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Looking for a Good Breast Pump.

You might check EBAY, I got a great pump there for a great price. You can also get the high end ones for a lot less as well. Just boil the parts if you feel ...

Breast Pump.

The best Breast pump that you can get is Hospital grade. I've used the store bought kind before as well and there is a huge difference. ...

Breast Pumps

I used the Double Medela pump. It worked really well. My only problem was this was my 1st baby and my milk didnt come in very well so we started him at the ...

Breast Pumps

It's very portable so I can take it back and forth to work with me to use there as well as at home. Definitely get a double electric pump- it is worth every ...

Breast Pump

It's a Medela--pump in style and is working well. We got all the "personal" parts from the hospital (new) so we're just reusing the machine part. ...

Breast Pumps

love love love the Ameda Purely Yours. i have used that and the medala pump in style and the Ameda one is better by far. it can operate on batteries as well ...

Breast Pumps

in terms of effectiveness and efficiency a hospital grade is the best available. Many mothers do quite well with the Pump in Style and Purely yours. ...

Is First Years or Evenflo Breast Pumps Any Good?

I have a Lansinoh pump. I got it from Wal-Mart for $148.00 in April. It works very well. It is double-electric. I didn't want to spend the money some ...

Breast Pump.

the avent isis hand pump (not electric) is fantastic! works as well as the double-electric pumps. much of pumping is in your mind--you must be relaxed and ...
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