Please Help I Cant Get No Sleep

Updated on April 30, 2008
J.H. asks from Magnolia, TX
4 answers

hi there moms well for about a month now im having this problem with my nose at night when im a sleep i feel like i cant get air threw my nose and im makeing all these sounds thats keeping my husband up all night what can i try because im really geting tired i cant sleep that good.thank you

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answers from Sherman on

Hi J.,

I agree with you needing to go to an ENT doctor. It really could just be allergies since we are now having Spring weather and the doc can get you on some meds or at least get you some suggestions. Maybe they will test you for allergies to tell you exactly what you are allergic to so that way you can get a better handle on this.

Good luck.




answers from Corpus Christi on

I'd go to the doctor. Maybe try breathright strips or nasal spray before bed?



answers from College Station on

I would ask myself what's different lately. Do you have allergies? Horse dander?

Also, you could have a deviated septum--that may have become an issue.

I would see an ENT--go to the expert!



answers from Houston on

Besides talking to the doc and trying over-the-counter nose strips and nasal saline spray, you could make your pillow allergy proof.

I'm allergic to down and dust mites, so unless I have an allergy friendly pillowcase and pillow I'm stuffed up all night long.

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