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Updated on January 13, 2010
B.C. asks from Lake City, FL
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So, I'm 19 weeks pregnant with our first baby(go us!...okay more me than him but still, props to the old man). We've been really excited and all, but recently my DH brought something to the attention of my doctor that I hadn't been paying much attention to. I'm losing weight, now while this is all well and good for the 1st-trimester I'm suposse to be starting to put on a few(which is why I haven't been paying attention to my weight). Doc. said that I should have gained about 15lbs. by now, but instead I was 12lbs. less than when I first got pregnant. So she asked me to start eating more and of all things exercise less(my form of exercise since I found out I could use pregnancy as an excuse is to move from the bed to the couch...I'm just lazy like that). How less can ya get?! But, nevertheless, I started pigging out and all that, so I hopped on the scale this morning just out of some kind of masochistic streak to discover that not only is my weight not going up, I'd lost another 3lbs. in a week and a half. Why couldn't this all happen before I got pregnant? So I guess my real question here is, has anyone experienced anything like this? Any suggestions as to what may or may not be wrong with me and the LO?

EDIT: Mimi is right, I hadn't put down my weight and there are also some other things I'd like to address. When I got pregnant my BMI was 20 I am 5'1" and weighed(on a good day) 145. Also, I think that some people are misreading what I did and what my doctor said to do(I love her which is why I'm bringing it up). She told me to eat more because of my lifestyle I only ever got around to eating once a day with maybe a snack if I got peckish. She also said to exercise less because I jogged on the tredmil for half an hour and did light cardio for an hour 3X a week. After we had a scare last month with a threatened miscarriage I'd almost completely stopped any kind of exercise on my own(to put it bluntly it scared the hell out of us). Anywho, that's it for now, I go back to my OB on the 28th of this month so...

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answers from Atlanta on

My friend experienced this, and was tested positive for ketosis. I'm not sure what her doctor did to get her body out of this, but this particular disorder's bad for the baby.

I can only suggest to get your blood tested and good luck:)



answers from Atlanta on

That's odd - exercise rarely leads to weight loss unless you're cutting calories as well.

From everything I've read, a lot depends on your initial weight. If you started out a skinny minny and still hadn't gained weight, that might be a concern. If you had a few extra pounds, then it's not much of a concern.

Eat healthy food and get a little healthy movement into your day, even if you aren't "working out." I wouldn't trust any doctor who says "don't excercise."



answers from Columbus on


I can't say why you might be loosing weight and think you are doing the right thing by bringing it to the attention of your dr. Did you (or are you still) have issues with morning sickness. I ask because with both of my pregnancies I stayed sick the entire time and never kept much down. I lost weight both pregnancies (some months more than others. When I gained I would always loose it again). I weighed 12lbs less when I gave birth to my first (@36 weeks 5 days). They dx me with boarderline gest diabeties. I was also told to eat more. The key was to eat more often (every couple of hours) small, healthey snacks/meals. My daughter despite being almost 4 weeks premie was perfectly healthy (5lbs 10 oz), breathing on her own and came home when I did (I developed something called HELPP syndrome & that was the reason they took her by emergency c-section when they did. My second pregnancy I also stayed sick the entire time, had contractions from 3 months all the way to his delivery at 36 weeks 1 day. I weighed 19 lbs less the day he was delivered than when I got pregnant with him (despite being almost a week earlier than our DD he weighed 6 lbs and was a better nurser than his sister. He was also very healthy and came home when I did) I came down with HELPP syndrome yet again with him and this time they put me to sleep to deliver him as it was too dangerous to keep me awake.

I guess my point to you is that even though most women put on weight during pregnancy, not everyone does and it doesn't mean that your baby will not be healthy or normal. It doesn't mean they will either and that's why its so very important to bring the weight loss and anything else to your drs attention. You will never regret good prenatal care! Try to eat more often, they told me my snacks needed to be around 15 total carbs and my meals 45 (but that is different for everyone depending on your BMI and health). Try to eat atleast 5 times a day (including ur snacks).

I pray that the dr is able to find the reason for your weight loss. Keep her informed about everything that is going on, no matter how small it might seem. I pray that the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and that you will give birth to a wonderfully healthy and happy baby. They are such a blessing and a joy. Enjoy every min of it and remember in the hard times when you feel overwhelmed and just don't know if you can do it... It flys by so very quickly. Your sleeplessnights won't last forever and before you know it they will be grown! Enjoy even the hard times, treasure them. We only get one shot at this and can't reverse time. Make it count! May God bless you and this little one too.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I guess the question also is, how was your weight before getting pregnant? If you were overweight, then the doctor would probably recommend that you gain only 15 lbs. or so in your pregnancy. For average weight, the gain is 20-25 lbs. and for underweight, 30-35 lbs. For some women, the majority of this gain comes in the third trimester, so you may still be right on track. The real, necessary weight-gain of pregnancy is not fat from eating all those cravings foods (although you should gain a little fat). The majority of the gain is in your increased blood supply, retained water, extra breast mass for nursing, and of course, a healthy dose of baby.
Which is why I think it's odd that your ob-gyn told you to pig out and not exercise. Those are not typically healthy choices. I mean, maybe pigging out means eating all the whole-wheat pretzels, fruit salad, and yogurt that you want, in which case, I'd say that's a pretty good plan!
Did she check your thyroid? You may have an over-active thyroid that's revving up your metabolism too much. Truly, if you are doing as you have said, I can't think of another reason why you would be losing weight so fast.
As someone else said, you're coming up on the magical 20-week point, usually where you have your ultrasound. At that time, you can see what's going on with your LO, how big s/he is, and if s/he is getting the nutrition and blood supply s/he needs.
I hope that everything works out for you.
Happy Mommy-ing,



answers from Atlanta on

Hi B.,

You didn't say how much you weighed when this started. Were you a little overweight or was your weight perfect for you height. If you were a little overweight sometimes when getting better nutrition (prenatal vitamin and all) the fat will drop off. That doesn't mean the baby is suffering.

Just a thought!




answers from Atlanta on

I know what you are feeling. I also lost weight during pregnancy. My doc did not have too much of a problem with it as far as the progress of my pregnancy. Both of my pregnancies were the same, but please note that I gained a lot of weight back after I had the babies.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi B.,

I wouldn't really worry too much about the weight. I started my pregnancy at 178. My Doc said I was a bit overweight - I'm 5'7", and that she recommended not packing more than 15 lbs as to not get preclamsia or gestational diabetes. I watched closely what I ate. I ate really healthy. My doctor told me that you are NOT eating for two, that you just need about 500 extra calories a day. Well, during the first trimester I lost 5 pounds, the second nothing, and the last I gained the 5 back. By the time I delivered, I was 165! My pregnancy helped me loose 13 ugly pounds. :-). So, really, just eat healthy, really healthy. Your body knows what it's doing. Besides the hormones in your body send signals all over your body to make use of your 'deposits' to feed the baby.



answers from Charleston on

I gained 16 pounds my entire 3rd pregnancy. You will most likely be having your ultrasound soon and they will measure everything. I gave birth 8 days ago and I lost all my weight! I just burned so many calories during the day and with all my pregnancies and I have experienced larger weight gain spurts in the 3rd trimester. Don't worry! Just watch what you eat and that it is well balanced, you should be fine!



answers from Savannah on

I think as long as your dr is not concerned and all your lab work and screens are coming back fine...then there is nothing to worry about. I'm 21 weeks and I JUST started to put on weight. They say the typical is 3lbs in the 1st and 10-12 in the 2nd and 3rd. But this is not all exact for everyone. Just eat more frequently (but healthy) and you should start putting on weight soon.

I do however think it's odd your dr said you should have gained 15 pounds by now. Maybe 15 pounds by the end of your 2nd trimester. And to exercise less? That's weird as well. Someone else mentioned you don't lose weight exercising unless you're cutting calories...which is true. I would think you would maintain your exercise regiment just make sure you're getting enough calories through out the day. Maybe not jogging...do all low impact (elliptical, stationary bike, walking, etc).

Good luck at your appt on the 28th.



answers from Spartanburg on

have you gotten anything but hate mail?? Silly girl...I would insist on having some ultrasounds and ask you DR. for any other suggestions for making sure baby is ok and then go with the flow. ........actually the only time I EVER lost weight while pregnant was, well, NEVER.....and I have always had awful morning sickness for about the first six months. Four times. Four babies. I much be insane! Only my first was actually able to eat enough breast milk to make me lose the baby weight without trying......but my sweet as pie MIL says that she lost weight with both of her pregnancies. Her mother did the same with her two {I kinda hate em ;)} Both women, we have lost Granny, were little ladies to begin with. BUT....apparently both of them did well....I mean the kids are alive and kickin'. I also have heard from mothers who were pregnant at different periods in history...being told by Dr.'s not to gain weight or if they were heavy to lose it.



answers from Augusta on

I did the same thing at first with my fist child and ended up gaining 50lbs in the end. I'd suggest you start drinking ensure plus protien. The chocolate ones are pretty tasty if they are really cold. Add more protien into you're diet. And go with the cravings, DO NOT IGNORE them.

All the weight I gained came off in no time because I was breastfeeding. Didn't exercise , didn't do anything but breastfeed.



answers from Florence on

Weightloss in pregnancy is not unusual if you started out significantly overweight and eat healthy now (perhaps check out the Brewer diet). You didn't give any other details that may help determine what other reason there may be if you are in fact NOT obese. As long as your caregiver finds that your bloodwork and urine is normal and that your baby is growing well, all may be fine, though imho weightloss should slow down or even stop, soon. Good luck and congrats to you!



answers from Columbia on

As Christine said, I would make sure your doctor checks your thyroid. I have hypothyroidism which when untreated makes you gain weight, but hyperthyroidism can make you loose weight quickly. It is something that can be controlled with medication that is safe while you are pregnant. In fact, having your thyroid out of quilter is not safe for the baby. Also, my doctor told me most of the weight should come during the last trimester, that is when I gained most of my weight. I followed my doctor's advice about eating healthy, not overeating and exercising and after my baby was born I lost all the baby weight plus some due to the healthy habits I picked up while pregnant. Hope this helps and good luck to you for the rest of your pregnancy!

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