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Updated on June 06, 2007
L.D. asks from Arnold, MO
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My son is turning one on Sunday and we are having a big party to celebrate. It is going to be both of our families and friends. We are expecting about 45-50 people. There are going to be a lot of kids of all ages and I need some ideas on games or activities to keep them entertained but the ages range form 10 months to 13 years old. Any suggestions?

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answers from St. Louis on

If it's going to be hot outside, go to the dollar store or wherever and buy a huge bag of water balloons, set up a sprinkler and tell all the kids to bring their swimming suits. Buy one of those 9 games in one kits from Target or WalMart that has badmitton, volley ball, etc. in it. For the younger ones, balls always work. You can buy two big balls from Wal-Mart for $5. For my daughters 5th birthday, instead of goodie bags we went to the dollar store and bought hulahoops for the girls and water balls for the boys. That way they had something to play with at the party. We also rented an inflatable bouncer for the day. Kind of late notice for that though. Good luck whatever you do.

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answers from St. Louis on

I am a mom of a 14 month old boy. My suggestion to you is not to have any games and keep the party losely structured. Your one year old will have fun just being in the sitution, and the other kids will be kids and entertain themselves. I think you'll find that at this age the games and such at parties are more for your entertainment then the kids. When we did my son's party we had a tableof finger food and a cake. We let everyone mingle, and all the kids took to playing in our playroom right away. After a little while we sang happy birthday and I had each child open a gift for my one year old (b/c he wasn;t that into it), after that we served the cake and icecream and everyone got a kick out of the baby in teh highschir with his first peice of cake. I did little gift bags for the guest children to take as they left. It was more of a bbq type athmosphere, but I think at that age my son appreciated that more than it being very structured. It was HIS party afterall. :o) Good luck with whatever you decide. I have a friend who loves to do a pinata at her children's parties, hat usually gets the kids going pretty well! Just keep it simple or YOU won't enjoy your party

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answers from Memphis on

If it's nice outside, you can set up a sprinkler, buckets of water (for the little ones) and water bottles. Add in some paintbrushes and sponges with big buckets of water-let the kids paint with water all over the yard. Water can amuse kids for a long, long time!

A store-bought game that's great is Elephun. It's this elephant that shoots little butterflies up in the air. The kids try to catch the butterflies with nets. Great for 2 and up.

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answers from St. Louis on

Hot potato is great for all ages. Winner wins a prize OR each person holding the potato, doll or whatever you use to pass when the music stops, that person is out of the game but goes to the prize table to pick a prize so basically everyone wins.

Simon says is a good one but maybe only for the older kids.

You could have each child create their own portrait of the Birthday Boy and let him choose the best by tossing a cheerio or something light onto the pics and whomever's pic it lands on wins...or if you think he is able let him pic his favorite by pointing. Some kiddos can do that and some cannot at that age, so whatever you think will work best for you guys.

Stick the tail on the donkey or the nose on the clown (you get the idea) is a great game.

If you are able to do any of it outside, toss the water balloon is fun....if it drops, someone gets wet.

Another fun thing is to get some helium filled balloons and have each of the older kids create a message and you can help create one for the younger ones, put your email address and ask that anyone who finds the balloon please write an email telling when and where they found it. Then let the kids release them. All the kids will enjoy letting the balloons go, and you will be surprised at just where they went. You can save the responses as a keepsake maybe even marking them all on a map and telling the story so that when your child is older an appreciates that sort of thing...

Another fun thing is to rent a cotton candy or snow cone machine. I do not know how much the snow cone machines cost, but at our local A-1 party rental the cotton candy machine costs $30, you pay $1.50 for 50 cones to put the cotton candy on and $6 for the floss sugar. One container of floss sugar would be enough for your group size. Our rental place only has us rinse the big metal bin where the cotton candy is made and they do the sanitizing clean up. It is easy, fun and really an outside thing to keep the kids entertained. Some of the cotton candy will sort of float out of the bin as you make it, so the person making it will get some cotton candy on their arms. It isn't terribly messy amazingly.

Good luck and Happy B-day to your little guy. By the way, my middle child turns 4 on Sunday. So needless to say we are also party planning.

B. :)

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answers from St. Louis on

When my son turned 1, we had a few games. I went to and ordered little cars that are powered by balloons. The kids lined up and on the count of three they had to blow their balloons up and set it down and as the balloon deflated the car moved forward. The car who went the furthest won. I had a few prizes I got from the dollar store, so upon winning the kids got to go get a prize.

With the babies I had the moms line up on one end and the dads on the other. One parent had the baby and the other was across the way. On the count of three the parent with the baby put the baby down and the other parent called the baby. The baby who crawled the fastest to their parent won.

I did a pinata. I had paper bags that the kids decorated and when the pinata came out, they used their bag to collect their goodies. I kept some extra goodies on the side for the kids who didnt get much.

For the toddlers and little ones, pin the tail on the donkey or if you are doing a theme party, for example, mickey mouse....print a picture of mickey and a bunch of noses and do pin the nose on mickey. You can adapt it to any character.

blow up some balloons and have the kids toss them up and keep them up in the air. If it falls they sit out.

buy a bunch of small toys. wrap one. add another toy and wrap that with the first. keep on going. Turn the music on and do a hot potato type game with the wrapped package. When the music stops the person holding the present unwraps the first layer and keeps the gift. They then have to sit out so everyone gets a chance to open a layer of wrapping for a gift.

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answers from St. Louis on

Pinata's are great. I am really glad you asked this question because I am having a BBQ Party June 30th for my daughters 1 y/o b-day!!



answers from Peoria on

A bean bag toss is always a hit at our parties! I make a board out of foam-core poster boards attached at the top so they stand on their own. You can decorate any way you like to go with the party theme. One year we had a circus party, so I drew a lion on the poster board and the opening was his mouth. Younger kids just love to walk up and toss the bean bags in, and older kids could do it more competitively.

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