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Updated on July 21, 2011
T.R. asks from Westtown, NY
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Hi, I'm pregnant with my second; a girl and I'm looking for nursery ideas. SInce my first was a boy, I'm definitely into doing a pink room. I found a beautiful photo of a nursery on pottery barn with a pink striped wallpaper, but I'm not sure where I can buy something like it online. Any ideas. Does anyone have photos of their baby girl nurseries that you could share with me? It's a big decison and I want to do it right the first time. I found a bedset that I love with daisies and butterflies on it, nice and simple. Her crib is an antique vanilla ice cream color. Now I need to find the right paint colors (I'm a huge Benjamin and Moore fan) and design. Thanks!

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answers from Rockford on

I had two boys, so I am not experienced in this. The cutest little girl rooms I have seen from friends/family have been a ladybug theme and a giraffe theme. They were just so cute! There are oodles and oodles of cute and pretty ladybug everything out there, and it would work with pinks/reds, but I would imagine giraffes would be a bit harder.

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answers from Nashville on

I would do a light pink color on the walls to go with the crib....I wanted to do a pink with black toille but my husband did not want black at all for a baby girl. :O) If your husband doesn't care, it is SO pretty! I think toille or gingham is very classy and feminine, you could even do a pink toille with the cream background. I also like polka dots, very fun! You could do walls that match the crib color, take a piece or picture to Benj Moore for an exact match and do pink bedding with a pretty pink throw rug on the floor to match. Pink rocking chair or pink pillow on the rocking chair. Pink gingham or toille blinds or curtains. Have her name above her crib in wooden letters, you can have them painted to match her bedding or you can paint them a solid color. Less is more, hang maybe one white shelf with her baby items.
congrats to you!

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answers from New York on

Check out
People upload pictures of their nurseries. It's beautiful!!

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answers from New York on

Congrats! So much fun to decorate the nursery! :-) For my girl, I chose antique/vanilla furniture, painted the walls a very light blue and accented everything with pink roses. One of the best finds was a large vanilla/antique mirror from Home Goods. Now that she is a big girl (4 years old) the walls are pink and all accents are princesses.
How about painting the bottom half of the wall in pink stripes?? Or maybe a border of daisies and butterflies? Borders are so easy to put on and easy to take off if you change the decor. Have fun!

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answers from Chicago on

my daughter did my granddaughter's room in a beautiful pale lilac color. then hand stenciled butterflies and fairies all over the room. its beautiful. and she used benjamin moor paint



answers from Norfolk on

I hate wallpaper. You can do a lovely striped effect by painting the wall a solid color (like cream). When that dries, measure out and apply painter's tape to leave open the areas you want to apply color to. Then, using a wet sponge, stipple the pink paint over the exposed areas. It is only slightly more time-consuming than applying wallpaper, but the best part is you can customize it to exactly what you want. PM me if you need more details.

Congratulations and best wishes.



answers from Cleveland on

you could look for some inspiration on Rate My Space on HGTV website.

I"ve become addicted to and the is alot of inspiration there if you look on boards about baby, or decor or even furniture.


answers from Detroit on

With my first baby, My mom and painted the stripes. I just had my 3rd baby, I went pretty modern with the nursery this time. I was thinking if I did it a little modern and edgy this time, I wouldnt have to change it in a couple years because its too babyish. Anyways, its brown, dark pink, and turquoise. Sounds like a hot mess but its cuuuuute! I despise baby pink, so I might not be your girl, but I can send you some pics if your interested.



answers from Fort Wayne on

A simple yet pretty design is painting a white picket fence around the base of the room...we did a sage green as the background and I stenciled (but not cheesy...they looked amazing) butterflies just above the fence at different heights. Michaels sells the picket fence pattern and you use a dry-brush technique. It was super easy!



answers from Kansas City on

Her crib sounds beautiful! Here are some cute shabby-chic ideas in this link:

(You may need to cut/paste it into your browser.)

Have fun decorating and congrats on your soon to be new little girl!


answers from Kalamazoo on

I did kind of a garden theme with my daughter. The top part of the wall is a pale yellow and the bottom half is actually wall paper stripes. The border in between is gardnen fairies - not disney. It has faires, flowers, mushroom, lady bugs, dragon flies etc. I painted a tree on one wall that connects to a dormor low ceiling and then we hung a few wind chimes from it. She is 7 now and still collects wind chimes! Her bedding is a simple butterfly design. Everything is a little mismatched, but it works! I would go with the daises and butterfly bedding and then just build around that. Try to make it to grow with her.



answers from St. Louis on

if you don't want to do wallpaper, then handpaint the stripes yourself. A level, blue painter tape....& your 2 colors of paint. Time consuming, but easy to do! One thought, tho'.....since the bed is antiq vanilla ice cream...I would not use white with the stripes. You would lose the bed color against the white....or the bed could look dirty next to the white. ?!

One of our cousins did a nursery in pink, white, lime green, & chocolate. Absolutely stunning! 3 walls were white on top, pink on bottom....with the green as a painted stripe at chair rail height. The 4th wall was all milk chocolate. As a random "wave" of bubbles/circles (like an uncoiled rope. Oh, I a Nerds candy rope!)...all 4 colors floated around the lime green chair rail (taking care to use the colors - both above/below the green).....& then exploded all over the chocolate brown wall. (well, except the brown circles were eliminated at this point). It is such an awesome conceptual design! Oh, & the bed is centered on the brown wall & the baby's name is in large wooden letters in white above the bed. Totally cool!

A few more details: bamboo blinds behind pink gingham curtains. Accessories in all 4 colors, taking care to use the brown away from the accent wall. Nice wood furniture which picks up the brown wall, too. Oh, & a wood floor with circular rugs in white, pink, & the green!

Now back to your room: since you like the bedding with daisies & butterflies, you could use that motif instead of bubbles/circles! It's very easy to handpaint both daisies & butterflies....& a grouping of them would be awesome above the bed! Hide your daughter's name amongst them... & you have a totally personalized design! Good Luck, have fun, & wishing you a very safe/quick delivery!



answers from New York on

I am not a wallpaper fan, but I wanted a stripe effect in our hallway so I used the same color paint, but the paint in flat and then glossy. Looks fabulous and I get a ton of compliments. Plus then you don't have to worry about the colors matching!

As far as a little girls room. We painted her entire room in B.M. Cotton candy pink, then did a chest high border using yellow and a magenta color. Then a friend of mine hand painted butterflies all throughout the border. I accented her room with butterflies. We are in London now but I will see if I can find a picture to send you.



answers from Honolulu on

Look online:
Just do a Google Search for "baby girl room decor" and MANY photos/images will come up, for examples.



answers from Fayetteville on

Candice Olsen. Com is a wonderful resource. She an award winning designer. Her work is beautifully elegant and stands the test of time. Also google designer nurseries and you will get more ideas than you will know what to do with. has lots of wonderful ideas. As does HGTV 's Dream homes

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