Looking of Fun Mothers Day Games

Updated on May 01, 2009
I.D. asks from Kyle, TX
5 answers

Hi, I'm looking for game ideas for our Mother's day banquet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

I should add that we will be having the banquet in a hotel.

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answers from Killeen on

You mention that this banquet will be in a hotel, but you do not mention of it is for the entire family or the expected age group of any children or if you are looking for activities to keep the kids busy while you have adult conversations or something to get kids and parents involved...There are a ton of ideas that can be used, but in order for them to work for your banquet a few more details will be needed... ;-)



answers from Longview on

How about the all time favorite the sack race, or the potato race where you line everyone up with a tablespoon and a raw potato and see who can finish the race without dropping their potato. Those were always fun and cheap. Or if it is hot outside and anyone needs to cool down how about pulling out the water guns and shooting em up. I believe you can purchase 4 or 5 for a dollar at the dollar store. Just a few ideas I had. Have a GREAT & fun Mothers Day.



answers from Odessa on

I. I'm always thinking up activities and games for groups of varying ages, etc. Here are some that might work for you.

A Family Feud - choose two team members at random and then either randomly select their "family" or have volunteers. Each team should consist of 5 persons. Then make up the questions and answers. You can be the touted "studio audience" and make it easy. Questions can be relative to Mother's Day like 1) Name some famous T.V. Moms; 2) Name something that most moms do like their mother; 3) Name something that men buy for their wives on mother's day; things kids make for their mom's at school; something a mother would love to have for a gift; something June Cleaver (mom on Leave It To Beaver) would be able to tell you alot about, etc. There can be prizes for the winning team (a 6 pack of cokes for each or maybe some stationery or something). There are ways to involve the audience too. If you're interested, contact me directly and I'll be glad to share more with you.

Another more passive game might be to write the full names of two or three of the moms on a dry erase board and have everybody take a sheet of paper and pen and make up as many 3 letter words as they can utilizing the letters from the names - the one with the greatest number of unique words (nobody else had them) would be the winner.

Scavenger hunts are always fun too. You can break up into teams and give lists out of things that you have either hidden or are easily retrieved from the hotel premises for each team to come up with. Items could include - a straw, a hotel napkin, hotel matches, a pen with the hotel name, a rock, pillowcase, a hotel toiletry item, a pack of sugar substitute, a pack of coffee, etc. The fun is that all the members of each team would have to search for it together. Or for a twist, you could send out people from each team by themselves while the remainder wait and mingle and talk and then when the one that left returns give out the envelope to the next person with their item to locate on it and send them away. The first team to complete and locate all the items would win.

Name that tune - have someone download all the songs you can think of with mother in the title or about moms and then just play them and allow people to be the first to come forward and tap a bell (ring in) to name that tune.

Hope some of these ideas help.

Have fun...



answers from Houston on

Greetings I.. My name is E., and I am a new member. I'd like to help w/this Special Event. But as Kate mentioned, there is still more info needed. I understand this will be held in a hotel. Are these games to include all family members to participate? I would assume yes, but this is Mother's Day right? Well regardless...one of my favorite's is the Mommy Bingo. And these are printables. There are also mazes/coloring/crosswords & wordsearch. This could entertain the kids, while you play other fun games w/Mom. (Like, one we play for Mother's to be/but good for this case...you get a piece of rope, where it takes two people to hold. And place closeclips on it as many as you can place. Then with one hand only, let each mother take off as many closeclips they can, with just that one hand. Anyone that drops, that's it! Then you count how many they have, and see who beats that Mom, and so on..Another one is to see, after so many years,and new moms; how they recall, changing a dirty (diaper)-ole school! Ha! What you do is blind fold them, and place a doll, w/a diaper of cloth, W/ safety-pens and show them with their hands where everything is and let them do the rest. The Mother who does the best job wins. Small gifts, other than gifts already given are the best. Items from the 99Cent store/stratch-offs/etc.. Make it FUN! FUN! FUN! And most of of all memorable for all with lots of laughter. Good Luck!



answers from El Paso on

Famous Mothers Game. Tape an index card with the name of a famous mother on each participating player's back without them seeing who it is. They have to ask yes/no questions to figure out who they are. First one to do it wins. Stay away from President's wives. They're always the first to be guessed... Have fun!

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