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Updated on February 27, 2013
A.L. asks from El Dorado Hills, CA
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I found this really cool bedding for my son. It has the colors gray, black, white and lime green in it. I'm trying to figure out how to paint the walls. I was thinking of painting all the walls gray with one horizontal think lime green stripe and a thinner black stripe. Would that be way to much gray? Should I paint the wall a lime green? Any ideas would be great!!!

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answers from Dallas on

There are a lot of good ideas here. Gray needs a LOT of light not to be depressing. When out lining something don't use perminate marker, that what won't come off, use a paint pen. You could use a large vinyl wall decall in white or green on the gray. Before you do anything, look at the powder room on the HGTV Dream House. They have photos you can look through, gray walls with green pinstripe horizontally. I would come close to doing one wall like that depending on the design of the bedding. Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am not a huge fan of painted stripes on the walls. I think I would just paint all the walls gray and hang art work with lime green as the predominate color with black frames.
I think it would be cool if you painted custom art work though. You could paint vertical stripes in gray and lime green with thin black stripes with a black frame.
Have fun with it. I love decorating:)

Also check out

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answers from Indianapolis on

That sounds nice. My cousin painted 3 walls in her sons room gray and one green and it looks really nice.

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answers from Columbia on

I bought a house once that had a mural painted on one of the walls. the outlines of all the animals were painted using black paint. We did TWO coats of primer and painted the walls a khaki color. Could still see the lines. We did another coat of primer and painted the walls DARK BROWN. YOU COULD STILL SEE SOME OF THE FREAKIN LINES. So, I would encourage you to NOT use black.

I might do 3 white walls and an accent wall of lime green. I would also get chalkboard slates OR a thin wooden panel that you paint with chalkboard paint and then hang that around 2of the wall, so he can draw. that would give you the "line" effect, but also be interactive AND removable.

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answers from Columbus on

We did our son's with dark gray (royal blue accents -- outer space theme) and it looks awesome. And to paint over dark colors, it's not enough to use just a primer -- you need to use a tinted primer that has been tinted with the right shade to counteract the color on the wall. We have a dark red dining room -- the paint store taught us that certain pigments are harder to cover than others -- it's not the darkness but the pigments in the base. A professional paint store will be able to guide you on how to cover dark walls if you ever choose to paint over it.

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answers from Detroit on

Perhaps one green wall with the others in the gray would look good. How about some pencil thin black and white lines to go with the wide stripe? Several thin lines moving into the wide stripe? Circles of various sizes? Profile views of dinosaurs in the colors? Add some persimmon color to all of it? Have fun.

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answers from St. Louis on

go to the paint store & grab a lime green strip. Now, move down 2-3 shades lighter & that's the color to use on the walls!

I love gray on the walls, but it's being used a lot in today's paint world & is not always friendly in a kid's room.

The exception would be if you want to make this wall color last until college years......then I'd go with a light gray. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

How Fun!!! I go all out for my kids' rooms youngest son's room had all four walls painted different colors and it was SO cute while it it's all pink and girly b/c lil' sis came along!

I like your idea! And if you think straight lines are too hard to accomplish you can do a nice diagonal...I have seen some really cool stripes in magazines and Pinterest!


answers from San Diego on

Be careful painting walls grey. My cousin painted her room a light grey when she lived with us when we were younger. The room is still that color with a mauve pink trim.
It is a very cold and dark room no matter what you do to it now. It's my mom's sewing room now all these years later and she hates it that dreary.
Instead of stripes paint the door trim and closet trim the secondary color. It works better that way. Then put up whatever artwork on the walls you want.



answers from San Francisco on

Your design sounds great to me. Go for it!!

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