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Car Repair

K.S. asks from Dallas

My husband was rear-ended in our pontiac we need to find a body shop for the repairs...we are in keller but anywhere in the mid-cities area. we just don't ...


Car Insurance

K.M. asks from Dallas

We are thinking about changing our Car and Home Insurance from Allstate to Progressive. Can anyone tell me if they have had good or bad experince with Progressive?


Need Good Honest Car Repair Shop

K.G. asks from Dallas

Hi all - I was rear-ended on Cooper Street yesterday by a 20 y.o. girl. Thank goodness I was in the SUV as she hit me pretty hard. It looked like she might have tot...


Car Insurance

D.G. asks from Dallas

Happy Thursday everyone ! So glad tomorrow is Friday ! We are looking for new car insurance and I am wondering who you use. Are the rates good, any problems filing...


Car Insurance

L.B. asks from Lubbock

Hello Mamas! I'm curious as to what kind of car insurance you would promote as the best? I'm looking for something reliable, low cost, etc. I'm currently insured w...



S. asks from Dallas

Looking for a new company for my home owners insurance so that I can combine it w/ my car insurance. Let me know what companies are best. Thanks.


Car Insurance

J.P. asks from Dallas

Can anyone tell me about Progressive or Geico insurance? What are your experiences?



C.B. asks from Dallas

Hello everyone, I have a 15 yo son who is turning 16 next Thursday. We have already purchased him a car and are looking for insurance on it and it is just outrageo...



D.P. asks from Chicago

Good Mornings, Within the past two years our credit score has gone down horribily. How can I find reasonable car insurance? It seems everyone wants...