Morning Sickness and the Zofran Pump

Updated on December 20, 2016
H.V. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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I'm 13 weeks pregnant and have been able to find no relief in my "morning" sickness for the last 7 weeks. I've tried Zofran, Reglan and both together but still feel sick all day and end up throwing up eventually. My doctor recommended I get a Zofran pump which I guess attaches to my leg and gives me a steady dose of Zofran all day and night. I'm ready to try anything, and the nurse is actually coming tomorrow to give me fluids and get me set up. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of this or had any experience with it? I have no idea what to expect and am a little freaked out about having something attached to me all day and night...

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So What Happened?

I went and had acupuncture this afternoon, feel about 75% better (ate lunch and haven't thrown up since 9:00 this morning!)and just sent the home care nurse on her way... Unfortunately, I'm now stuck with a box of fluids, an IV pole and a box of Zofran syringes, but I wouldn't trade how I feel for anything. Thank you Mamas!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, Holly.

I didn't have the Zofran pump, but I had an IV called TPN for about two months. Yes, it sucks having something connected to you 24/7, but it's better than being in the hospital and consistly feeling horrible. Will you get use to it, probably not. But at least you'll stop having the morning sickness.

Good luck.




answers from Los Angeles on

One of my good friend's had one... it was the only way she could get any relief due to horrible sickness (and hospitalization for fluids and weight loss).

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answers from San Diego on

To those that assume you can just suck it up and that it eventually passes, well, unfortunately that's not always true. You may have Hyperemesis Gravidarum and if that's the case, you need to do whatever you have to in order to keep some nutrients in.

I suffered from HG MY ENTIRE PREGNANCY and lost over 45 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (that includes whatever I gained in baby!). I tried Zofran and Phenergan and neither worked at all. I do agree with the others about the benefits of acupuncture. Give it a try!

I had a standing appointment for IV's twice a week and managed to avoid the pump through just learning about what (very) few foods I could keep down. Try EVERYTHING. The common remedies such as ginger or crackers did not work at all for me. But through trial and error, I found that watermelon and root beer staved off some nausea at least. You never know what particular food or drink may work for you. As my doctor once said, "If you wake up in the middle of the night and the only thing you can even stomach is chocolate cake and Doritos...EAT THE CHOCOLATE CAKE AND DORITOS."

While dealing with this can be difficult, get the help and support you need. I wish you MUCH good luck on this journey and the good thing is that I can tell you from experience, you can get through it. Most importantly, my baby was perfectly healthy at birth! Hang in there!

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answers from Honolulu on

Ugh!!! I had Zofran and the med itself did nothing for me. I took it for about a month. I think I felt worse because I didn't ever vomit (it prevents you from vomiting, not from nausea), so I didn't even get that "after-vomit" relief. I also think it was making me anxious. I finally got off and went with Phenergan. A lot of people don't like it because it wipes you out. For me, I'm pretty much puking every 2 hours for about 3 months...then it tapers off ... never really goes away. The Phenergan takes the edge off enough that I'm not horizontal for three months. It also lets me hold down a bit. Water is really hard for me, but I could do almost a whole watermelon a day. That hydrated me a LOT. This made for a much better pregnancy this time around (4th). This is the first time I've done it on a daily basis. I usually did a full dose once every week or so when I was on the verge of going in for an IV (which I hate doing). But here's the key for me. The dose I was prescribed was for one dose every six hours. I did 1/3-1/2 dose...depending on how I bad I felt every 24 hours. Again, this med is a class "C," so I wasn't comfortable taking the full dose (let alone the small dose). But, my doc said that being de-hydrated all the time was a much greater risk to the baby. So, I did. When they found out how little I was actually taking, they couldn't believe there was even enough to help me and he also felt like if I was worried about any risks to the baby that it was sooo minimal on that dose. So, if you read about Phenergan, most people don't like it 'cause it makes them so sleepy. But, try a tiny dose before'll sleep off most of the sleepy part and be ready to at least get through your day. Another good thing for me. I was able to sleep through the night. I got off of it at about 4 1/2 months pregnant and I had the typical pregnancy "i can't sleep" after that. It was very tempting to get back on the Phen...but I didn't. I'm now 27 weeks preg.

Good luck. There is nothing in the world I can't stand more than being pregnant...LOVE when baby gets here, but it's just miserable for me for those months. People gasp when I say that, but it really is awful for me. I hope that you find relief...especially if you're taking care of another little one.

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My best friend ended up with the zofran pump with all 3 of her pregnancies. It brought her some relief, but not complete relief. She threw up the entire 9 months with all of her pregnancies. The zofran didn't take away her nausea but she was able to hold down food and water better otherwise she would end up in the hospital on an IV being treated for dehydration. As far as the pump was concerned she had to stick the needle in her thigh and move it every few days. It left lumps where she stuck herself, but they did go away. She obviously felt that it was worth it if she used it with all three pregnancies. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better.

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answers from Honolulu on

Zofran has some pretty serious "possible side effects". Is it really worth it? Their OWN website even states not to take it while breastfeeding because it may harm a nursing child - so why would it not harm an unborn child? My opinion would be to find something that does not get into your bloodstream ("Natural" or not). Maybe accupunture like the previous person said - never did it myself but have heard nothing but good things about it. You know, I also had HORRIBLE mornig sickness and would throw up EVERY DAY. I just kinda 'sucked it up' (even at work) and it eventually passes (around 18 weeks for me). Good luck.



answers from Honolulu on


THAT is the ONLY thing, that COMPLETELY got rid of my morning sickness AND migraines, that I had with BOTH my pregnancies.

It was even recommended by my OB/GYN.

It is very relaxing even. Does NOT hurt at all.

Just find an Acupunturist that knows how to treat pregnant women.

All the best,



answers from Springfield on

I was having bad nausea and no vomiting with all types of food aversion. I subsided this condition with the help of no to morning sickness tea and ginger ale.



answers from Los Angeles on

Unfortunately,,I know everything about the pump!!! I am 36 and just had my second baby 8 mos ago(I have a 2 yr old girl as well). With both pregnancies I threw up every meal, every day for the entire 18 mos(both babies!)...I had Matria come to my house too, with the first one and got a little bit of relief.(Like vomiting 5 times a day instead of 10, really) But the side effects of the subcutaneous cysts that form at the catheter sites started gettin to me after a couple weeks. You have to move the catheter every 2-3 days, and you eventually run out of room because you can only put them in your hip/thigh/stomach area. I didn't do it for my 2nd baby even though I had same level of hyperemesis. I would try it and see how it works for you. I had to go to e/r with each pregnancy(dehydration) and have an IV bag at home for a bit, so I do feel your pain!! They said my case was a little rare, but I know there have to be other woman like me out there! It's amazing how soon you forget though! No one could believe I had another baby so soon,,but as you know they are worth it!! If you would like more details, or just to vent to someone who understands, I'll give you my number on the private response...Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't really know - but my best guess is that the pump allows the meds to be continuous, at a lower dose, and go directly into your system. A steady dose may be a good way to go. Being dehydrated can't be good for you or the baby - so if it were me - I'd give it a shot.
FYI, my daughter has a chronic illness, and has been on zofran as her rescue med since she was 3 1/2. It has saved us. Kids have insulin pumps attached to them all the time - try not to freak out.
Best Wishes to you!



answers from Los Angeles on


***Zofran is a Class A drug for pregnancies and is perfectly safe to take while breastfeeding. If you are unsure of this, ask your doctor, but it is well studied and known to be safe. The previous poster is mis-informed.***

It sounds like you don't have morning sickness anymore. You have hyperemesis gravidarum. I had this, too and I had the zofran pump. It saved my life and made my life livable. I started on a reglan pump when the oral meds failed, but I had a bad reaction to the reglan, so at 13 weeks they put me on the zofran pump. It literally saved my life. It's weird to wear it all day every day, but you get used to it. They give you a bag so you can take a shower (if you feel up to that, showers make some women feel worse, I puked every time I showered).

Here are some hints:
--Change your infusion sites OFTEN. Like every single time you pop in a new vial. Those sites get saturated and sore and after too long they don't absorb the meds.
--Use a heating pad or ice pack on the sore sites. Zofran is slightly acidic, so it will make hard knots under your skin, but believe me, it's better than the hg.
--Start taking something for constipation. Sorry to be TMI, but that is a side effect of zofran and it can cause more nausea if you don't stay on top of it.
--If the zofran alone doesn't help, don't give up. Zofran will probably stop the vomiting, but some women still experience nausea. If this is the case for you, talk to your doctor about layering in some other meds. During my worst, I was on the zofran pump + oral meclazine and oral benadryl. That did the trick for me.

Go to (a page dedicated to hyperemesis gravidarum) and click on the forums tab at the top of the page. There is a section there for women in the 2nd trimester. There is even a section about pumps and different things like that in the medication section. This online community was just phenomenal. They really helped get me through when things got really rough.

It sounds like they're setting you up with home IV, too? You mentioned fluids. I really reccomend this. My next pregnancy, I'll be doing this, too. The zofran and other meds work best when you're hydrated. If you can start off hydrated at least, it'll give the zofran a head start to doing its job.

Feel free to message me if you want more info. I'll share everything I can. I've been there. Believe me. I know exactly what you're going through.




answers from Boston on

The Sweet Lollipop Shop has natural sweets that can be helpful with morning sickness if you're looking for something chemical, preservative & drug free.



answers from Los Angeles on

my friend is also having really bad morning sickness..all day nausea it should be called...but she is taking Phenergan and that is working for her...also if you are taking a prenatal get the one a day kind at Wholefoods and take it at night right before u go to bed..that helped me. good luck ..i know it sucks..and eat carbs..lasagna really helped me.





answers from Los Angeles on

The only thing that worked for me was GINGER. I kept a bottle of powdered ginger next to my bed and sniffed it before I took my head off the pillow. If you, like me, feel better after you fianlly vomit, it might just be better to let yourself throw up first thing in the morning and then suck a ginger hard candy untill you feel like eating something. Take heart - this too shall pass.



answers from Los Angeles on

Congrats Holly,

Sorry you are not well! I have been in your situation 3 times & it sure isn't any fun. I aslo used the Zofran tablets & was in need of the pump, but it was not a covered benefit & my spouse and I were unable to afford it, so I suffered until it the so called "morning sickness" finally tapered off about week 20-22.

I have friends & relatives that were able to use the Zofran pump & they said it helped them tremendously! You could atleast try it out & see if it works for you. Best wishes



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Holly,
I also had hypereimis gravida in this pregnancy. I am now 19 weeks along but had to have the pump until week 16. While my morning sickness never completly went away while on the pump, it made it a hundred times better. Without it, I would be contantly vomiting, despite taking the zofran tabs. I had it intaveneously along with my IV fluids. The nurse would have to change out the IV every 3 days or so, and that was the worst part. Also, you have to be carfeul that the zofran doesn't pool under your skin or in your vein, that can be kind of painful. Having the pump was a pain, but it was so much better than throwing up after taking a sip of water. Do NOT worry about any side effects, the worst is constipation. Severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is far more detrimental to you and the baby than taking this drug.
Good Luck, I know what you're going through,

Good Luck.



answers from Honolulu on

Hey Holly.. I too am expecting I just made 2mos today!! I have yet to experience morning sickness but there's this store called Motherhood our mall in Hawaii they have candy which you suck on it's suppose to be the best the women at the store said it also helps with hangovers.. I hope this helps and your able to order on line.
Good Luck with everything.



answers from Honolulu on

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm so sorry that you are feeling sick!! Have you tried the wristbands that are used for motion sickness? They press on a pressure point on your wrist to alleviate sickness. It couldn't hurt to try.

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