Pain on Left Side During Pregnancy

Updated on April 21, 2010
M.R. asks from Sayreville, NJ
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I am 12 week pregnant this Wednesday 4/14. When I was around 6 week while having intercourse with my husband I started bledding. I went to the emergency and they did Ultasound and everything was ok with the baby. After that I feel that something was hurting me like I had have surgery I was resting home for a week, then return to work, the lastest ultrasound was showing a syst on the left side(where I feel more pain all the time). We are not having sex until the next ultrasound and the Dr ok to do it. Have anybody have this problem? Pain in the left side when sitting for long time, walking or doing activity?

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answers from New York on

Hi M.,
I had a cyst during my 2nd pregnancy that sent me running to my doctor. I've had them since I can remember and know that they can be painful. Apparently they can be common in pregnancy. Mine eventually burst (which let me tell you HURTS!) Baby was and is fine.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

I am 34 weeks pregnant and have pain on my left lower side sometimes. My Acupuncturist told me if the pains goes away after I have had a bowel movement it is most likely pressure on your lower intestine track. I also have fibroid on my uterus and thought it was the fibroid hurting but after taking notice when it hurts and it stops after a trip to the loo, I realized it probably was the lower intestine pressure. I have had a little spotting too during this 2nd pregnancy which is scary but all is well. Hope this helps!



answers from Charlotte on

M., is that cyst on the left side that you mention on your ovary? Ovarian cysts are very painful. Sometimes they burst, which is REALLY painful, like giving birth! And if they don't burst but just stay there, sometimes they have to be removed. I have had both (actually, I have a small one right now on my left ovary but it doesn't seem to be growing, so it doesn't hurt too much). It's worse for you because you are pregnant.

Ask you doctor more questions about this cyst, because it doesn't seem that they have explained your condition very well to you. Ask what happens as your uterus grows with the pregnancy.

Good luck,



answers from Phoenix on

With both my children I had really bad pains on my lower left side, Kinda like menstral pains gone really really bad. With my 1st I was so worried. They checked me and everything was fine. It was just my ligaments stretching. With my second I had the pains again it was finally what made me realize I was pregnant. With both my kids it lasted a little over two months.



answers from Columbia on

During my recent pregnancy, I had ligament pain (that is what OB called it after I explained it and he examined me), pain from cysts on ovaries, and just general pain of uterus stretching. The pain from each of these was similar and I never could tell sometimes which one was which. I did have pain mainly on one side, and it was worse if I had been more active. (ligament pain and cysts were on same side....) You are doing the right thing in taking it easy until you see the doctor. Try not to worry too much about it. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

Hi M., it could be your uterus growing to support the baby. The first trimester is a vital time of growth for you and your baby! I know I had lots of aches and pains lower in my abdomen during the first and 2nd trimester and it was due to my uterus expanding to support the baby. I would talk to your doctor/midwife at your next check-up. Good Luck!

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