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Anyone Used PJ Comfort Breast Pump?

Has anyone ever used the PJ comfort breast pump? What did you think? ... the money and they felt it would work as well for me as the hospital grade pump. ...

Looking for Medela Hoses for My Pump-in-Style - Where to Buy???

I got mine from a lady that rented me a pump, she had all kinds of accessories that she sold as well. I would just google 'lactation specialist Raleigh NC' ...

Plastic/ BPA Breast Pump and Bottles

If you use a medela breast pump...go to the website. They say all thier pump accessories are BPA free. I have been using these to store milk as well, ...

Manual Breastpump

Mine is a single side hand pump, but it also has a electric top you can put on it. The hand pump works well, though. Maybe leave you with some carpel tunnel ...

Weaning from Breast Pump; Exclusively Pumping and Bottlefeeding

But the pump will not extract milk nearly as well as yoiur baby. My advice? Find a lactation consultant in your area and get your baby back on the breast, ...

A Good Breast Pump ?

My friends have other pumps which have had problems and don't work half as well as mine. I have never had any problems and it really helped me in the ...

Looking for an Enexpensive Daily Use Breast Pump!!!

THat is the best way to go! I do not know if this is true, but it is well worth checking out. I have the Ameda Purely Yours Electric Double Breast Pump. ...

Using a Used Pump?

Another concern about a used pump is you don't know if it is still works well. Bought pumps have a life span usually of only 3 years... You do not know when ...

What Is the Best Breast Pump?

I highly recommend the Medela pump as well. It is well worth spending the money for it. Good luck! Oh!! Here is some very useful advice to avoid sore ...

Medela Pump in Style?

Well after reading everyone's advice, I decided to list my pump on Ebay (after, of course, I thoroughly sterilized every part). I had tons of bids and it ...
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  • ameda purely yours pump in 3 answers "I like my Ameda Purely Yours pump very much."
  • la leche league in 3 answers "You should find your local La Leche League chapter for support."
  • avent manual pump in 4 answers "I also use the Avent manual pump because I only need to give my baby bottles on occasion."
  • medela pump in style in 3 answers "I have another vote for the Medela pump in style."
  • lansinoh double pump in 2 answers "I got the Lansinoh double pump at Walmart for about $150."