how to know if your pregnant

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Pregnant with Fibromyalgia

Please let me know if anyone has personally been through this. .... If you are already pregnant, your doctor can recommend the best delivery and pain ...

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Stopping Birthcontrol?

I was wondering if anyone had problems getting pregnant after stopping birthcontrol? ... I know it just takes time. With my first daughter I had been on birth ... First of all, welcome home and thanks for your service to the country! ...

34 Weeks Pregnant and Always Thirsty

Read all 28 responses: "Hi fellow Moms, I'm just about 34 weeks pregnant with my ... Don't know if there's a corilation but you might ask your doctor next ...

Pregnant and Feeling Fat

(If your doctor yells at you, you might want to think about switching. You don't need the extra stress right now.) I know that sometimes it seems like the ...

Creative Ways to Tell Family That I Am Pregnant

I am trying to find a creative way to tell my family that I am pregnant. .... If your mom will be there get a gift for grandma and make sure it says grandma ...

38 Weeks Pregnant with a Terrible Cold and cough-I Am MISERABLE, Please HELP!

I don't know if you are up for any "natural" remedies...if you are, ... I did this when I was in your similar situation (32 weeks pregnant) and it helped! ...

How Soon Can I Really Get Pregnant??!!!!

I know you're not supposed to in order to give your body a chance to recover ... If you had those babies to term.. you would wait longer to get pregnant ...

Stomach Flu and Pregnant?

Read all 8 responses: "Hello - I am currently about 5 weeks pregnant and over the last ... I don't know if this will ease your mind but I've also been on ...

When to Question or How to Know If Pregnant with IUD ?

AS you know, it has one of the highest effective rates so you are probably .... You can get pregnant on the IUD but not commonly. If you are go see your Dr. ...

Is a Dental X Ray Ok When Your Pregnant?

Apr 22, 2009 ... Ok girls I am 13 weeks pregnant and want to know from your experiance if you have had an dental xray done while being pregnant? ...
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  • gained a ton of weight in 2 answers "... mother has 7 children and during the first 6 pregnancies gained a ton of weight."
  • ice cold water in 2 answers "I constantly craved ice cold water when I was pregnant."