Raspberry Stain on Ceiling!

Updated on July 05, 2015
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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My oldest was making something with berries from our garden and she dropped the bowl. it went everywhere, and I now have a stain on my newly -year old- painted ceiling! I tried a magic erasure, but it didn't work :-(


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So What Happened?

I was hoping to avoid repainting"..I have everything I need.

I told my daughter she wasn't allowed to mess with berries in the house anymore. Sh is a very talented mess maker. It looked like someone got murderd in the entrance to my house. It was all over the walls, the door, The floor. She swears she just dropped the bowl.

Urg. My to-do list is already too full.

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answers from San Francisco on

Repaint it.
I assume you kept some touch up paint in the garage (or where ever) since you just painted a year ago?
If not just go get some from the hardware store.

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answers from Washington DC on

Buy some stain blocking primer at a paint store. Dab it on with a cheap foam brush. Let it dry and paint a coat or two of the top coat. Hopefully you have some left!

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answers from Washington DC on

if a good scrub and magic eraser don't work, you're looking at repainting. just a touch-up. no biggie.
one of the entertaining things about having kids.
i squashed some bugs on our kitchen ceiling a while back. my husband was so butthurt. guess i ought to scrub 'em off one of these days.
ETA you grow raspberries in the garden, and homeschool, and have forbidden her to do anything with berries in the future? it was an accident! lighten up!
:D khairete

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answers from Austin on

"Killz" and then touch up paint.

Since you do not need much Killz ask around, I bet people have Killz left over from other projects.

FYI, It takes special talent to be able to make a raspberry go high enough to hit a ceiling AND leave a stain.. Your daughter sounds a lot like me. I have learned how to clean up and repair a lot of things.. I now have a business partially devoted to this type of thing.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Just seal it then repaint that spot. I have found that once it's sealed if I dab/sponge the matching color paint on it doesn't have a....line where it was painted before and the new paint. It blends better.

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answers from Miami on

LOL! I was giving a dinner party and one of my guests tried to open a bottle of red wine and it splattered all over everything, including the ceiling! I have red wine stain right now on the ceiling.

I think it takes KILZ to cover the stain. Otherwise, it will bleed through.


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answers from Lakeland on

Some primer over the stain and repaint, just that area. If you only repaint the stain will come through so you need the primer.
I also wouldn't use the types of paint and primer in one, they don't work as well for stains.

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answers from Appleton on

If you used washable paint on the ceiling, you can try a bleach based cleaner. It might take off the stain. If not washable paint Killz Primer paint then paint with washable paint. This way most stains will wash off.

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answers from Boston on

Hi! I have two blueberry stains on my white wallpapered living room ceiling. You know that's not ever coming off. So what do I do? Smile every time I notice them because my silly little boy that got them up there is all grown up and remember the fun we were having when it happened.

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