Looking for a Good Scar Reduction Cream

Updated on July 11, 2009
W.G. asks from Lawrenceville, GA
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Does someone knows of a good, effective over the counter cream, gel for scar reduction from skin. My daughter had some break out on her right leg almost 2 years back and she scratched on the skin badly, that had left a black mark, spot on her skin. I want to find out if something over the counter can help her in getting rid of that spot.
Please advise! Thanks in advance.

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answers from Charleston on

SCAR ZONE cream in 1.25 oz tubes at any drug store. The one we use has "green tea". It works. Good luck.



answers from Spartanburg on

i'm sure you're going to get a lot of responses from people wanting to sell you something...

but when i visited a plastic surgeon about a scar on my face, he said the action of deep, hard "massaging" is the most effective way to minimize a scar. he (and another two doctors I've seen about scars) said that while products such as mederma may work, they are often used incorrectly, as you cannot just "apply" them - you must massage them in.

when it was demonstrated to me, the massaging was a deep pressing rub, nearly unpleasant. and any lotion (or none) can be used.



answers from Atlanta on

I'm sure you already know from others posts, but Mederma is the best way to go, it's a little pricey but worth it and also it works on scars for up to 7 years later (for old scars and new) just apply it regularly.



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There's a cream called Mederma that works well. I think they've even come out with one specially for kids. My daughter had 2 small scars, one from a surgical site and one from a sore. The surgical scar is completely gone and the one from the sore is barely visible, so it does work. It's over the counter and I think you can buy it most anywhere.

Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

try mederma. my daughter had stiches on her forehead and we used the cream for several weeks. her scar is barely visible now. best wishes.



answers from Atlanta on

Mederma for kids or vitamin E oil, scar massage works well too



answers from Atlanta on

Hi W.,

I don't know of anything "over-the-counter" that actually works but I belong to an online shopping club that has a lotion that has gotten rid of my sister's age spots and lessened cellulite and made stretch marks less noticeable...not gone completely, yet...The shopping club works a lot like Sam's with an annual membership but through Moday the 13th, they are offering a one year membership for just one dollar. If you try it and don't like it there is no obligation AT ALL....and full money back guarantees on everything.

If you're interested get back to me and I'll get you all thee information you need.



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