Should I Be Worried? 29 Weeks Pregnant and I've Only Gained 2 Pounds...

Updated on September 27, 2010
S.L. asks from Brownsville, TX
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Hi there moms! I finally decided to ask you all out there if anyone else has had this issue as it is starting to worry me a little bit. Let me start by saying that I am a plus size mom and I know you shouldn't gain too much weight when you are plus size and pregnant. However, I have only gained 2 pounds so far and I actually lost one a few weeks ago when I passed a kidney stone. My belly is growing and I definitely look preggo, but I am wondering why I can't seem to gain any weight! I am not dieting nor have I changed my diet really. I didn't even experience the vomiting or stomach issues of morning sickness that would keep my from gaining weight.
With my last three pregnancies I gained 25, 30, and 60 pounds. The nurses have commented on how I am not gaining weight but my doctor has not said anything. I have had three sonograms and the baby seems fine and thriving. Has anyone out there gone through the same thing?
Thanks moms!

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answers from Chicago on

I gained a total of 8 lbs when I was pregnant with triplets. I had to talk to a nutritionist who just kept telling me to eat more. Duh. My kids were born healthy at 34 weeks. I was 30 punds lighter. I call it my easy diet--it happened again with my 2nd pregnancy. Only thing it, my easy diet has an 18 yr side effect. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I too am plus size and with my first pregnancy I only gained 8 pounds(my son was 8lbs 11oz) and with my 2nd I gained 4 pounds (my girl was 9lbs 4oz.). My doctor was perfectly fine with my weight gain (or lack of), and I was actually told by another OB that I should gain 15 pounds or less for my pregnancies. So everything was fine for me. I actually joke that getting pregnant is the best diet I've ever been on!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Yes, it happened to me with my third child. I was eating, maybe a little less, but more than most people, I felt that the baby was against my stomach giving me my own version of the lap band. The doctor said as long as I was eating she wasn't concerned that I lost weight during the entire pregnancy, the baby takes what he needs first, in this case mom comes last, if you aren't feeling the affects of not having enough to eat you can be doubly sure that the baby is fine. I probably lost 40lbs when I was pregnant with my 3rd child and only son, who is now a very healthy, good looking, smart, muscular 18 year old who is also mature for his age and has given us very little trouble. Relax, the baby is taking some of your nutrition, so you are not gaining, most moms start craving and eating everything, your diet hasn't changed, so think about it, you stay the same weight with baby gaining, you'll probably look like you lost weight when it's born, CONGRATULATIONS, WHOOOO HOOOO! You won!

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answers from Dover on

A friend of mine gained quite a bit with her first (twins), and a fair amount with next two pregnancies. With her fourth pregnancy (5th child) she did not gain anything. She was losing and her baby was gaining but her weight stayed the same. After she delivered, she actually weighed less than before she got pregnant!

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answers from Los Angeles on

when you are overweight to start and you dont eat any extra calories your body would need in if you weighed less this is the end result. I was overweight with my first and gained 22. lost most when baby was born and was in prebaby jeans 2 days later. With my second I was a little more overweight and gained a total of 7. Baby was 7lbs 12 oz plus the rest so I was way under after delivery and back in the prebaby jeans again (only they were bigger this time around from weight gain inbetween.). Just can't seem to keep it off after delivery though. The weight gain is only important/necessary if you are normal weight. There is no need to worry you are fine. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi there - forgive me if I read too much into this, and I know this is not what you are asking about, but you noted that your doctor has not said anything. Have you specifically asked your doctor about it? Often (and I have been guilty of this in the past), folks don't affirmatively raise concerns to their physicians, thinking that if something is an issue, the doc will bring it up him/herself. If you ever have a concern about your health or that of your family, please make sure to ask the doctor about it directly. If nothing else, it may give you peace of mind if the doc explains why it is not a problem (although if your physician simply dismisses your concern without explaining why, probe a bit more). Although getting feedback from this great Mamapedia community can be helpful, it doesn't replace a direct discussion with your health care provider.

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answers from Dallas on

Have you made changes to your diet since you got pregnant? I lost weight with my little boy! I came out after birth much smaller than before I got pregnant. When I realized I was pregnant I changed my eating habits. I started thinking about what I needed to eat instead of what I wanted to eat. I would think to myself, ok I'm growing a tiny skeleton, better have some dairy, we want a smart a little brain, I better have some protien and leafy greens. Normally I would think...hmmmm hotwings sounds good!
My dr wasn't worried at all, because the baby was gaining weight.

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answers from Little Rock on

I had a friend who was overweight with her third pregnancy and doctor told her he wanted her to try to maintain her weight. He did not want her to gain any weight. She had a very large, very health baby boy with no problems. I think you will be fine, otherwise I think your doctor would have said something about it. If your not going hungry and your not trying to diet, and your not too sick to eat I would think you were Ok!

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answers from New York on

No my sister was the same way dont worry:

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answers from Los Angeles on

How lovely that you didn't have any digestion issues this time.
And, I think, how lovely that your body knows what to do.
Your body knows what to do.
As long as you're eating healthy foods, and exercising,
your body will do everything it needs to do
to keep you and your new baby healthy and growing and thriving.

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answers from San Francisco on

Totally normal. Especially since you are plus size it is not uncommon for plus size moms to gain UP to 15 lbs total for the pregnancy. You are right on schedule. You will be gaining more in the next coming weeks. Don't worry- eat right , exercise and take care of yourself. You will be fine!


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answers from Seattle on

Not to worry...this is normal. I too, am a plus size gal and I didn't gain any weight with all 3 of my pregnancies, actually lost weight with the last will be long as your Dr. isn't concerned you shouldn't be either.



answers from San Antonio on

Thats ok. If your doctor hasnt said anything to you dont worry. In fact I had a friend who lossed 16lbs during hers and she aet everthing she can. But if you are worred ask your doctor the next time you go in. But if you and the baby are doing good then its ok.


answers from Austin on

Ha! I bet it is because you have 3 children!
You must be moving every moment..
I also agree your body is used to being pregnant and is being very efficient.

As long as you blood work and heart are good for you and the baby is thriving, keep on keeping on. The weight numbers do not need to mean anything if everything else is excellent.. ..



answers from Houston on

If you are worried the first thing you need to do is bring it up with your doctor. Ask point blank if there is any issue with your lack of weight gain. to be honest I think if there was your doctor would have brought it up already but to set your mind at ease ask. I will also tell you that with my first chiled I gained about 20 to 25 pounds but with my 2nd I only gained 5 pounds. Both of my kids are healthy and happy. Good Luck with your pregnancy... :-)



answers from Austin on

Be sure to ask the doctor about what you should be gaining or maintaining in weight. He/she can look at your history and physical condition and give you better advice than we can. Also, ask what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding. You have the opportunity to give this baby the chance to be very healthy. By being more healthy yourself, you also give your children the opportunity to have a healthy mommy for a long time.



answers from Dallas on

I'm on my third and I'm certainly a plus size as well:). I'll be having a c-section Monday morning and I've only gained eleven pounds over pre-pregnancy weight. At 30 weeks, I had only gained 2 pounds as well and then I swelled up so huge because of all this heat (most of this weight HAS to be the swelling).

My doctor isn't worried and, frankly, neither am I. I've measured fine at every appointment and the baby kicks up a storm CONSTANTLY. My previous pregnancies I gained 25 and 35 pounds, but I started off MUCH lower on the scales back then.

Don't worry too much if your doctor doesn't think it's an issue.

Oh, I also lost about 15 pounds during the first trimester due to depression and no desire to eat. I did gain that back.



answers from Raleigh on

yep I am size 10, 5'8....they had me talk to the nutritionist at 31 weeks because I only gained 7 lb by then. I eat ALOT , but only healthy stuff (no refined sugars, no white wheat, lean meats ect) The lady was telling me to eat butter and ice cream.....I told her she was crazy:) When not preg I struggle with weight, but when preg my kids just "eat me up":)



answers from College Station on

I wouldn't be worried at all. With my second pregnancy I lost 15 pounds and then gained those 15 back and that was it, never gained anymore. I delievered a healthy 7 pound baby. So I say sit back and enjoy that your not gaining much weight.



answers from St. Louis on

I have heard about some women losing weight when they are pregnant. I am a "smaller" plus size (I range between a 14 and 16 in sizes) and I have gained around 5-7 pounds and am at 20 weeks. I haven't gained any weight in the past 4 weeks though, even though I finally started looking pregnant this month (this is my first pregnancy also). Another friend of mine who is larger then me hasn't gained anything, but has stayed exactly the same weight the whole time. I would say that if your doctor is not concerned and everything seems fine with baby, then your probably fine.



answers from Rochester on

You perfectly fine. I am also a plus size mommy. With my first I gained 2 pounds and the second i gained 7. Our bodies already have enough fat content etc to help with the addition needs of growing baby. So our bodies break down what we have to accomdate the baby. Thats why we don't need to eat all the time or put on the weight. We already have everything needed.



answers from Houston on

I gained 50 lbs with my first, lost 20 within months & then put it right back on. With #2 I gained 30 & lost 20 within a couple weeks, then got pg with #3 when #2 was only 2 mos old (huge surprise!). I'm currently 29 wks and haven't gained any weight from my 6 wk follow-up. Granted, I'm still 10 lbs up from pre-#2, so I'm thinking that may make a difference.
I've actually lost inches elsewhere... I just bought a new (non-maternity) dress for a formal event in a size smaller than I wore pre-baby #2!! I've certainly got the belly & huge boobs... all the weight's just moving there from my arms, back, chest, etc. I have asked my doc point-blank about it and she's not worried as long as the baby is thriving, which she is.
I would check with your doc too as s/he would know your personal medical history and where you need to be.


answers from Seattle on

WOW! My doctor would be so happy with me if I had only gained 2lbs. I am a plus size mama too and we are really only supposed to gain about 10lbs TOTAL in the pregnancy. You still have 11 weeks more to go, I know that with my first I gained a wopping 30lbs of water weight my last month. If your doctor has not said anything then I say you are in the clear.
(25 weeks prego and 30lbs gained!)

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