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Flying While Pregnant

J.C. asks from Reno

Does anyone know how late into your pregnancy you can fly? How bout to another country?


Pregnancy and Travel

J.S. asks from Tampa

Hey Mamas - I am currently 24 weeks pregnant, high-risk only based on the fact that I had an unexplained stillborn 4 years ago. I am out of work per doctor's orders....


Flying While Pregnant

R.J. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I are conseidering starting a family. We have two trips scheduled next year. How late in a pregnancy do most doctors let a women fly?


Flying While Pregnant

J.B. asks from Hartford

Hi Moms, I was wondering if you could tell me if it's ok, on a normal basis, to fly during the second trimester? I am pregnant with my first and had planned a small ...


Flying While Pregnant

R.J. asks from San Francisco

Is it safe to fly at the end of your 10th week of pregnancy? Most things say it is safe during second trimester. Does anyone know? Or has anyone flown while in the...


Flying While Pregnant

E.P. asks from Denver

My husband and I are planning to take a "babymoon" this spring before our baby is born. I have heard that airlines will not let you fly once you are past a certain p...


Flying While Pregnant

W.G. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I have beeen invited to go on a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas only catch is I would have to fly out to florida from california. I will be 7months pregnan...


When Is the Last Date I Can Fly?

T.P. asks from Los Angeles

I am living outside of the USA and want to plan to fly to the USA to have the birth. What is the last date before my due date recommended to fly? I was thinking 1 mon...


Flying in Third Trimester

R.R. asks from Detroit

I am wondering if anyone has an experience with flying in the third trimester. My sister died yesterday and I can't imagine not going to her funeral to be with my fa...


How to Get over the Fear of Flying?

B.H. asks from Detroit

I'm going on vacation in a couple of months. I love to take trips but I hate flying. I'm only taking a few days off work so I don't have time to drive and I don't r...