Nausetous/vomiting During Pregnancy

Updated on January 04, 2011
N.S. asks from Ortonville, MI
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Hi Ladies,
The age old question: What is your advice for getting through these early months of pregnancy? I had this with my 1st 2 babies (all 9months), but it seems worse in the sense that I don't feel I can get much accomplished. I'm only vomiting once a day or everyother day, which is much better then with the other two. I'll take any helpful advice. Including snack ideas, herbal remedies, exercises, and anything natural (don't want to take prescriptions). It last all day long, with an hour or 2 break a couple of times a day.

I'm trying to eat healthy options every couple of hours(sometimes works sometimes doesn't). I'm scared of taking my vitamins, but do so anyway. Someone once told me this could be a vitamin deficiency. Have any of you ever heard of this?
Thanks for all your help, mama's.


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answers from Detroit on

Keep nibbling! :) I learned this when my sister had chemo. It was between my two pregnancies and it helped a lot. With my first I lost 15 lbs in the first trimester.

Best wishes, it gets better! :)

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answers from New York on

Ginger.... gingerale, ginger candies, ginger tea. It is a herbal anti nauseant. Also never let your tummy be empty. Stomach acid id not your friend. So keep crackers in your purse and by your bed. Low sodium saltines work great for this or ginger snaps are perfect. Before you get out of bed have a cracker. Take your vitamins on a very full stomach.... NEVER on an empty one.
It is possible it is a vitamin deficiency except that pregnant women get nausea ALL the time in the first trimester. It is very important for you to take your prenatals on a full tummy. I usually took mine after dinner before bed.
Sour may or may not work be very careful with that one. Some people swear by it. It just made more acid in my stomach and therefore made me more sick. Be careful with peppermint it can open the gastric sphincter and give you horrible reflux.

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answers from Pocatello on

Well these are the tricks I have tried or have been told to try by my doctor. K first a B6 vitamin and 1 unisom before help with feeling sick. My sister is 12 weeks right now and taking those every night has really helped her. If she skips even one night she will puke the next day so it works for her. For me I realized it was the prenatal vitamins that made me so sick so I started cutting them in half. I would take half at lunch and then the other half at bedtime. In a matter of 3 days all my sickness was gone. I felt totally fine. My doctor also said he tells woman to also try taking 2 Flinstones vitamins when morning sickness is the worst cause that seems to be easier on the stomach.


answers from New York on

it helped me to have a few sips of soda and crackers in the am BEFORE I got out of bed, hubby had to deliver ...



answers from Grand Rapids on

I'm one of those people that are sick the whole 9 months. Here's a list of things I tried. I could not function without taking a prescription though - Zofran was the best remedy out of all of these and reportedly has little to no side effects. I did not experience any side effects from it:

1. eat all day long - carry something with you at all times

2. preggy succors, things with ginger, all the other food remedies people suggest

3. sea bands

4. change your prenatal vitamins to only be the bare minimum vitamins you need. sometimes the extra stuff like iron can upset your stomach.

5. (talk to your dr first) take vitamin B6 & 1/2 a Unisom. it may make you tired the first week but after that your body gets used to it. I got through pregnancy #1 using what I listed in 1-5.

6. Phenergan (this made me tired all the time but I only threw up a couple times with pregnancy #2 on this. The b6/Unisom combo wasn't strong enough for pregnancy #2. I would not recommend Phenergan.)

7. Zofran (this was my saving grace with pregnancy #3 - I could actually function, wasn't tired all the time, never threw up.. but in order for it to work the best I had to take it at the same time every day regardless of whether I felt sick. It seemed to build up in my system and the moment I'd miss a dose, the next day I'd be unable to function.)



answers from Wichita on

what worked for me was to eat a bowl of oatmeal before bed, so my tummy was never fully empty.



answers from Madison on

I got those "preggie pops" which helped keep my mind off my tummy but probably didn't help better then a normal lollipop... nothing really helped me except taking the medication for nausea and snacking constantly. Sorry I'm not much help. If you can stand ginger i guess that helps (ginger tea) but I don't like ginger. Good luck



answers from Dallas on

a lot of ppl think that B6 will help with nausea, and there are a few prenatal vitamins that have megadoses of B6 for that reason... none of the natural remedies worked for me, i had to go the RX route with all three of mine.



answers from Detroit on

Make sure you drink and it sounds funny but when you feel your getting nausaus go eat either saltines or pretzels not buttey pretzels just plain salt pretzels and make sure the crackers are saltines not any cracker. That usually taks care of it you may have to eat small little meals and more often than 6 times. More like 6 to 8 times. do fruit and veggies more at the middle to end of the day do saltines and pretzels with lots of water in the morning an part of the day. The drs say to saty away from salt but the salt and the wheat are what helps the nausea. I am not a salt oerson can't stand it when I am not pregnant. But it helps my nausau when i am pregnant.



answers from Philadelphia on

I tried acupuncture all 9 months, and that helped with the nausea (not the vomiting though). I took chewable vitamins, which actually stayed down, but did get very anemic. Sliced fresh ginger in hot water would help a little, when I had the energy to make it for myself. And I ate what I felt like I could eat, even if it was not the healthiest option (i.e., for some reason the last trimester I could eat lots of ice cream -- I did eat the kind without preservatives though :) B6 is supposed to help, but I could never keep it down. I would ask your doctor too.



answers from Houston on

Maybe try something sour, like lemon wedges or sour hard candies. Ginger ale, if you are not fond of the taste of fresh ginger. Congratulations on the new baby!



answers from Chicago on

The "Pregnancy Pops" & peppermints helped me.



answers from Lynchburg on

I bought SeaBond bracelets. They act like acupuncture. They have a white bead type thing that puts pressure on the pressure point on the bottom side of your wrist. I used it during pregnancy and for car sickness. Works great!!

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