Pregnant and No Insurance

Updated on May 22, 2007
H.G. asks from Chandler, AZ
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I am 8-9 weeks pregnant I think and I don't have maternity coverage do any of you know of anything I can do do recive benifits. I dont think I qualify for state, my husband is trying to get a job that offers benifits but would that even cover me since I am already pregnant. I have heard about discount cards do any of you know about that either. Thank you very much

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I can get you information about discount benefits. Please email me at and I will get you information.


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Try Even after you talk to them, I would still try to sign up for AHCCCS (state medical coverage) because all they can do is tell you "no". And who knows, they may even approve you. Still go to the doctor's though, even while you are waiting for them to get ahold of you. The process is "retroactive" and if you are approved, they will go back and pay for visits that were made after the day your application was recieved, not just the day it was approved. No one told me that until it was too late for me, so I thought I would let you know.



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If I were u I would go to AHCCS and see if u do qualify. When i was first preg I thought I wouldn't qualify and I did. It doesn't hurt to try.



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Hi H.,

When I was pregnant with my first son I had the same issue. My ob/gyn suggested I apply for a state program by AHCCCS called Baby Arizona. My husband and I had too much income to qualify for the standard state health program but, because you are pregnant you may qualify for a special baby program that covers all prenatal care, labor & delivery as well as the first few Dr appts for you and baby after the child is born. You still have to fill out paperwork and "qualify" however the rules seem a lot less strict than the standard state health insurance benefit being that we were declined for regular but able to get the Baby Arizona Plan.

Here's the AHCCCS website about it:

Good luck.



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Apply for Baby Arizona. My husband got laid off and he qualified along with me. It will depend on your husband's insurance company if they don't take pre-existing conditions which includes pregnancy. If you try to get individual health plan coverage, your husband is not eligible either. My husband went thru that. Doesn't make sense, does it? Plus you can qualify for WIC too. My son has mild autism and he also has AHCCCS insurance. It takes 20 business days to get AHCCCS Insurance for Baby Arizona. But it's best to hound them about it because they delayed mine and had to do an emergency referral.

You can still see your doctor, tell them that you'd like to apply for Baby Arizona and see if they can assist you with that. I have Goodman & Partridge. The office on Williams Field and Lindsay in Gilbert can help you with that.

Good Luck!



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H. -
I had the samething.
When I found out I was pregnant I was already 9 weeks. I called my insurance to make sure that we were covered and when they said no I about died. Once your pregnant you do not qUALIFY FOR insurance. You need to have insurance at least 3 to 6 month prior to becoming pregnant. I do know that certain doctors and hospitals will cut you a deal. Good luck

P.S. You could always do a midwife. Thats what we did. It was 2000 and that included your test and one ultra sounds. The midwife that I used was the BEST!!! Her name is Jude Melton



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Hi H.,
I just gave the same info to someone yesterday so I did a copy and paste on it.She already has an appointment to qualify.I wanted to let ou know that they do not require religous requirement just a need for help.
It is not a quick process but if you are in Az so I am assuming.St. Josephs hospital has a program they call mercy care.There is an application process but it is a great program.They go through you finances and figure out what you can afford to pay for you prenatal care/delivery/postnatal care.They break it down in to a 12mo payment plan.I had my 2nd and 4th children there.Basically you are being seen at the hospital for prenatal visits and you will deliver there also.Your prenatal care will be given by interns who are overseen by doctors.I was considered high risk so my cases were watched more than most.They have a certain wing that they have the "clinic" at.They do all the ultra sounds check ups there at the hospital and you deliver there.My first one there they figured at $90 a month and the second was $110.But they roll the pre/delivery/post all in that price.They also have a program for when the baby is born for their medical needs it is called pacc clinic that is easy to get in once you go through the mercy care plan.Good luck.ST. Josephs Hospital 7ave and thomas I believe.any more questions you have feel free to email me.



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State Insurance should cover you cause the same thing happened to a friend. They told her they would only cover for the pregnancy but after the baby was born they cant cover no more. It wouldnt hurt to try. Good luck on your serch.

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