Iphone or Blackberry Curve?

Updated on April 20, 2010
H.N. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms,
My contract with Sprint is coming to an end and I was hoping to get your view on the next phone I should get. I currently have a Sprint/Samsung Instinct touchpad and I hate it because everytime I text, I don't hit the right letters on the touchscreen. So, I was going to go with a blackberry Curve. Now, I'm considering switching to AT&T and getting an IPhone. Is it worth it? I'm very happy with my Sprint service so it would only be because I want the IPhone. My husband does not want to switch companies..so we would end up with 2 cell phone companies/bills. Thanks for any input you may have!

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answers from San Francisco on

Another Sprint fan here, we thought about the iphone but no phone is worth paying that much for plus the monthly fees, it's outrageous. We both have Treos, mine is the 650 (4 1/2yrs old) and hubby has the 755. We're waiting for a great deal on the new android phones. My sister bought the samsung moment in January and loves it. It's probably the one I'm going to get. It has the google apps platform and Sprints plans are great.

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answers from Huntsville on

Don't bother with the iPhone. My husband had one w/ AT&T for a while & had so many problems with it. The problem was with the phone, not AT&T. We've had our cell phones with AT&T for years (I've been with them for 8 years) & haven't had many problems. I had a Blackberry Curve for a while & I liked it. We definitely wouldn't go back to an iPhone though.

AT&T just got their first Android phone last month. The Motorola Backflip. I got one the day they came out, while my husband still had his iPhone. He was soooo jealous at all the stuff I could do on my phone that he couldn't do with his! haha It is a touch-screen but has a full keyboard you can use. The Android Market has TONS of apps (most are free!!) and is constantly growing (because Android is an open-source operating system). It's an awesome phone!

If you stay with Sprint though, you might look at their Android phones: http://now.sprint.com/android/


answers from Oklahoma City on

well let`s see , I`m not a mom , but I am jewish ergo I know a good deal when I find one , Boost Mobile / $ 50.00 per mo / all features / unlimited texting world wide and we use the new blackberry with the talking feature .
it`s a dyslexic thing , if the phone can`t talk to me , I don`t want it . paschar



answers from Boise on

I SOOOO want an iPhone, but I'm not willing to switch to AT&T due to the service in my area. I would suggest either playing with someone else's phone or going in and truly trying out all the things you do on your phone to see which is easier to use. I have the Blackberry Storm, and there are quite a few things I don't like about it (also touch).



answers from Chicago on

I have Sprint and Blackberry Curve also. I love my BB, wouldn't change it unless it was for the iPhone.But I have heard the iPhone is coming to Sprint also. So I am waiting for it to come before I sign a new contract.



answers from New York on

I recommend the iphone it's a lot better.


answers from Chicago on

I truly hate AT&T. Just disconnected my house phone with them last month. And when they acquired Cellular One that's when we switched to sprint. My blackberry curve is 30 days old and I love it. Also, Sprint has great customer service and a great network.



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter and I both have iPhones and have had the same one for about 2.5 years. We love them!
My husband had a blackberry. I hated it. He thought it was okay. About 6 months ago he switched to the iPhone and LOVES it! Says he wishes he had switched a long time ago. SO much easier to operate than the blackberry.
Compare pricing. I wasn't going to get an iPhone because it was more $ than the BlackBerry. But, the data plan & texting at Verizon was more than the plan at AT&T. So, the difference for the phone was paid for in less than just one year.
My friend just got a HTC HD2 and loves it. So, you might check it out.
Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

We are an IPhone and AT&T family. We've been with AT&T for years and no issue. We LOVE IPhones. Here are reasons why:

Mine is the oldest version from when they came out originally. I no longer carry my laptop when we travel because I have all the access I need with my IPhone.

Hubby has a middle of the road version (8/09) and LOVES it. We are in business for ourselves and our Iphones keep us in constant email, phone and text with each other and customers. We HAVE to have access fast with our business.

Daughter (15) is has the newest, latest and greatest version. Her original one was stolen at school. LOVES it with all the apps, texting, etc. She has a good case for its protection.

We wouldn't switch to anything else.

As for pricing: hubby has his own account with higher minutes and unlimited texting, and data plan. Monthly charges are around $170.

Daughter is on plan with me. We both have data plans (me:$20, her:$40), unlimited texting ($30), lower minutes (1400) Our bill runs right around $190 a month.

The IPhone does not have a "warranty" but you can buy a 2 yr plan for $70ish. This did come in handy when daughter dropped and cracked an IPhone and instead of paying full retail price to replace it, we paid $199.

H. that helps. Again....we LOVE them and wouldn't get anything else.



answers from Seattle on

I have had both and nothing compares to the iPhone! My friends who don't want to it can't switch to AT&T like the android phones too, but still covet the iPhone. I love love love mine!!

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