My 2 Year Old Wont Stop Throwing Up!!

Updated on June 19, 2010
M.M. asks from Walnut Creek, CA
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Hi Moms,

I'm really hoping I can get some ideas from you guys. This all started last friday, my 2 year old son woke up at 5am throwing up. Kept him home from daycare, fed him bland food, seemed ok during the day, but then threw up again around 6pm. All thru sat and sun he didn't throw up but had horrendous diarrhea. We decided to try cutting milk out since that is a popular 'intolerance'. Monday I took him to the doc to get checked out, they said he was ok, but did a cbc to make sure. Bloodwork was fine. Then wed morn around 3am he threw up again. I figured it was from coughing since he was coughing before. Wed he threw up around 11pm again. So today I kept him home from daycare again. I called his doc this morn and the nurse said there was a nasty virus going around that is lasting 7-10 days....I said ok, ill give him only bland food and see what happens. Well, guess what? He just threw up again tonight. We've cut dairy and pretty much anything except cheerios, applesauce, toast etc....if this really is just a virus then why does he act totally ok during the day. He doesn't act sick at all during the day, he's his normal happy, cheery self. Also he keeps throwing up at around the same time, late at night or early in the morning. He has never been allergic to anything, his dad and I have no food allergies, but I'm starting to wonder if this is a reaction to something he's allergic to. Also the idea of acid reflux came up, as I have suffered from it really bad since I was born. I just don't know what to do anymore! I'm out of ideas on what it could be, and I just don't know how to approach the doc w/this one and not look like a crazy mom. I'm tired of being told its a virus....I know how my son acts when he is sick and he has not been acting that way at all! Any advice, ideas, support.....I need it all! I don't want my son barfing like this!!!

Thanks Moms, sorry this was so long!!

****after reading some of the responses I just need to say the reason I'm pretty sure its not a virus is no one else is getting sick! I get sick pretty easily and I have not had one symptom and neither has my husband, and I've been barfed on and had to clean it up all week. Also he really hasn't been exposed to stuff in the environment that can make him sick. We do live in an old, non-updated house, but its my in-laws rental property and I know they have taken good care of it. But can mold cause barfing like this? Again it is not at all during the day, ONLY at night or early early morning. I have a call into the doc, so just waiting for the nurse to call me back.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

One other theory... My daughter will throw up when she is really congested, and i will occasionally have the other when i am, but I don't always know that she or I am congested for a few days. Maybe trying the benedryl to help reduce the mucous which will keep it from going into the stomach and maybe stop the throwing up?

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answers from Redding on

I'd say to try and wait it out. The amount of vomiting he is doing shouldn't dehydrate him if you are slowly giving him fluids throughout the day.

BUT-if it ever happens again, look up the symptoms of cyclical vomiting. My son has it and I would have never guessed or known but I have a close friend that is a doctor.

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answers from San Francisco on

My son went through something similiar when he was about 3 years old. He would throw up around the same time and would act completely normal. NO signs of sickness. The doctor said it was abdominal migraines (no head pain just nausea) and he could give us medicine to help when he threw up.... Umm, no. We decided to figure out the REAL problem and fix it. We went to a GREAT natural doctor in San Francisco and just found out that he was so constipated that we was actually back up and it made him vomit. Granted my son was not a good pooper, even from birth but he did still have a large BM every 2-3 days so it wasn't super severe or so we thought. He helped get all the poop out and helped us with some great pro-biotics to straighten his gut out so he would poop everyday like he should. Guess what? The vomiting stopped very quickly and after a year of diet changes and the pro-biotics he now poops everyday with ease! Remember, western doctors only know how to treat symptoms they do not know how to correct a problem. You may want to visit a natural doctor.

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answers from Boston on

What about post nasal drip or allergies? All the mucus can irritate the stomach and it may be worse at night when he lies down or just when it accumulates? He wouldn't act or actually BE sick, but that junk in the stomach will make him vomit.

Flat ginger ale (leave the can open for a while or stir it to get rid of the bubbles) or ginger tea can settle the stomach. Do not use other soda like Coke - it's not the soda, it's the ginger.

There is also something you can do for your acid reflux from a nutritional standpoint if you are interested. I know this post is primarily about your child but you say you suffer. Please don't go the medication route particularly for your child.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I had a stomach virus last year that seemed to last forever. It is probably just the virus your Dr was referring to. The nausea can linger. If it continues for more than another few days, I'd take him back to ped though.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter never complained with a virus. She would throw up and then go back to playing. She did this every time. We would show up at the doctor and she would be laughing and playing and no one who saw her would believe that she was ill. She never got upset or wanted to lay down even if she had a fever. Maybe your son is like mine.
Keep him to no food and only liquid until he has gone 24 hr without throwing up. It will pass but the nasty virius going around has kept a number of the people I work with out of the office for 10-14 days. Good Luck!



answers from Miami on

I have some different questions: Is he drinking or eating something before bed that he does not do during the day:
1. Water from the tap vs. mineral?
2. brushing teeth with toothpaste and eating it?
3. drinking bath water?
4. playing in nearby park where cats poop in sandbox?
5. playing with kitty litter etc near bedtime? or any other pet stuff?
6. new dishwasher detergent cleaner for his cups?

anything else he gets into at nite that maybe he is ingesting?

I am probably way off, but it never hurts to check.

HTH and your son is feeling better soon.



answers from San Francisco on

Have the doctor check for giardia. It's a water-born parasite which develops in the gut and can cause really bad diarrhea and occasionally vomiting.



answers from Sacramento on

A few months ago my 3 year old had pretty much the same symptoms. She was fine during the day, but at night she would have a bad stomach ache and throw up. This went on for about a week and we finally took her into urgent care. We told the doctor her symptoms and also told her that I had strep throat in that same week. My daughter didn't show any signs of strep throat- no sore throat or a red throat. She did have a little cough. The doctor did a strep test anyway and it came back positive. From what she told us, in toddlers and in some adults, strep can affect your stomach. That was my experience and maybe it will help you.


answers from Sioux City on

If You think its an allergy try putting him on benadryl for a couple of days. If it stops you have it figured out.



answers from New York on

My kids were both big pukers and we had to learn the hard way, had them both in the ER with severe dehydration until we listed to our pediatricians advice, which was this: I know this seems counter-intuitive, but in order to really get this GI thing out of his system, you have to give him NOTHING, no food and no water at all, at least 4 hours after vomiting. And then, no food or milk for the rest of the day. You must eliminate everything except Pedialite or gatorade or whatever he prefers (you can get pedialyte popsicles too) for the first day, and most importantly, you have to start with 1 oz of hydrating liquids every 5 minutes, increasing to 2 oz every 5 minutes, so he can keep it down. We made the mistake of giving our kids as much as they wanted to drink because we wanted to avoid dehydration, but that had the opposite effect for our kids. Their stomachs weren't ready for it so they kept puking until they couldn't keep anything down. So try it. No food or milk at all for a full day. Introduce hydrating liquids only 1-2 oz at a time every 5 mins, until he can keep it down. If he's still vomiting or starts seeming totally lethargic, call your pediatrician. You may need to to the ER to get him re-hydrated. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! I know it's scary but he will be OK. Just no food or milk, for at least a day, maybe more if he can't keep anything down....



answers from San Francisco on

I understand how you feel that is your baby. When your baby is not feeling well you are not feeling well either. I remember firing my sons doctor years ago when they did not give me the answers I wanted and resorted to natural healing and it works.

Your sons body is out of balance and it is causing him to react on it. I have a story of a little boy that was doing the same thing and one of the doctors that practices Eastern medine worked with him and within days was back to normal. I can sent you the story if you would like to see it.

I would start off by rebuilding your sons immune system so he can help his body get back to normal.

Send me an email if you want to learn more and I will forward it to one of our nurses. Write down in the email what is going on so she knows also.

There will be one of the doctors at an event on Saturday June 26th in Foster City talking about wellness if you would like to meet her and talk with her I can send you that info also.

Just know you are not alone and have a lot of support from all us moms.

Good luck.

N. Marie
[email protected]



answers from Detroit on

If he is vomiting, he should NOT have anything to eat; give him a Tbsp of water or pedyalite every 20 minutes; when he can keep it down, then you can give him food, a little at a time.



answers from San Diego on

You just have to ride it out....we just went through that, the WHOLE family including my parents. It was miserable and lasted a good week for each person.

My 2 year old was sick as a dog, but when he had this at Christmas, he had no real symptoms other than throwing up. He'd play, throw up, look confused, play for a while, want to eat, have a little diarrhea, play, throw up, etc. It never phased him at all.

Ride it out, don't get the doctor involved because some of them will start pacifying you with tests and meds just because they want to keep you happy,.

Get some probiotics and when you can, start filling your son up with good things like yogurt and kefir and add the probiotics to his diet to rebuild the good flora in his belly.

Keep him hydrated and make him rest as much as you can.

This was a much longer virus that we went through than our usual....the others usually peter out in 48 hours, this one was long.

Let his body do its thing.



answers from San Francisco on

Any family history of migraines? Could be abdominal migraines.



answers from San Francisco on

It does sound like allergies. My son is allergic to most trees and grasses. If I don't have his allergy medication well regulated he complains that his tummy hurts and has had several bouts of throwing up in his seven years. Perhaps the fact that he is vertical during the day and horizontal during the night changes how much mucus gets into his stomach.

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

That virus went through out family this week. Not fun!

It started on Friday with our 4 year-old vomiting in the middle of the night. It had been his birthday and was now mine. He vomited 2-3 times that night and another 2-3 times in the morning. Then we got the diarrhea.

Sunday night, it hit me. I spent most of the night either vomiting or with bad diarrhea. I had to take work off on Monday because I was exhausted and dehydrated.

It hit our daughter 3 nights ago, and my husband was lucky to escape with nausea, no vomitting.

Anyhow.....chances are, this is a virus (I know you don't want to hear it).
If it continued to be persistent, ask for a consultation with a GI specialist to see if there's a hernia or something pressing upon his diaphragm, Chron's disease, Colitis, etc.

Good luck!



answers from Portland on

My grandson got a virus much like this a few months ago – at least that's what his pediatrician thought it was, because it was going around. He would hardly eat for about 2 weeks and visibly lost weight.

He threw up 3-4 times daily during the first week. Then for the next week maybe once or twice a day, mostly in the evenings, when his temp would spike (this is a common pattern with infectious diseases). He did seem to feel somewhat better during the day, but we were all getting really worried, trying to find anything he would eat and could keep down.

But the fevers and barfing stopped at about 2 weeks, and a week later he started eating much bigger meals than he normally wants. Gained back most of the lost weight in short order. Apparently the doc was right, and we just had to wait it out.

Good luck. I hope your son gets better quick.



answers from Colorado Springs on


I would definately second the last two posts from Jilly and Jacqueline--check for environmental causes. I had giardia, got good and sick, never got it cured, and it nearly killed my son after he was born because he got it from me. Also, DO NOT use any type of fluoride--toothpaste, water, it is a neurotoxin, among other things, and no matter what they tell ya--it ain't good for teeth.

The other thing I would say is that if your son is just having a challenge getting rid of a virus, some herbal supplementation may give his immune system the boost to get rid of it. Vomiting and diarrhea are the body's way of getting rid of something bad. Organic grapeseed extract is something I've given my kids in the past. I just break open the capsule and sprinkle some on some icecream or yogurt (or applesauce, etc...) It won't cause side effects, and it really helps, being an antioxidant.

Ok...please don't all think I'm crazy. When my son was sick, I couldn't get the Dr. to listen to me. He kept telling me it was because I was nursing and a first time mother--the baby must not be getting enough to eat, so that is why he was so unhappy and losing weight. I took a fecal sample from his diaper to a veterinarian, and told them I thought my "puppy" had a parasite. The tech told me, "Oh, honey, he has giardia--I can tell just by looking at the baggie. I'll go run the test, but I've seen it a thousand times..." Sure enough, it was. I went back to a different Dr., pissed off and with test results in hand, ready for battle. He calmed me down't treat me like a crazy woman, gave me a prescription right away for a anti-parasitic drug--problem solved, baby immediately became happy and gained back over a pound a week--and is now a healthy, handsome (well, I'm his momma, so I get to say 9 year old.

So--there's my story. Trust your gut, check your environment, do your own tests if need be.

Best wishes and blessings to you and your little guy--I'm absolutely delighted to help if you want to contact me.



answers from Houston on

I think with it only being at night and in the morning it could be reflux (totally unrelated to the diarrhea). My 2 1/2 year old has reflux too. My pedi said it was ok to give tums to my son. Maybe you could try that about a half hour prior to bed time. They can also take over the counter Prilosec. My pedi says 1/2 of a 30mg once a day. My son weighs 30 lbs. Since you have reflux you know that laying down can cause it to be worse.

Otherwise, about a week ago my son work up at 1am vomiting. I stayed up with him and gave pedialyte. He couldn't even keep that down. He ended up vomiting 5 times that night. The following day he was sluggish and had a fever and diarrhea. The next day he was back to his normal self. You could also get a second opinion from a pedi GI doctor. Good luck



answers from Sacramento on

this has happenend to my daughter too one time, though for not as long of a period of time. She would act and feel fine, eat fine, then throw up at night. The nurse explained to me that when you have a virus, your stomach can hit overload and then throw up. She did get better eventually.

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