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Updated on April 17, 2007
J.D. asks from Hurst, TX
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We had a lot of hail damage on my car. My back windshield is gone, so I can't drive. :( You all know how busy us mom's are. Now with my car undrivable I can't even do my job. :( My insurance comany (standard) does not offer rental cars on their policies. :( Had I know that when we got married I would have told my husband to get on my Statefarm policy. They were always good to me and took care of me. Do any of you know of cheap but good car insurance?

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My skylight got cracked and the insurance has not called me back too. I give you thumbs up to sticking to it to stay home with your child. I have an in home Day Care registered with the state and I love doing this. But years ago I was not able to stay home with my children as their dad took off with someone at his work. So I did it alone. I wanted nothing more then to stay home. I am grateful for not having to work until my youngest was about 3. I used to listen to Dr Laura and her advice is to stay home. Why let someone else raise your kids? I worked at a day care short time as a temp and was horrified that I had to subject my children to that. I give my kids tons of love, hugs and kisses and I try to be stern when is needed. We have a lot of fun. I think if they have to be away from parents then a smaller home day care like what I do is best. In that small group they are learning manners and social skills as I watch and teach. In a large day care with lots of kids and less adults to watch over they do not see as much interaction and can not correct all the time what is going on. I love my job and being home this time around with a granddaughter I am raising. Keep up the work of a dedicated mom. Kudos to you. G. W



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I use Progressive Drive. I have had experience with Progressive when the person that rear-ended me had a policy with them. The way they treated me was the ultimate decision maker to chose them.

I went through an online insurance broker to get a better price, but I was able to chose what insurance company I wanted. You can go to http://charter-insurance.com/ and they can give you a free quote. Make sure you have your current insurance policy with you. You and your husband's driver's license number too.

Good luck!



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I love my insurance! Recently, someone backed into my car in a parking lot ripping up the back fender and all underneath my bumper. The person did not leave a note or anything. My car was a gift to myself and it broke my heart. I called Progressive, they took my claim and didn't up my rate since it wasn't my fault.

They have a service center in The Colony that I just dropped my car off at so I didn't have to find a repair shop. Just went in, Amanda took care of me, got me a rental and 6 days later and $250 out of pocket on $1800 worth of damage, I was back in my car! They were GREAT!!!!!

I've had other insurance and nothing as inexpensive or convenient as Progressive.

Good luck!!! Sorry to hear about your damage!


I have to add that Progressive sent me an email today about the hail storm in this area with all the information I would need to contact my agent if anything had happened to my car. That's a great insurance company!!!



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I switched from Allstate to Liberty Mutual. We have car and home insurance with them. We are now saving $900 a year on insurance!! Someone hit the front end of my car a couple of months ago, and Liberty Mutual took care of everything for me. They filed with the other person's insurance so I didn't have to deal with all of that headache. Liberty Mutual set me up with a rental car. They kept me up to date on all that was taking place through e-mails. Any questions were answered immediately.



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Progressive all the way.

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