Pregnancy Weight Gain.... Blowing My Mind!!

Updated on November 29, 2011
N.A. asks from Roanoke, TX
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I am 15 weeks pregnant and have already gained between 12-15 pounds!! I am so NOT proud of that and trying not to beat myself up about it. I am not sure what is going on with me. I am eating only between 1800-2000 calories per day. I just recently felt good enough to start working out again. But I am so bummed that I put on so much weight so quickly. I am very let down, because I am so health conscious and work out regularly and I have really packed on the pounds. Everyone tells me I look great, but I think they are just being nice. I just don't get out I have gained it? I don't feel that big or anything.

Has anyone else gained at this rate? How did you cope?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. Its a relief to hear that I am not the only one experiencing this. I want to enjoy this time and spend time thinking about the baby and not my weight. I don't think anyone really cares anyway... except me!!
Thanks fellow mommies for taking the time to write to me! You have all made my day!

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answers from Dallas on

I gained 10 pounds by 8 weeks!! (I totally agree with Dawn B. about water, also.) I really gained a lot the first half of the pregnancy, and it definitely plateaued the last half. By the end...I gained a totally normal amount of weight, not too little, not too much. It was just shocking to see the pounds add up in the beginning. Perhaps, that's what is happening with you. Really be careful about eating anything processed and refined.

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answers from Dallas on

Don't focus on your weight. It will fluctuate throughout the pregnancy. In most normal pregnancies of women who were average weight before the pregnancy, the woman will gain 1 lb for each week of pregnancy. So you are fairly on track. Your baby needs the nutrients and the weight.

You will be fine when the baby comes out and you can obsess about lbs then.

Good luck and congrats on the baby!!! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Well think about this, if you do remain small that means your baby isn't gaining weight (which is where some of the increase is coming from) and there is a lack of nutrients and adequate fluids in the uterus (which is where the rest of the weight is coming from) and in no time you'll either have a miscarriage, premature birth and possibly a baby born with defects, or worse for the both of you if you start dieting to remain small.

Quit worrying about weight! If you eat the recommended amount of food for you and baby and continue a moderate (not insane) exercise plan such as walking or swimming, you will not be overweight after the baby is born. Weight gain in pregnant women who eat and exercise in moderation is solely due to the baby growing and the increase in ambiotic fluid and it goes away almost immediately if not within a week's time after delivery.

There are rare instances of unusual weight gain during pregnancy due to complications including pre-ecclampsia and the more rare HELLP Syndrome for instance. Hopefully your doctor is testing and monitoring for that. If your doctor isn't telling you your weight gain is unusual, you're probably fine and within range. You can also bring it up that you think your weight gain is unusual, just in case you are experiencing early symptoms of complications.

Until then, do not do what so many fearing weight gain do, and go on a radical diet while pregnant. It isn't healthy or safe for either you or the baby.

Prior to both of my pregnancies I was 125 pounds and gained 20 to 25 pounds with each by the end of my term. Within a week or two my size returned to pre-baby status....and I didn't exercise or diet during pregnancy or after delivery.

I did BF, which is scientifically proven to help mothers regain their prepregnancy weight and figure. (You can read about this at
Maybe that had something to do with it. I BFed my kids until they were a year and a half.

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answers from Charlotte on

Drink a lot of water. It sounds like you might have a lot of bloating. Believe it or not, drinking water will help flush out the toxins and fluids in your body that shouldn't be there. It's also good for your pregnancy. The uterus is a smooth muscle tissue and shrinks if it becomes dehydrated. When it shrinks, it can start contractions. Contractions before you are due can cause preterm labor. Additionally, the bladder presses against the uterus, and a full bladder can cause the uterus to contract. So drink and pee, drink and pee!

Hopefully, if you are only putting what "counts" into your mouth, the weight gain will slow down. You might start a food diary and have your doc take a look at it. The last thing you want to worry about is gestational diabetes.

Good luck!


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answers from Dallas on

I started at 96 pounds before each of my two pregnancies, and then gained exactly 50 pounds with each pregnancy. That was while throwing up throughout both pregnancies and being hospitalized for dehydration multiple times. I have no idea how I gained the weight. Both boys were born a month early, too. I'm only 4'11". That was a ton of weight to gain, but I lost all of it each time very quickly. I don't know what was going on with my body during pregnancy. Pregnancy certainly didn't agree with me, but motherhood does. :) Congratulations on your pregnancy, and don't worry much about your weight. :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

I gained alot too. Alot of it is water weight that your body retains. As much as you hate it, don't worry about it until after the baby and you can cut ally do something about it.

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I was in your shoes! I did not feel great the first ten weeks and gained about 10-12 lbs. (eating during this time actually made me feel better) But, I started feeling better (without having to eat more) around week 12 and continued with my regular work outs. I also only added one/two small healthy fruit snacks in between my regular meals so I did not add too many additional calories. I ended up at 33lbs. total and 5lbs. came on at the final week when I showed pre-eclamptic symptoms. Bet you'll be fine!!



answers from Dallas on

I know you got great responses but I wanted to tell you my experience. With both of my pregnancies I gained 50lbs. due to water retention....I basically gained 5 lbs every month....sooo I know how you feel....but don't worry because if you gain weight due to water retention you will loose it easily a month after you give birth....that's what it happened to me...I lost 20-30 the month after giving birth without doing anything (not working out neither following a diet). Sooo, don't worry just enjoy this phase of your life! :)


answers from Chicago on

Yes I gained about 12-15 by 15 weeks w all 3 and only gained 35 total max w all 3. I am an avid exerciser too! Just keep your calories in that range, eat healthy foods, exercise and it will come off easier :) best wishes to you and your wee little one!



answers from Eugene on

My metabolism completely changed when I was pregnant. Normally, my weight is stable with just regular healthy eating. But I put on 40-50 pounds with each of my pregnancies. That's alot for someone who's only 5'3"! It was shocking to watch my weight go up so quickly. And I worked out and walked regularly through my first 2 pregnancies (on bedrest for the last 2). Unfortunately, the weight didn't come off quickly after the deliveries. But it did come off eventually, without dieting, just getting back to my regular healthy eating and exercise.



answers from Dallas on

Everyone gains (and loses) the baby weight differently. At 15 weeks I had LOST weight because I had been so sick with morning sickness but then gained 2-3 pounds a week at the end of my pregnancy. I only gained @ 25 pounds, but it took me more than a year to get it off.

At 15 weeks my best friend had gained 10-15 pounds and I secretly thought, "Uh oh... She is in trouble." Four months after her baby was delivered, she had lost all of the 45 pounds she had gained, and then some, and was strolling around in size 2 pants.

Be easy on yourself - exercise as you feel able - walking is great, and make healthy decisions about what you eat. Dont deprive yourself, but try to pick the better option. Eat LOTS of fruits and veggies. Instead of a giant bowl of ice cream, have a normal serving of frozen yogurt.

I helped keep my self in check by always thinking about my baby's developing brain and body, and how what I ate could affect him for the rest of his life.

However please dont diet and stress over your size and weight gain. Be healthy, rest when needed, and enjoy this special time. Pregnant moms are adorable!



answers from Des Moines on

It depends on where you gain it too and where you started from.

I gained that much that fast and then didn't gain anything else AT ALL until the last week. And the WHOLE 15 pounds I gained was in my bra-- I'm a very plus sized woman and I went from a small 50 DD to an overflowing 50I.

And if you're UNDER weight to start with you need to gain weight for the baby AND for your own reserves.

My advice is to concentrate on getting your veggies and lean proteins, to give into cravings right away (if you've been obsessing about ice cream for an hour you'll eat a cup, if you've been obsessing for a month you'll eat a gallon!) and IGNORE the scale!



answers from Milwaukee on

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I haven't weighed myself because I know I've gained a lot. I also eat healthy & exercise regularly, so I KNOW my weight gain is from the baby/utererus, breasts, fluid retention, and being "backed-up"...not fat. Water is heavy! It's still hard to think about though. But I think your weight gain is VERY normal. Especially considering you haven't been "pigging out". They say you should expect to gain a pound per you're right on track! :)

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