Pregnancy Sleep Issues

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Insomnia While Pregnant! PLEASE HELP!

I have suffered from insomnia for years, but never has it been so uncontrollable as lately. I am about 30 weeks pregnant with my second, my first is nearly 17-months old. I spend all day chasing him around, and I'm exhausted. And I can't sleep. I can't sleep at night, I can't sleep during his naptime, and if by some miracle, I do get to sleep, anything that wakes me (including the baby, the dogs, or needing to pee) starts the cycle all over again. I am not being kept awake by anything - I don't feel stressed, the baby kicking doesn't...


I Can't Sleep

Help! I am suffering from severe insomnia. I am up an average of 2-4 hours...

Pregnancy Insomnia

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Advice for First Trimester Insomnia

I am nearning the end of the first trimester of my third pregnancy. I fall asleep just fine but usually around 1 or 2 AM I wake up and then CANNOT fall back to sleep. It's driving me crazy because I have an almost 4 and 2 year old to take care of along with all the other demands of life. I didn't experience this with either of my other two pregnancies and wonder if anyone out there has and if they have any advice to help get some rest!

Sleep Position

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Trouble Finding a Comfortable Position to Sleep In!

I usually sleep on my belly and now that my belly popped this position is no longer an option. I have read about those body pillows that help with sleeping on the side, but was wondering whether they really work. Any suggestions? Thanks