not that long before and said she would NEVER have any more kids! The pants worked out well, but most of the tops were too small in the bust for me. I looked at clearance racks every time I went to target or the mall and Ross had some great blouses that ended up being about $6 a piece. I found work pants at the goodwill (sheer luck!). Prior to being pregnant, people were always selling maternity lots on craigslist, but when I was pregnant absolutely none were being sold in my size!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Old Navy has cute maternity clothes and I bought a lot on Ebay. I also sold my maternity clothes on Ebay in "lots" of coordinating garments, say 5 pants and 5 tops/sweaters that all coordinated together. The buyers got an unbelievable deal (they ended up paying about $3 an item) of really cute clothes that were in incredible shape. So I would suggest checking Ebay.

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answers from Louisville on

I am lucky that I borrowed other peoples clothes. That isn't really creative is it. But it worked.

T shirts are good for over those pants of your husbands.

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answers from Kansas City on

in my mommy group, we've passed maternity clothes back and forth alot.



answers from Philadelphia on

Try reaching out to your community on and also try Craigslist.

And most of all, get the word out to friends/family and they will spread it to other friends who may know of someone-who-knows-someone who can lend/give you maternity clothes.

Also, Old Navy had some good finds on their clearance rack when I was prego.



answers from New York on

I found a couple pairs of comfortable preg yoga pants on sale on Old Navy and wore those a lot. You can also wear your regular cardigans and then whatever shirt fits underneath. In your case, you can wear all those shirts from your last pregnancy.



answers from Chicago on

Yoga pants from Target are great and I can wear them later. The maternity t-shirts I bought do not really look like maternity so I will be able to wear them later as well. When I was pregnant the first time, we had somewhat casual at work and took my husbands polos paired with a pair of somewhat stretch pants that did not look too much like leggings. By the time I got really big, I was on medical leave.



answers from Dallas on

With my oldest I was little and I just went to the goodwill and thrift stores and looked for larger cloths. I didn't even look at maternity for the most part with him. My youngest well that was a different story. I was huge and out K Marts where going out of business so I told anyone that I knew that might go to one to look for maternity cloths for me. And the nit pants where my friends!



answers from Minneapolis on

Wearing hubby's clothes was what I did. Sweat suits/exercise-wear is another good way because they have zippers and elastic.

If you have a sewing machine, make your own clothes. It's not hard to do and fairly cheap if you aren't particular about the fabric and just buy what's on clearance.

Consignment is a good option if you need clothes for work or something dressy. And what about calling all your girlfriends. Surely they might have something.

Dresses and skirts will carry you through many seasons. Just buy them large so your tummy can grow. :)

Go to and check out their modular knit wear. It's a whole knit wardrobe in a box that is interchangeable and works in any season or climate. Buy it in black or mix and match a couple of different color sets. But it will carry you through pre and post pregnancy.



answers from Cleveland on

around here there are second hand stores that will buy your items for store credit, so you could just take all the stuff that doesn't work and trade it for stuff that does.



answers from Cincinnati on

I had a lot of luck with Old Navy, Gap & Macy's (they carry Motherhood) clearance racks. I usually paid less than consignment prices for brand new.



answers from Dallas on

I wore a size up in regular clothing. I did wear quite a few pairs of yoga pants. I really like Old Navy yoga pants. They are stretchy, but feel structured. I didn't have to even size up in those, because they stretched enough. They also returned to shape after they were washed, so they weren't permanently stretched. I still wear them now! When my belly got really big, I bought empire waist shirts in a size up. I also got some cardigans in a size up. I could wear a stretchy camisole or tank underneath and throw the cardigan over. I never got big enough to need maternity, thank's so expensive!!



answers from Chicago on
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