Early Pregnancy Abdominal Tenderness

Updated on October 12, 2011
A.F. asks from Richmond, TX
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Okay mommas - I've put a call into my doctor, but am not sure that I'll hear back real soon and I really want to know if this is normal.

I'm about 7 weeks pregnant with my second. Everything's been worse this time - my first pregnancy was a breeze! I noticed today some pretty significant tenderness (to the touch) in my lower abdomen. It's worse when I'm laying down. It's bad enough that I'm afraid of going to the doctor to have them push on it!

Is this normal? I know that general abdominal cramping and soreness/pain is normal, but what about the tenderness to the touch? Is it just something simple like gas? I've not been constipated this time around - the opposite issue, actually.


Added: It's not like round ligament pain that I've experienced before, though maybe it's different this time. It's pretty much right in the center of my lower abdomen, not at all on the sides. It's not aggravated by sudden movements like round ligament, either. If I had other symptoms, I might think UTI, but I don't.

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So What Happened?

Got a call from my doctor. No spotting or bleeding, no signs of UTI, so they're not worried.

Thanks for your responses. I don't typically ask health-related questions to my doctor or anyone until I've done some online research. I'm not a Google hypochondriach (sp?), I use it to just find explanations. I usually assume I have the least-worrying issue of anything I read online. The problem this time was that I couldn't find anything online about abdominal tenderness without any other real symptoms. Thanks again!

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Is it possible that you pulled a muscle? I'm also 7 weeks pregnant and I had some abdominal tenderness a couple of days ago but I think it was muscular. It went away. Good luck--I hope you figure it out soon! :)



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I have had tenderness in that area as well and attributed it to round ligament pain. It has started to get better now as I am entering 2nd trimester. Hang in there and talk to the doctor--just to be sure.



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That happened to me -- started pretty much as soon as I got pregnant. I ended up going to my doctor to get tested for a UTI because I was so uncomfortable. I didn't have an infection, and it was too early for my pregnancy to even show up on the doctor's test. Anyway, that discomfort went on for a while, along with cramping, round ligament pain, etc, but it was only super uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. I'd say it wouldn't hurt to have your doctor check it out, just to be safe, but it's probably normal.


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relax......its just your body preparing for baby really quickly. It happened with my second and again now in my third pregnancy. believe its called round ligament pain. We get it early and then late, its just a part of the whole wonderful process.



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That can be a sign of many issues. Ectopic pregnancy comes to mind. If you get a sudden pain in your shoulder, please head to the ER immediately. I had a pain in my stomach during my pregnancy. It was tender to the touch and it would feel like a stitch you get in your side while running, but in my abdomen. The doctor feared an ectopic pregnancy, but what I had was a cyst on my ovary that was the size of a softball. I was monitored closely and it resolved itself on it's own. It could also be a simple stretching of the ligaments and growing pains. Talk to your doctor to ease your concerns.

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